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I’ve recently been feeling that nudge to start writing again. I always think that I want to keep up a blog and then I start stressing about details and never actually get around to writing. My biggest issue is topic control. I started this particular blog thinking I would only write about my adventures in food. The problem with that, however, is that every time I’m in the kitchen it’s hard enough keeping my sanity between Shepard crying and pulling on my legs while Caden is grabbing measuring spoons and ingredients left and right dumping things all over the counter in his excitement. It’s nearly impossible to take photos of my step by step projects, let alone have fun and write about it.

At any rate, I still want to write. When I have the time I’d love to write about my kitchen adventures. But I’d also like to write about my children, my dreams, my recent obsessions, and life in general. I hope that with this fresh start I’ll find a renewal of ambition and energy to spend more time on this blog for the pure enjoyment of writing. I owe it to myself to finally stick with something that interests me and makes me happy. So here we go!

My Favorite BLT

I love bacon. Love it. I also love a deliciously complex and slightly spicy sandwich. Regular BLT’s are okay, but even a classic can always be bumped to incredible with a little imagination. My perfect bacon loaded sandwich includes a taste-bud kicking cheese and creamy avocado chunks.

The most important part of any bacon sandwich is perfectly cooked bacon. After a childhood of only knowing the taste of microwaved bacon I was amazed to see how much differently it tasted once I started making it on the stove. And more recently I’ve found the secret to making it mouth-wateringly perfection: the oven. Grab an old cookie sheet and toss on a sheet of aluminum foil for easy clean up. Heat your oven to 400 degrees and line up your bacon slices on the pan. And then bake for 14-20 minutes depending on the thickness of your bacon and how crisp you want it. It’s easy and you don’t have any bacon splatters to deal with. And the taste is beyond comparison to any other baking method. Trust me.

The next most obvious step to any good sandwich is picking out a good bread. The better the bread, the better the sandwich will taste! Tonight I decided to use a hearty loaf of ciabatta from the local grocery store. It was fresh and delicious.

Finally, assemble your sandwich with your choice ingredients. I used one of my favorites – habenero jack cheese. It’s delightfully spicy without burning your mouth off.

And of course, everything tasted better with avocado so liberally add some fresh green slices on top of your sandwich. This time around I also added lettuce and a very tiny amount of mayo. Normally I’d love this sandwich with homemade ranch dressing or a chipotle mayo.

And there you have my perfect BLT! Crunchy bread, fresh lettuce, crisp and flavorful bacon, spicy cheese, and smooth avocado. The best sandwich ever!