Myles Garrett, the Browns superstar, is known for his imposing presence but also his charming smile.

Before home games, Garrett enjoys interacting with fans, tossing a football to them on the field.

Despite his cheerful demeanor, Garrett revealed he was playing with heavy grief in his heart after a recent family tragedy.

His uncle, a close family member, passed away unexpectedly on Christmas Day, just days before the game.

Garrett struggled to find words to express his grief, experiencing daily headaches and emotional turmoil.

Grief experts recommend not isolating oneself while mourning, and Garrett seems to embrace this advice.

He shared his feelings in a crowded locker room, opening up about his emotional pain.

By playing in front of adoring fans, he shows resilience and refuses to isolate himself during this difficult time.

Garrett's actions demonstrate that even in the face of personal tragedy, he continues to engage with the game and its fans.