The excitement of Christmas is building up, and Santa Claus tracking is a global tradition.

NORAD's been on it since the '60s, but Google joined the party in 2004 with its Google Santa Tracker.

Google Santa Tracker is a magical holiday website that follows Santa's Christmas Eve journey using GPS data.

It's fun for all ages, making Christmas even more enchanting!

Wondering how to use Google Santa Tracker? Here's a simple guide:

Google actively monitors Santa's whereabouts leading up to Christmas Eve, just like NORAD.

You can follow Santa's global journey, see gifts under trees, and even predict when he'll visit your chimney.

Parents can use it to get kids to bed on time for the big surprise!

NORAD offers a 3D simulation, while Google's tracker is 2D, but both provide exciting details on Santa's travels. 🎄🎁