Leonard Bernstein, famous American conductor, is the subject of a biopic starring Bradley Cooper.

The film explores tensions in Bernstein's life, including his marriage and complex sexual identity.

It focuses on his dual roles as a conductor and composer.

The film features oblique references to notable figures in Bernstein's life.

It uses dialogue from letters in the Leonard Bernstein Collection.

The film depicts a pivotal moment in Bernstein's career when he conducted the New York Philharmonic.

Controversy arose over Cooper's prosthetic nose, which was true to Bernstein's actual nose.

The film portrays Bernstein's marriage as built on tenderness and mutual respect.

Bernstein struggled with his sexual orientation, seeking therapy to "cure" homosexuality.

The film neglects Bernstein's deep connection with the New York Philharmonic, which was a significant part of his life and career.