1. Jordan Poole shines in first visit to Chase Center as a visiting player, scoring 25 points. 2. 

Poole's time with the Warriors was marred by a rift with Draymond Green after a training camp incident.

Poole felt isolated from his teammates due to the unresolved issue with Green during the previous season.

Despite a promising 2021-22 season, Poole's performance took a hit in 2022-23, struggling with shooting and defense.

He signed a $128 million extension with the Warriors but was eventually traded to the Wizards.

Poole has been averaging 17.5 points as a starter for the Wizards this season.

Despite the sour ending, Poole played a crucial role in the Warriors' 2022 NBA Finals victory.

His breakout moment came with a 23-point performance against the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference Finals.

Poole's journey has had its ups and downs, but his impact on the Warriors' championship run remains a fond memory.