Meet Gerald Dickens, a descendant of the legendary author Charles Dickens, who's keeping the family legacy alive.

Gerald's connection to "A Christmas Carol" goes back 180 years when his great-great grandfather penned the holiday classic.

His love for the story started at age 5 when his uncle read it to him on Christmas Eve.

For 30 years, Gerald has been captivating audiences in the U.S. and Britain with his one-man show of "A Christmas Carol."

Initially, he just read from the book until one day he forgot it, leading him to use his imagination to bring the story's 27 characters to life.

The sold-out audience at Huntington was thrilled by his performance, proving the story's enduring charm.

Gerald believes we all have a bit of Scrooge and Bob Cratchit in us, making the tale's lessons as relevant today as ever.

As Tiny Tim famously said, "God bless us, everyone," reminding us of the heartwarming spirit of the season.

"A Christmas Carol" continues to be a cherished holiday tradition, thanks to Gerald Dickens' dedication to his family's literary heritage.