Browns lose star wideout Amari Cooper and No. 2 receiver Elijah Moore due to injuries pre-game.

Elijah Moore sustains head injury after a brutal tackle, leading to a concerning moment on the field.

Moore is taken to the medical tent for evaluation and later to the locker room for a possible concussion check.

Despite his injury, Moore had an impressive first half with 5 catches, 61 yards, and a touchdown.

His performance helped the Browns take a 34-17 lead over the Jets at halftime.

The 34 points scored by the Browns in the first half are the most this season.

Without Moore, quarterback Joe Flacco must rely on other weapons to secure a crucial win for the Browns.

A victory would earn the Browns a playoff berth for the second time in four seasons.

The game's excitement was tempered by the unfortunate injury to Moore, adding a somber note to the night.