Emily Ratajkowski's NYC stroll in November left fans mesmerized by her toned abs.

The supermodel rocked a chic outfit featuring a skimpy crop top, khaki cargo pants, and a stylish coat.

Emily's washboard torso stole the show, and fans praised her dedication.

She completed her look with tinted shades, gold hoop earrings, and black leather sneakers.

Emily had previously flaunted her abs in October with a blue skirt and crop top ensemble.

Fans flock to EmRata's social media for swimwear content, where she promotes her Inamorata brand.

Inamorata recently shared a stunning photo of Emily showcasing a blue two-piece swimsuit.

Emily uses her followers' data to maximize her social media for business gains.

Emily Ratajkowski continues to captivate fans with her style and confidence, especially her enviable abs.