👑 Kate Middleton stands firm against reconciling with Meghan Markle.

🌟 The Princess of Wales engages in heated debates with Prince William about Meghan's Royal Family future.

🏖️ According to an insider, Kate draws an unyielding line, refusing to budge.

🎤 Kate is deeply hurt by Meghan's Oprah interview revelation.

🤝 "They never apologized for their lies," the source laments. William struggles as Harry is his brother.

🕊️ Remarkably, William seeks to mend fences with Harry, a surprising U-turn born of overdue sentiment.

⚡️ Kate, however, remains resolute, convinced that Meghan inflicted irreparable harm on the royal lineage.

💔 Amidst the battle, the couple clashes over the Sussexes, Kate demanding accountability for their actions.

👑 Kate's resentment intensifies as William's desire to reconcile with Harry sparks a fiery argument, driven by Meghan's unforgivable actions.