According to royal butler Grant Harrold, Kate was ignored at Prince William's birthday party.

A captivating love story began at St Andrews University in 2001, where William and Kate first crossed paths.

Their romance blossomed for a decade until their enchanting wedding in 2011.

They now share the joy of parenthood with three adorable children: George, Charlotte, and Louis.

Astonishingly, after Queen Elizabeth II's passing, William and Kate ascended to become the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Their royal legacy extends as they retain their Cambridge titles and inherit Cornwall titles from Charles and Camilla.

In a remarkable twist, William is now the first in line to the throne, with George following closely as the second in line.

The royal butler expressed immense privilege and honor in being around this brilliant and fun-loving couple.

Their journey began like any other couple in love, but their captivating tale unfolded to shape the future of the British monarchy.