What I Watched February 2019

TV and movie time! I never got around to writing this end of the month post in January. Everything was so chaotic and I actually watched so many shows that I couldn’t stand the thought of recapping so many things. I’m not sure if anyone even cares about these particular posts – they’re certainly much less exciting to me than my book posts! But I always think it’s fun to get new recommendations, so I think I’ll continue on with them, just in case you’re hoping for some new suggestions in your own tv watching lives!

TV – Alone (spoilers)

The Resident

I still love this show so, so much. It’s the very rare show that absolutely none of the characters annoy me. They’re all so interesting and care about each other, yet are filled with flaws. Mina and Dr. Austin are probably my favorite slow burning storyline at the moment. I love Conrad too, of course. 🙂

The Good Doctor

I love this one too. I believe it also stands the test of not having any annoying characters, though I don’t find them all as endearing as I do on The Resident. I’m a bit frustrated with the introduction of the new Dr. Tan (though to me he will always be that awful Jin from Lost) and him forcing Shawn to give up his surgical residency in favor of pathology. I’m sure he’ll find his way back, but I feel so bad for Shawn now.

The Bachelor

Okay, so I watch this show because my favorite podcast’s Patreon does recaps of every episode and I want the full experience. When I started with The Bachelorette last season, I never expected to become so invested in the people. But…I am. I’ve never been a huge fan of Colton, mostly because he seems so sweet and innocent and everyone that watches just rips him apart! His dumping by Becca last year was so sad, then he had that uncomfortably depressing run on Bachelor in Paradise and presumably he was picked to be the bachelor entirely because of his virginity status. I hate that so much of the narrative has to revolve around that one point. Anyway, now that we’re down to the final three women, I really have no idea which way he’s leaning and which one I’m hoping he’ll pick. I suppose I probably like Taysha the best because she seems to have the best all around chemistry with him. But mostly I just watch every episode and feel terrible that Colton is in this situation.

God Friended Me

I’m still enjoying this. I have a feeling that maybe it won’t last past a single season, though. I’ve never heard of anyone else that watches it. I like the characters and how they live to find good in the world by helping all of God’s friend suggestions. It’s an uplifting thing to watch.

Splitting Up Together

Sigh. Leena and Martin have so much chemistry. I know this is such an idealized view of what divorce could look like, but a huge part of me also feels like this could actually be realistic. Once the pressure of being a married couple is taken away, you suddenly remember all the things you loved about your partner before you took your vows. I hate that dang Lisa Apple and her baby had to show up once again right when they were about to get back together – AGAIN. How many times can the show go to that storyline? I almost feel like this would have been a much better movie than an ongoing tv show. Unless they’re just gearing up to finish a single season with a happy ending. Which I would totally be okay with.

Modern Family

As usual, I don’t have much to say about this one. I’m not even sure why I still watch it because Phil is pretty much the only character I like. Everyone else is SO ANNOYING.

Single Parents

I just started this and I’m surprised by how much I like it. It’s definitely a bit silly and unbelievable, but I love tv shows about camaraderie between an unlikely group of friends. I love how they’ve all kind of banded together to form their own big happy family.

TV – Together 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I’m glad this show is ending. I don’t think I could put up with it for another season. Everyone annoys me so dang much. And I HATE the Skylar Astin “new Greg” replacement. Greg was my all time favorite character and I LOVE the storyline that she was meant to be with him all along, but it just doesn’t make sense when it’s not the same actor! I actually love Skylar Astin, but I just can’t see him as a replacement. I wish he would have come in as a new character and I could have accepted him so much more easily.


We are almost done with this two season show. I went from thinking it was kind of dumb to being highly invested to getting annoyed with everyone. But I still kind of love it because Wyatt is so absolutely swoon-worthy. Matt Lanter is the perfect actor for portraying constant emotional distress. I really like Lucy too. And Rufus is good for some comic relief every once in awhile. I’m actually a pretty big fan of Flynn at this point in the second season too. I’m anxious to see how it all ends with the movie conclusion.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Captain Holt is basically the only reason I watch this show. I ADORE him. I think he’s one of the funniest tv characters of all time. Everyone else just kind of annoys me. Seeing a theme here?


A Simple Favor

This was an odd one, to be sure! Even though the plot was about finding the truth behind the Blake Lively character, I really couldn’t get past the fact that Anna Kendrick’s character had sex and was in love with her brother, who was possibly the father of her child. It was just such a bizarre thing to throw into the middle of the movie!

Life of the Party

This was the second time I’ve watched this movie and I loved it just as much. I know it’s not highly rated, but I think it’s totally hilarious. I laughed just as much the second viewing.

Isn’t It Romantic

Desperate for a night to myself, I went to see this movie in the theater without knowing much about it ahead of time. I found the first half to be a bit awkward. Some of the acting (like the gay best friend) was terrible. I didn’t really understand where they were going with attacking the cliched romantic comedy while also being a romantic comedy. But I really loved Adam DeVine’s character and how somehow the whole movie ended in all the characters singing and dancing in the street. It made me want to re-watch all the Pitch Perfect movies to see some more Adam-Rebel chemistry. Overall, it ended up being a pretty sweet movie!

Okay, that’s it for February! I’m pretty much caught up on all my current shows now after a few weeks off and am about to hit up netflix for my next binge. Any recommendations?!

What I Watched December 2018

It felt like a pretty light month for tv watching. I usually only watch tv by myself if I’m working and I only worked the first week of the month. But I fit in a lot of netflix movies!

TV – Alone

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

I started this because I wanted something light that I didn’t have to pay a ton of attention to. It was entertaining enough. I think I watched about half of the first season on netflix and I’ll eventually get back to the rest. It’s nice to see comedians when they’re not completely “on.”

Modern Family

I guess I don’t have a ton to say about this. Still on it!

Million Little Things

I’m still really liking this new show! I do have to say that it’s so selfish of Delilah to make Eddie pretend he’s not the baby’s father. I hope she eventually changes her mind.


I only watched the first episode of this on a very rare night I had the tv to myself. But I’m anxious to watch more of it! It seems like in my month of light tv watching there are suddenly SO many shows back that I can’t wait to start up again!

TV – Together


We finished up the final season and I really enjoyed it. I liked seeing so much more of Matt and Karen. And as much as I like Wilson Bethel in Hart of Dixie, I could have done without him as Dex in this show.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

We FINALLY got to the episode with Skylar Astin appearing as the new and unrecognizable Greg character. It still feels really ridiculous, but I do love Skylar Astin and it feels like maybe they finally have a GOOD singer on the show again. So I guess I kind of approve. But original Greg was still my favorite character and I’m bummed he wouldn’t come back.


Still a great show!


I’m really enjoying this season! I’m actually liking the season so much I’m very tempted to pick up the book series again. I only read the first four books, so I’m only knowledgeable up through this season. The Jamie and Claire actors just have so much on screen chemistry, it’s hard not to love them. Roger and Brianna, though? I’m not feeling it AT ALL.


It took us a crazy long time to get through all six hour long episodes of this show. I don’t think it lived up to the hype that social media made me think it would be. But I’m still glad we watched it. That final episode was so stressful!


Christmas Inheritance

I really was not a fan of this holiday movie. Just something to pass the time while working.

The Shape of Water

Wow, this movie was bizarre. We did not like it.


I enjoyed watching this after having read the book a year or two ago.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

I thought this movie was ridiculous. I really liked the first one last year, but this – ick.

The Little Mermaid (not the cartoon)

Again – not that great. I love William Moseley, but the movie was not worth watching.

Christmas Wedding Planner

This holiday movie was so unremarkable that I just had to look it up again to remind myself what it even was. Again – pretty lame!

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse

We just saw this today and I loved it! I didn’t have the highest of expectations because I’m not really a fan of animated movies in general. But I liked it so much! It was so well done and SO funny. I think the adults watching it probably enjoyed it more than the kids because of the humor. After a month of crappy movies at home, this was really, really great.

What I Watched November 2018

Lots of tv and movies this past month! Unfortunately, no new or exciting podcasts or music to write about, so we’ll stick with the screen today!

TV – Alone

A Million Little Things

I’m still enjoying this one. I guess I just really have a thing for solid groups of friends. It amazes me how easy tv can make adult friendships look. If only it were that easy to stay connected in real life.

God Friended Me

I don’t really have a lot of things to say about what I watched this month other than I liked it!

The Resident

Still love it! I’m a little disappointed in Devon’s cheating kiss, but they sure did have some good chemistry!

The Good Doctor

This show just plain delights me. Everyone is so great!

Modern Family

Still trucking along!

Take Two

I finished up the first season. I liked it! Nothing incredible, but still fun and sweet and a good filler show in between my favorites.


I’m really losing interest after loving this show for years. I like being able to root for the characters and everyone continues to make so many stupid choices. It’s gotten old.

Splitting Up Together

Another it’s okay type of show.

Alone Together

I binged the second season in two days. Benji and Esther have such a fun friendship. I LOVED the finale when they were almost forced to kiss and were so completely disgusted by it. I hope they really do continue as best friends and nothing more for the entirety of this show.


Okay, I’ve definitely reached the point in further episodes where Beck on screen annoys me as much as Beck in the book. I know it’s supposed to, but this show still has so much creep factor that I have a hard time enjoying it. But I’m going to see it through.

TV – Together

American Vandal

We finished up season two. Definitely not as good as the first season, so I understand why it was cancelled. But still an intriguing concept for a show.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Meh. Still meh. Everyone is so ridiculous and annoying.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

We watched the first episode of this new darker Sabrina show on netflix because it was getting so much buzz. Not for us! Too dark.


So much great buzz around this one too. I liked it, but Greg was bored by it. It did seem pretty slow. I think we’ve only watched two, maybe three episodes. I plan on finishing it at some point.


I’m liking this season so much more than the last one! I’m so happy Elektra is gone. Though as much as I love Wilson Bethel (Hart of Dixie – SWOON), I really have no interest in his Bullseye character, other than that he seems to really be quite the match for Daredevil. I just want more Matt. Always more Matt.


Even though it still feels pretty slow, I’m enjoying the current season of this too. Except I feel like Brianna and Roger have zero chemistry. It annoys me.


Three Identical Strangers

This movie was so sad! I wasn’t expecting that. I had no idea what it was about when we started it and it took such a depressing turn about halfway through. Still good, but not very happy at all.

The Spy Who Dumped Me

I was surprisingly pretty intrigued by this one. Still pretty dumb, but also inspired a lot of laughs!

The Princess Switch

I have a really hard time letting go of what the real people are possibly thinking and feeling while they’re acting. So watching Vanessa Hudgens play two different people with two different accents and then trying to have those same characters do poor accents of each other’s when they switch places – it was highly distracting to me. But I really enjoyed this sweet holiday movie! Definitely a bit cheesy and a very clear demonstration of how people in Hollywood have no idea how people should be dressing when they’re spending all of their time in snowy weather. But it was fun. 🙂

The Holiday Calendar

I liked this one too, other than the fact I found it really weird they kept calling it an “advent calendar” in the movie, but couldn’t title it the same way. But both Christmas movies were a great way to ease into December and start getting myself in the right mindset for the holiday season!

What I Watched and Listened To October 2018

My tv and movie watching this month has been packed! Most of my favorites are back on the air and I’ve started a few new shows as well. I love having so many options after the long summer months of desperately scanning netflix for something intriguing to watch.

TV – Alone

The Resident

I think this remains my current favorite. It’s so dang emotional, but I absolutely love it. I adore the entire cast and am so excited every week when I can sit down and watch this one – with no distractions! Literally the only show I watch by myself when I’m not multitasking with something else.

The Good Doctor

I’m really liking the new season of this one too. I guess I just have a weakness for medical dramas. Though I’ve never watched any of the iconic ones like Grey’s Anatomy or E.R. Maybe I should add those to my binge lists for next summer! (I did, however, LOVE House!)


I go back and forth on Shameless. I think it’s a really good show. It just gets so depressing sometimes! Come on, people, DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIVES. I’m a few episodes behind because I just haven’t been in the mood to watch my more depressing shows this month.

Modern Family

Always good for a few laughs! Never one of my favorites, but I’m not going to give up on it either.

Making It

Shepard and I finally finished this six episode show that took us like four months to watch lol. I really liked the finale when everyone talked about how important it is to be able to create and that its an artform that will never grow old. It’s nice to have some validation for my own line of work.

The Great British Baking Show

Now that Shepard also insists on watching this with me, we don’t get to it very often. But I still love it! We just have three or four episodes left in the current netflix season.

A Million Little Things

I’ve only watched the first two or three episodes so far, but I think I like it! I at least like the actors! As Psych and Grimm were two of my all time favorite tv shows, I’m thrilled to see those main actors in something again.

God Friended Me

I’m pretty excited about this show too! I like it because it’s all about doing good in the world. I also really like that actor and was so sad when The Mayor was cancelled mid season with him last year. This one isn’t as funny, but it’s enjoyable.


Well, more on the book this show is based off of in tomorrow’s book post. But the show…it’s creepy and it’s good. The characters are much more likeable on screen than on the page. But that kind of makes it even creepier.

Splitting Up Together

Lots of mixed feelings on this show. I was so happy at the end of the first season when it seemed like they were going to get back together. And then they were together, and now they’re not. Will this show entirely consist of the back and forth between ex-husband and ex-wife?

TV – Together


What a WEIRD tv show. Probably the most bizarre thing I’ve ever watched. I stuck with it because it was limited and we heard good things about it, but yeah – SO weird. All I could think about when I was watching it was how much I wanted to see Jonah Hill and Emma Stone back in the types of roles they’re usually cast in.

Better Call Saul

Finished up this latest season. I’m pretty disappointed in how much Jimmy has changed. I guess that’s the whole point of the show. But still hard to watch at times.


Jonah and Amy are together, hooray! I don’t really love this as much as I used to, but I still like having something funny to break up the more serious shows Greg and I mostly seem to watch together.

The Flash

I’m right on the line of giving this up. We gave up Arrow a long time ago because it got so dark and grim. Flash used to at least have a lot of humor with it, but even that has fallen to the wayside these last few seasons. I’m just not sure if I care enough to watch anymore.

American Vandal

We binged all of the first season last week and it was just so hilarious. Ridiculous, but hilarious. We’re a few episodes into the second season now which is pretty gross, but still so funny.


A Star is Born

I treated myself to this in the theater right after it opened and I’m so glad I went! I loved it so much! I’ve always been a huge Bradley Cooper fan, but this movie really made me a Lady Gaga fan as well. Though I wish she were more like Ally in real life. At any rate, it was a fantastic movie.

Ocean’s 8

Okay, this movie was pretty dumb. No real value in checking it out if you haven’t yet.

8th Grade

Whew, this was painful to watch. It was interesting, in an artsy way. But…painful. Middle school is the worst.

The Hate U Give

I saw this opening weekend in DC, which was really interesting as the majority of the audience was African-American and provided a lot of extra commentary throughout the movie. It followed the book pretty accurately (except for a gut wrenching cinematic twist at the end) and I think one or both things should be required reading or viewing to people all over the country. Very eye-opening.

The Kindergarten Teacher

I’m just not really sure what to make of this movie. It was so creepy! And strange. I kind of liked it, but still…so creepy.

Batman Begins

I’d love to be the kind of family that has regular movie nights, but both of our kids have an extreme aversion to watching movies entirely (except for Caden and Harry Potter movies). Greg wanted to have a Halloween movie night where we watched Ghostbusters, but after fifteen minutes of the boys non stop whining and complaining we switched over to Batman Begins. Which they weren’t thrilled about either, but we got through it over two nights. I haven’t seen it in so long. Still love me some Christian Bale. Though I think Greg loves him even more than I do.


I haven’t listened to anything new this month. I’ve been trying to keep up with my favorites, but just haven’t had a lot of extra time or eagerness to search out new podcasts this month. But in case you haven’t read any of my other podcast posts, I will always recommend these as my absolute favorites: The Popcast, The Popcast Patreon, Penpals, Spilled Milk, Front Porch with the Fitzes, My Dad Wrote a Porno, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, Rise Together, The Lazy Genius, The Bible Binge, Currently Reading, What Should I Read Next, and The Next Right Thing.


JJ Heller’s “Bridge over Troubled Water”

I usually only listen to JJ Heller at Christmastime – her album is one of my favorites. But she just released this single from her upcoming album and I LOVE her rendition. It’s so beautiful. I’ve listened to it at least ten times today, blasting through my speakers while I work.

Lauren Daigle: Look Up Child

This new album is so fantastic. This has been my top choice every time I decide to put music on lately.

Anthem Lights “You Say” (by Lauren Daigle)

I happened to stumble across Anthem Lights singing this on youtube and I loved it, which of course led me to searching all kinds of Anthem Lights renditions. They’re such great singers! I especially like their brand new album: Worship. This is a beautiful playlist to have on in the background.

2Cellos Let There Be Cello

I just realized this morning that 2Cellos released a new album recently. They are so amazing, but I highly recommend watching them play on one of their many youtube videos for the full effect. I LOVE cello music. They have a concert at the end of February in Milwaukee I’d like to go see. I went to their last local concert, but had a massive ear infection and had a hard time enjoying it. But it was pretty awesome – if you aren’t on the verge of already losing your hearing!

A Star is Born Soundtrack

I liked the music via the movie better than listening to the soundtrack, but I have turned it on a couple of times since seeing the movie. Good stuff.

And that’s it! Please hit me up with your tv, movie, podcast, and music recommendations! I’m always on the lookout for more great content to put into my eyes and ears!

What I Watched and Listened To September 2018

September turned into a pretty big tv month as I was scrambling to find something new to watch during my workdays, while also enjoying the startup of some of my favorite shows. I also have a couple of specific podcast episodes I want to highly recommend. As usual, spoilers are probably going to happen.

TV – Alone

Bachelor in Paradise

I stuck with this one to the end. Definitely not as enticing as The Bachelorette, but I was curious enough to keep up with it. So much drama! I really can’t imagine anyone truly finding love under that odd set of circumstances. But, it’s tv.

Making It

I’m very slowly making my way through this six episode show. It’s kind of funny, kind of corny, kind of intriguing. Shepard likes to watch it with me.

Alone Together

I watched the first season of this and found it to be pretty funny. Except it bothers me how much the two main characters basically look like they should be twins. Maybe that’s the point?


I watched the second season and really enjoyed it. This family treats autism so kindly. It’s really touching and the characters are so real. I like it a lot.

Great British Baking Show

It’s back! I’m only a couple episodes in, but it’s much fun as always! Even with a new judge and two different hosts, I still really enjoy it. Shepard too!


Sometimes this show just kills me. Why do the characters have to constantly self sabotage themselves?! I’m curious what will happen to Fiona since she’s leaving the show. Lip is still my favorite. Ian is so messed up. Debbie is so annoying. I’m almost most intrigued by Carl because he’s the only person doing good and kind things, after such horrible character flaws the first many years of the show.

Take Two

I’ve only watched the first two episodes of this kind of ridiculous actress turned private detective drama. But I think I liked it! I’m sure it won’t be a favorite, but it’ll be a nice filler.

The Resident

I’m soooo happy this is back! It’s one of my all time favorites. That first episode of season two was a doozy! I LOVE IT.

The Good Doctor

Also really happy this is back! I like it almost as much as The Resident.

TV – Together

The Affair

We finally caught up and finished this one. Such a sad ending! Also, why can’t it just be over?! How are they possibly going to go on after Alison’s death? Literally all I have wanted out of this show was Cole and Alison getting back together and that clearly cannot happen, despite Cole realizing how much he loved her. I did really like this season, though.

Better Call Saul

I’m enjoying this too. It’s sad to see Jimmy and Kim drifting apart. But it’s nice how little they’re focusing on the drug side of things. I care much more about Jimmy/Saul.

Killing Eve

This show was so crazy! Villanelle – what a psychopath! It just made me laugh so much. I liked it a lot.


It’s slim pickings for our together tv time right now. We started this one and it’s so bizarre. I hear you have to get through five episodes to form a true opinion. We’ve watched four so far. I was ready to quit after the first one, but the following three were much more interesting.


How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

This is one of my all time favorite movies, but I probably haven’t watched it in at least eight years. The Popcast did a deep dive of it for their Patreon supporters, so I wanted to watch it with fresh eyes before listening to the episode. I was happy to see that it kind of stands the test of time. I still loved it!

Sierra Burgess is a Loser

I rather liked this high school rom com. The internet’s been going crazy over Noah Centineo in To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before, but I actually preferred his character in this movie. He’s a cutie!


Penpals: Acting Your Age & Family Traditions

I loved this episode so, so much. One minute I was laughing hysterically and the next minute I was crying listening to the family traditions half of the episode.

Rise Together: 5 Ways to Show Up for Your Partner (both episodes)

I really love this podcast and all it’s pertinent advice for married couples. I thought these two episodes were especially useful. It’s kind of like getting little therapy sessions – especially if you can get your partner to listen to it too. I’m getting a little burned out on Rachel Hollis as a realistic example of what a woman can do with her life (you can do anything when you can afford to pay for tons and tons of help!), but I’m always very interested in what she and Dave have to say about relationships.

My Dad Wrote a Porno – S4E5 ‘Turkey Sandwich?’

So you really have to listen to this podcast in its entirety, but I thought this particular episode was so fantastic because the three friends talked more about their real lives and less about the book. I SO wish they’d just do a regular podcast all the time, instead of just three months of Rocky Flintstone’s erotica. They just sound like the absolute best of friends and I love hearing about THEM and not just their reactions to the book.

Currently Reading

This is a new podcast that started last month by two members in the large facebook book club I’m in. I’m really enjoying it if you’re also looking for a podcast where people just talk about the books they’re reading!

And as always, be sure to check out:

The Popcast
Front Porch with the Fitzes
Spilled Milk
Happier with Gretchen Rubin
The Lazy Genius
The Bible Binge

I’d love to hear your recommendations for tv, movies, and podcasts!

What I Watched and Listened To August 2018

It’s the end of the month! I had plans to write all kinds of end of the month blog posts this week, but just like the rest of August – nothing is really going to plan! There might be a lot of posts coming this weekend! Or not, in case something else comes up! But it’s time to write about tv and movies. I watched a lot of stuff this month! Which is kind of weird because I didn’t really work that much and I usually only watch while I work. But here goes!

TV – Alone (spoilers ahead)

The Bachelorette

Well, I finished my first season of watching this and I liked it so much more than I expected. I mean, it was ridiculous. And I have such a hard time wrapping my head around someone dating/kissing/sexing with more than one person, going back and forth between men, and being totally mentally stable about the entire thing. But it was entertaining and I was invested. I only started watching because I wanted to get more out of The Popcast’s patreon recaps of it each week, but I’m kind of hooked, even without their commentary. Anyway, I really liked both Garrett and Blake, but Blake had my full vote from the very first day. I was definitely sad she didn’t pick him. But after listening to the Popcast episode with them solidifying all the ways that Blake was the better choice, I was kind of devastated! Hopefully he finds someone much more deserving of his love.


I still adore this show. I’ve been particularly excited about this season with Charles FINALLY KNOWING and after getting over the embarrassment and anger of being duped, he is HAPPY Liza is actually much closer to him in age. I was disappointed in how short lived their romance was, but appreciated they realistically found ways to make their relationship work without destroying their company. From the way things were going I assumed this was the final season, but I guess that’s not the case! And of course we’re still teased about Josh’s deep-seated feelings for Liza. I’ve always been Team Charles, but Josh is adorable and the sweetest guy ever, so I hope he can find love with someone else in the next season!


I’m pretty annoyed how easily Alex just fell for the new guy. It was odd how they ended the show with her choosing to keep the little Italian girl after she was just forced to watch her dad die in front of her. I think I heard this was not renewed, so I guess that’s it for Quantico!


When I went to the Colleen Hoover book signing earlier this month, I found out that one of her books was made into a tv mini series. How did I not know this?! So of course I immediately figured out how to watch it. And it was good! I thought the characters were really great, though it was hard watching Auburn hit one impossible roadblock after the next trying to get her son back. It got pretty depressing to see on the screen. Colleen said the rights to multiple of her books have been bought in the last few years, but as far as she knows, nothing else is really in the works yet.

Making It

I’ve only watched two episodes so far, but I like it! It’s pretty corny and awkward to begin with, but I definitely laughed a few times. And I always appreciate other creators!


Greg and I used to watch this together, but he gave up on it at some point last fall. I decided to catch back up on my own last week. It’s okay. I really dislike Veronica and her family and that’s basically all the show is about anymore.

Bachelor in Paradise

Okay, I’ve officially entered into trashy tv viewing. I was just so curious about this and seeing a lot of the men from The Bachelorette in a different setting. And yeah, the show is so dumb. But I also can’t stop watching. It feels completely unbelievable that anybody truly finds happiness in that sort of situation. So much of it is totally cringe-worthy. But, I’m liking it.

TV – Together

Better Call Saul

Well, we kept trekking along with this and finished the third season just in time for the fourth season to start. After binging all summer it’s really hard to wait a week between episodes! I’m finding this current season to be pretty dark and pretty slow. I’m kind of hoping Jimmy turns into Saul pretty soon because maybe he’ll lighten up and it’ll be a bit more funny again.

Sharp Objects

This was really good! I hadn’t read the book, though I definitely want to now, hoping for a bit more clarification on things. It was really slow at times and I had a hard time understanding Amy Adams’ mumbling half the time. But the characters were pretty fascinating. It just seemed odd how the whole point of the show seemed to be focused on finding the town serial killer and then totally glazing over who it was at the end. But I liked it. Greg thought it was the best tv he’s watched this year.

Prison Break

We finally caught up on that additional re-make season they did a year or two ago. It was pretty dumb! So many stupid plot holes. And really, Michael? In prison AGAIN?? But it was still fun to see the old gang back together again. This was one of our favorites back in the day!

The Affair

We just started this most current season, so I don’t have a lot to say about it yet. It just continues to fascinate me how differently the stories shift between the two perspectives featured in each episode. So many details change, it’s worth watching just to compare and think about how differently people perceive their worlds! It really feels like this show as a whole has run its course, multiple times. But it’s still good.


Before I Fall

I read this book a long time ago and remembered thinking it was really sad. I wanted to see the movie, but kept putting it off, never in the mood to watch something sad. But, it wasn’t that sad! I actually really enjoyed it.

Rachel Hollis: Made for More

I saw this in the theater by myself and was quite excited about it! Rachel Hollis and her husband Dave put together a documentary of the conference they do once a year for women. It was kind of odd thinking about the movie as just a 90 minute commercial for their conference. But Rachel always has a ton of intriguing things to say that motivate women to be more. I gained some great insight from the movie and hope I might be able to go to a real conference that she’s holding in Minneapolis next summer.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

I was so excited to watch this movie after reading the book last month and loving it! Unfortunately, I watched the movie on that bizarre night I was babysitting Hudson and he wouldn’t go to sleep and Greg and Caden were gone at a movie and I just for the life of me couldn’t settle down and relax enough to thoroughly enjoy the movie. But – I liked it. They changed a lot of small details to make it more adaptable for the screen, but the basic plot was the same. Lily James did another fantastic job! She’s truly delightful.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Another book adaptation! I loved this series of books and was SO excited when I found out it was being adapted. I thought it was going to the big screen, though, so I was shocked to just see it on netflix one day! I watched it immediately and loved it. It was pretty much exactly like the book. Highly recommend!

Call Me By Your Name

Also a book adaptation. 🙂 Though I haven’t read it. I liked the movie. It felt very slow. And it was kind of disturbing the difference in size of the actors. Like, Timothee Chalamet truly looks like a little boy in their love scenes which bothered me. But I enjoyed the movie overall. Made me very wistful for life in an Italian countryside where all people do are lay around in grass reading and talking!

A Quiet Place

I really liked this! We usually avoid anything remotely scary, but this was just more suspenseful. Greg actually burst out laughing when the first little boy got taken by the monster. It was a really good movie, though!


Meh, this one I think you could skip. Very slow. And I was not prepared for the ending. (Also a book adaptation? Book adapted from the true story?)

Crazy Rich Asians

Okay, I guess I’m on a major role here this month. I started reading Crazy Rich Asians a few months ago because so many people rave about that series. I didn’t like it, though. It’s one of the few books I’ve ever given up on. But the movie looked great and I went to see it last weekend. I loved it! Seriously so good! Definitely see it. And feel free to skip the book.


My podcast listening has really gone down over the summer. Not much of what I listen to is appropriate enough to have on with kids constantly running through. And listening with headphones just doing things around the house feels like I’m kind of being a bad mom. Plus it just drives me insane because they inevitably need something from me every two minutes and I have to keep taking my phone out of my pocket to pause the podcast before I can listen to what they have to say. BUT I will never give up on my weekly favorites! I still most highly recommend The Popcast and of course their patreon only episodes which are amazing. Front Porch with the Fitzes is one I never miss, though I haven’t been super intrigued by many of their episodes lately. I love Spilled Milk. Happier with Gretchen Rubin when I’m in the mood for happiness advice. I’m not quite caught up with that, but getting pretty close. And I’ve been catching up with The Bible Binge. I’ve been avoiding it because it was originally released earlier through the Popcast patreon and then one day they just stopped doing it and I couldn’t remember how many episodes I had listened to and didn’t want to waste my energy trying to figure it out. But I finally just picked one and got back on it. Anyway, besides all my usual, I have a few specific episodes to recommend.

Rise Together Podcast with Rachel and Dave Hollis

I’m starting to feel like I need to take a lot of what Rachel says with a grain of salt. She is probably the most motivated and successful women I have ever encountered online. And it’s intimidating. I love her message to women and have really felt encouraged by a lot of what she has to say. But it’s also a bit frustrating because she doesn’t have a realistic lifestyle. She has a lot of money to make her dreams come true. She always says she’s successful because they have a lot of help. But she has that help because she PAYS for that help. Full time nanny and full time housekeeper, to start with! I mean, of course you can be successful if you don’t have to deal with all the crappy parts of life! Anyway, I say all that to say that I don’t listen to her podcast geared toward women all that often, but I LOVE the marriage podcast she does with her husband. Nothing but hard work is going to keep a marriage as strong as theirs. They only started this podcast a few months ago so it would be easy to catch up, but if you want to just jump into an episode that will make a big impact, I highly recommend starting with We’re Married and We’re Dating! and Let’s Talk about Sex Baby. Both of those episodes were really, really great.

Penpals with Rory Scovel and Daniel Van Kirk

I recommended this last month and I’m going to say it again. I love it! They’re comedians, so most episodes hold a lot of humor, but they also have a lot of really interesting and more serious things to say about each topic. My favorite episodes so far have been Teaser 3 – A Nipple Conundrum and Chasing Your Dreams & Choosing Your Cookies. Check it out!

My Dad Wrote a Porno

It’s back! Season four/book four, it just started this week. I HATE how long they go between books. Like eight months?? But it’s so hilarious, you guys. Never, ever listen to it with other people around, but definitely listen! One of the funniest and most entertaining things you’ll find.

Let me know what you’ve been watching and listening to! I’m always up for more recommendations!

What I Watched and Listened To July 2018

It’s time to recap everything I’ve watched this month! I’m adding a few podcasts too. I originally planned to write podcast posts every month, but for awhile there I was really just listening to the same handful of shows over and over again and how much can I really say about them? But I found a few new good ones this month I want to share. But first, tv!

TV – Alone (spoilers probable!)


I’m not sure what it is about this show, but I still really like it. Even though it feels super cliche with the main characters constantly falling for each other and just switching it up in different seasons. I don’t buy the whole Ryan/Shelby marriage, but of course Alex conveniently just falls for the new guy! Though I do have to say he’s a much hotter choice. 🙂

Young & Hungry

This is really the most ridiculous show. And Gabby might possibly be one of the most annoying tv characters I have ever seen. And yet, I’m still rooting for her. Josh is pretty dumb too, but he’s cute and the show is mildly funny overall. I wish they didn’t have the live studio audience laughter to make it feel a bit more authentic. But hey, it’s something light to watch in between the heavier things.

The Bachelorette

I started watching this so I could follow along better with The Popcast’s Patreon recaps of each episode. I never expected to actually feel so invested in it! Especially now that Becca is down to the final two guys – and they’re the two guys I liked the most from the very beginning! I almost don’t even want to watch the finale because it’s going to be so heartbreaking. I wanted her to be with Blake from the beginning, but he’s been freaking out so much lately – which feels like a valid response in this whole crazy plan to find love. But it does make me like him a little less. And Garrett has really grown on me, despite how much The Popcast hates him. Who will she choose?! Why is she so happy to have narrowed it down to two? Why isn’t she totally flipping out yet that she has to choose JUST ONE? What a show.


I binged this in a couple of days at the recommendation of my sister-in-law. It was a fun and cute little British show. I have to say that I didn’t much care for Dylan. I liked the other guy much more. So much more interesting. And it was weird seeing Evvie as her British self (I had no idea!). I love her in The Good Doctor, though, so it was cool seeing her in something else.


I still love this show so, so, so much. Much like The Bachelorette, both Josh and Charles have always seemed so perfect! I’ve always been team Charles, but Josh is just adorable and sweet and just so lovely. I was happy he was kind of out of the picture, except now he’s back. And maybe still wants Liza? I just don’t understand how they can work around the kid issue, though, when he wants them so badly. But Charles! HE KNOWS!!! And if you saw the most recent episode, he finally got over his big whiny fit about Liza’s whole secret and HE DOESN’T CARE ANYMORE. I was so happy!!!!!! I just don’t know where this show could go, though, at this point. Almost everyone knows Liza’s real age now. Does that mean it’s almost over?

Anne with An E

I’ve heard a lot of criticism about this rendition of Anne of Green Gables. I rather like it, though. It’s uplifting, nostalgic, and full of positive messages. I do have to say that Anne cried WAY too much in the second season. It got a bit old by the end.

Sugar Rush

Out of regular shows to watch, I gave this one a shot and binged it in the last few days while working. It was good! I don’t like the whole rush to beat the clock aspect in the first two rounds, but I always love a good baking show. It’s very much like Cupcake Wars, which I was a huge fan of. I’m definitely going to be checking out some more Netflix baking shows in the next few weeks!

TV- Together

Better Call Saul

I’m still really enjoying this one. We just watched the episode where Jimmy finally calls himself Saul Goodman. It was really intriguing to obviously see that Saul is just a persona he plays, not who he really is, like you only saw in Breaking Bad. I really like Jimmy. I’m curious to see where this goes. I see the newest season starts in just a few days!

Prison Break

We heard a long time ago that they were going to do a reboot of Prison Break, a show we loved way back when it was on. And then we never heard anything about it again – never a good sign! I realized we had just plain missed it, so now we’re checking out this newer season. It’s kind of stupid and ridiculous that Michael is yet again in a prison he needs to break out of. But it’s kind of nostalgic watching Lincoln and Michael together again (and not in their weird Legends of Tomorrow characters). Even if the entire premise is super unbelievable. You DIED, Michael. You were terminally ill and you died. But – never addressed.

Sharp Objects

I generally prefer to read the book before I see a tv or movie adaptation, but I didn’t have a chance for this one. It’s…interesting. Slow. Amy Adams is so mumbly it kind of drives me nuts. I also only ever want to see Chris Messina as Danny in The Mindy Project. He will always only ever be Danny. But, I’m intrigued by the show, curious to see who the killer is. I definitely have my suspect in mind!


Father Figures

This was pretty dumb. I watched it on a night I was alone, hoping to just have a lighthearted comedy to entertain me. I don’t really recommend wasting your time on it.


Another odd one. It was especially weird because David Giuntoli and Flula Borg where kind of playing themselves, but not really? I like both the actors, but all they do is walk through the forest in the entire movie. It was okay.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

We saw this in the theater right when it came out, with the boys. It was kind of hard to concentrate because Shepard was bored and kept demanding that we leave. I liked it, but not as much as the first one. I’m always up for a Paul Rudd film, though!

Ready Player One

I think if you go into this movie expecting it to be just like the book, you’ll be very disappointed. If you think of it as a standalone movie, it’s entertaining enough. They really missed major portions of the book, speeding character relationships along so quickly. I actually fell asleep during the biggest battle scene and we had to finish it on a different day. I didn’t hate, but not my favorite, for sure.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

I saw this in the theater a few days ago with a friend and I loved it! I had no expectations going into it, other than musicals are fun and I just wanted a night out. But Lily James was so delightful in it! The music was super entertaining. I’ve actually been listening to the soundtrack all week. I highly recommend this one!

I Feel Pretty

I really wanted to like this movie. The trailers made it look so hilarious I actually really wanted to see it in the theater, but never had the chance. Probably a good thing because it was NOT worth it. There were a few funny parts, but most of it was just every single person looking at Amy Schumer and thinking or saying bad things about her because she’s too fat to be that confident. She’s not fat!! I don’t know, I think the whole movie was sending very mixed signals. It was okay.


I really wanted some more Lily James in my life, so I watched this the other day. It was so boring!! Almost no singing, which seemed odd. And Cinderella was just so dull. Quite a disappointment.

Mamma Mia!

I wish I had watched this before seeing the second one, just to get a refresher on all the characters. I spent the entire second movie wondering who the actual dad was and I just finished watching the first one only to realize they never did figure it out. (My bet’s on Harry.) Anyway, after seeing them both this week I like the second one SO much more.


Well, I’m still listening to my old standbys every week – The Popcast, The Popcast Friend of the Show patreon feed, Front Porch with the Fitzes, Spilled Milk, and Happier with Gretchen Rubin. When the mood strikes I also like to listen to The Lazy Genius, The Bible Binge, What Should I Read Next, and The Next Right Thing. I’m constantly looking for new podcasts, but have a hard time committing to them if they’ve been on the air for a long time. I’m really preferring the experience of starting with a show as its born – or recently birthed – so I can decide from the start if it’s for me. Which maybe doesn’t make sense. But it’s a lot less overwhelming than seeing a podcast that has 100+ episodes and trying to figure out where to jump in. Anyway! I found three new ones this month that I really liked and want to recommend.

Rise Together Podcast with Rachel and Dave Hollis

Guys, I am obsessed with Rachel Hollis right now. Actually, I really like Dave too because he’s just as active on social media – maybe even more so than Rachel. I read her book last month and loved it and now I stalk all of their instagram posts and stories and live streams that they do every single morning. Rachel has her own podcast called Rise (up until recently it was called Dias), and I’ve listened to two or three episodes. But they just started this couples podcast together and I’m really enjoying it. They definitely have an extremely admirable marriage and they’re not shy about explaining how hard they work to keep that relationship a priority and the steps they take to make it happen. The podcast is really just them having conversations about what works for them. It’s interesting. And worthwhile.


I’m not sure what to call this type of podcast – a drama? It’s a story format, I believe just six or eight episodes. It’s about an artificial intelligence machine, similar to amazon’s Alexa, called Sandra. Except you find out that the intelligence behind Sandra is actually a company of people that will answer everyone’s questions, based on the key words they use. Anyway, it was very entertaining and a little bit creepy. I liked it a lot.

Penpals with Rory Scovel and Daniel Van Kirk

I just discovered this a few days ago and I already know it’s going to be one of my favorites. I was delighted to realize that Rory Scovel is actually the love interest from I Feel Pretty. I had no idea that was his name, but of course immediately recognized his voice. He used to be in a short lived show called Ground Floor that I loved. Anyway, both men are comedians and all they do is answer questions from their “penpals” – anybody who wants to send them a message. There are only a few episodes, but they’re willing to talk about anything. I laughed out loud in those few episodes more than I have in ages from some sort of media. I’m actually saving up the last few episodes I have for my long drives next week and it’s killing me not to just jump right in. I love it!

And that’s it for July! Any good recommendations for me?? I could really use some more binge-worthy shows to watch while I’m working. I’m much more apt to sit down and work when I have something I’m desperate to watch at the same time!

What I Watched June 2018

It was a pretty intense month for tv and movies! I worked a lot, which always means I watch a lot of tv. Probably a bit too much this month!! But having good shows to binge keeps me motivated to keep working, and it keeps me happier. So worth it, I think! 🙂

TV – Alone (I should probably say *spoilers* at this point because I’m probably always going to talk about anything juicy that came up.)

Famous in Love

I was pretty disappointed with the way things turned this season. Jake and Paige breaking up?! After how excited I was at the beginning of the season to see she chose him?? This show is really filled with too much ridiculous drama.

The Last Man on Earth

I’m also disappointed that this was cancelled and they weren’t able to give it a proper send off. So many years of being the last people on earth only to have such a cliffhanger of an ending! Everyone was so obnoxious on this show, though, I guess I’m glad it’s over.

The Good Fight

While I really enjoyed the first season of this show, the second season was fantastic! I’m glad they got away from the whole Maya’s parental scandal and moved on to other things. I love, love, love the Luca and Colin storyline and I’m so glad they’re back together with their baby!


Ah, Quantico, you never seem to know what direction you should move in. I like it, though. Jumping three years ahead was a nice way to distance everyone, but I’m pretty unhappy with the Ryan and Shelby marriage. It just doesn’t seem likely AT ALL. But I’m liking the new guy!

The Bachelorette

Okay, so I am not a reality tv person. I never in my life thought I’d be watching this, BUT The Popcast reviews each episode on their Patreon feed and I finally gave in and started watching. I listened to the episodes from the last season of The Bachelor without watching any of the show and I kept thinking how much awesome relatable content I was missing out on. So I committed to watching The Bachelorette so I could get the full awesomeness of their reviews. I’m paying for it on Patreon anyway, so I don’t want to miss out! Anyway, I’m actually really kind of addicted to the show lol. I like Becca a lot. I think my favorite guy is Blake. All the kissing makes me feel super uncomfortable and it still feels very unnatural to be dating so many people at once, all for the sake of television and “finding true love.” But…it’s a pretty entertaining show!


Charles knows! Charles knows! Charles knows! I was NOT ready for that little tidbit to happen right away in the first episode! I’m also not happy with how he’s handling the information. But hopefully it’ll turn out well. I see there are only going to be seven episodes this season, which makes me fear it’s coming to an end. This is such a good show! I’ll be very sad to see it gone.

Time After Time

Another short lived tv show that came to an unfortunate cliffhanger of an ending. Apparently ABC pulled it after five episodes, but they were able to finish off the series in a different country. Anyway, it was a fun little romp of a show. HG Wells was such an adorable guy. And Josh Bowman is just pretty hot!

Jane the Virgin

I FINALLY finished up this last season. I was spoiled about Michael coming back when it aired (which is fine – I’m good with spoilers!). As much as I loved Michael and was absolutely devastated when he “died” and felt horrible for how hard it was watching Jane try to get past his death – WHY is he coming back after she’s so happy with Raphael?! Because it’s a telenovela, that’s why. I really don’t know how I feel after that enormous twist.

Sneaky Pete

So Amazon first showed like an extended trailer for Sneaky Pete a year or two before it actually came out. I thought it looked really good, but then we forgot about it and never got around to watching it when it was finally available. But this week, in like three days, I binged the first two seasons. I really liked it!

Difficult People

I only watched two episodes of this before moving on to something else. I think it might be a bit too mean and crass for me. But we’ll see. It’s hard to find good things to go back and watch in the summer when nothing new is on.

TV – Together


Is it terrible to say that I really don’t understand what this show is about? I kind of liked the first season. There were some funny moments and some episodes a lot better than others. But this second season just felt so terribly depressing. We only watched a few episodes and I was ready to quit.

Arrested Development

Here we go again, the show that never ends. I don’t think they can ever bring back the love that came when watching the first few seasons. But – it’s okay. And funny at times.

Jessica Jones

We watched two episodes of the newest season and Greg was over it. I thought it was okay, so I might go back on my own to continue one of these days.

Better Call Saul

Greg’s been watching this in real time, but went back to watch the first season with me now that I’ve seen Breaking Bad. I really liked it! Saul always seemed like such a great character and now that I know more of his background I feel so much for him! I’m looking forward to continuing on with his story.


So I literally had no idea what this show was about. I just wanted to see it because people said it was good and Taylor Kitsch is hot. Even once it started I really didn’t know what it was about. I have no recollection of this happening or ever having heard about it. Greg said he watched part of the standoff on tv during school. In second grade? I guess my first grade teacher wasn’t interested in showing it to us! (Though I do remember watching the OJ Simpson trial in fifth grade.) Anyway, the content is pretty depressing and serious, but the acting was incredible. I highly recommend watching it.


Love, Simon

I watched this immediately after reading the book. And of course, the book was better. But this was a pretty great adaptation.

The Disaster Artist

While I thoroughly research books before committing to read them, I basically never know what I’m getting into when it comes to tv or movies. So again, I had no idea what this was and didn’t even realize it was based on a true story until the end. I just figured that I always like a Franco brother, so of course I want to watch a movie with them both in it! Though James? Yikes!! I would have liked this movie a lot more if I could have actually understood more than 10% of the words he said!! There were definitely some really funny parts, but it was kind of sad too.

Every Day

Kind of a weird premis. Also based off of a book – which I have not read. But despite the craziness of this ever happening, I liked the movie. And I loved how it ended.

Set it Up

I think my favorite social media influencers set the bar too high on how strongly they praised this new netflix movie. I eagerly awaited a week and a half before we had a night early enough to fit in a movie. And it was CUTE. But I’m not in love with it. I’d never watch it again. But I guess for a fresh romantic comedy, which you almost never see anymore, it was nice.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

We saw this yesterday in the theater. I haven’t heard a lot of great things about it and Greg is apparently against these movies entirely, even though he keeps seeing them in the theater with me. But I thought it was pretty good. Definitely some odd plot holes, but I’m always up for a Chris Pratt viewing!

And that’s it for June! Any good tv shows you can recommend for me to binge in July?? My docket is pretty empty!

What I Watched and Listened to February, March, April, and May 2018

I have a lot of shows, movies, and podcasts to catch you guys up on! This monthly post definitely fell to the wayside with all the broken ankle excitement. But I always think it’s fun to share the things I’ve enjoyed the most and love hearing other people’s recommendations. I’ll even rank them in order of what I liked the most, so you don’t have to slog through the entire thing. 🙂 Here goes!

TV – Alone

1. The Resident

My top four picks are all extremely close in how much I absolutely loved them. But I think this one squeezed just a smidge up into first place. The characters were fantastic and every episode was intriguing. I loved the Conrad character SO much.

2. The Royals

This is one of my all time tops shows, ever. I ADORE it. Season four was fantastic. Probably my favorite! So much Jasper. 🙂

3. Rise

I’m really disappointed this show isn’t getting a second season, but it does work really well as a single season arc. I loved it. I got teary during a lot of it. It just felt like a very special show and I’m so glad I got to see it.

4. The Good Doctor

Apparently I really love a good medical drama. I especially enjoyed the first season of this one. Love the characters!

5. A.P. Bio

This show as hilarious! I laughed so hard in every single episode. There were definitely a lot of ridiculous plot holes. Like, he only teaches the one class all day long?? But it was so funny. The students were so nerdy and endearing and Jack was such a crazy teacher. Love it.

6. The Five

This was recommended by a podcaster I enjoy (Lazy Genius) and I’m so glad I listened to her and watched it. It’s a British crime drama that just takes place over ten episodes. It was absolutely captivating and I binged the whole thing in just a day or two. It’s definitely a bit dark, but really fantastic tv.

7. Life in Pieces

This one continues to give me the giggles!

8. Splitting Up Together

I have mixed feelings about this one. As just a show, I really liked it. But the theory behind the show – getting divorced, but continuing to live together and keep your family together and suddenly find all this respect for each other that couldn’t be found when their marriage was in tact. They clearly belong together. But…where is this show going? I liked it, though.

9. iZombie

For a long time this was one of my favorite shows. This last season really went downhill in entertainment value for me, though. I don’t like how Seattle has now become a city of zombies. It was much more fun when Liv was the main zombie and each episode was just about how each brain affected her crime solving skills.

10. The Great British Baking Show

Season four was just as good as the rest! I love watching the bakers and how much love and respect they all have for each other! I wish there were a hundred seasons of this to watch.

11. Shameless

Continues to be a gritty, but awesome show. I think the season must have ended around February because I don’t actually remember much about it. But it was good!

12. New Girl

I’m glad this show has come to an end. The three year time jump in the final season was a little much for me. It was still funny. Winston, Nick, Schmidt – they’re all so hilarious! But Jess and CeCe are just so blah to me. I’m glad it’s over.

13. Famous in Love

I almost didn’t watch this second season because I was so incredibly pissed off by what happened in the last seconds of the first season. But I was very surprised to see that Paige picked the right guy. Now if only they could be happy! A lot of the acting in this show is pretty awful, but it’s still fun for a show to half watch while I’m working.

14. Scandal

Scandal had so many ups and downs. This final season started out pretty rough, but I like how it came together at the end. If only a certain character hadn’t died, it would have been great.

15. Modern Family

Another show that has really run its course. I continue to watch it because I like having some light hearted sitcoms to watch while I work. But it’s very far from one of my favorites.

TV – Together

  1. Halt and Catch Fire

In the last few months we watched all four seasons of this show. I had a lot of very mixed feelings about it, but it was my favorite of everything Greg and I watched together, so I guess it was worth it! If you can get past the first few VERY confusing episodes (unless you’re a super computer geek), it gets pretty addicting. One thing I disliked, but also found very unique to the show, is that each season the characters seem completely reinvented. You’d be shocked to watch the first season and realize how much they change by the fourth. I think my main reason for watching this was just to see Lee Pace. He’s an awesome actor. But also very sexy. It was a good show!

2. Breaking Bad

We also watched this in its entirety the last few months. Greg has seen it before, but it was my first time. It did take me awhile to understand the hype and why so many people it’s the greatest show of all time. But I definitely did enjoy it. I just started hating Walt SO much! And I felt so horrible for Jesse! And I just wanted Hank to get his justice! I’m really happy with how it ended.

3. Santa Clarita Diet

Season two was just as ridiculous as season one, but still so funny! I guess you have to be into this sort of bizarre comedy to enjoy it, but I loved it. Brought some good laughs after watching such serious shows for like three straight months.

4. Superstore

I rave about this all the time, so – more of the same. It’s funny! It’s fun! But I kind of hated how the season ended. Can’t Jonah and Amy just be happy together? WHY does she have to be pregnant with Adam’s baby? We could have just happily ignored the fact she was pregnant in real life. This complication seems unnecessary and dumb.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Still funny! Captain Holt is one of my favorite tv characters of all time.

6. The Flash

We used to watch so many superhero shows and this is the only one we’ve stuck with. I’m really not that interested anymore, but I’m not ready to give it up.

7. Love

I definitely hate watched this show. Could Gus and Mickey be any more ill-suited? I hate Mickey soooooo much. And Gus keeps switching between being cute and nerdy to being horrible and mean. Birdie’s storyline was more interesting. And I guess I kind of like how it ended. But…I just hate the characters!!

8. Mozart in the Jungle

The final season was such a mess. I actually really liked how much more focused Rodrigo seemed. His love for Haley seemed genuine and intense. But Haley? She was just so unlikeable. The actual orchestras were almost nonexistent in this season, which just seems bizarre for a show about the orchestra. I think I would have liked it all a lot more without Gloria and the original Maestro. I couldn’t care less about their awful acting and boring storylines.

9. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I’m pretty over this one. It’s still good for the occasional laugh at weird songs, but the show as a whole is a drag for me.


  1. Life of the Party

I just saw this the other day and loved it! I wasn’t sure what to expect because the critical reviews haven’t been that great. But I honestly felt it was one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. SO hilarious! I highly recommend it.

2. Avengers – Infinity War

It’s hard for me to rank movies when they just have a single shot at impressing me. And I’ve seen a whole lot of movies the last four months. Mostly movies I only watched because Greg wanted to see them. But, I liked this one. So many great actors. Enough going on that I never got bored. Intriguing enough ending that I’m anxious for the next installment.

3. Game Night

Parts of this movie were so dumb. But parts were so funny! I’m glad I didn’t force seeing it in the theater like I had originally wanted. But I enjoyed it for a movie night at home.

4. Black Panther

I don’t have much to say about this, except I liked it! It felt very different from all the other Marvel movies, which was refreshing.

5. Solo

I’m not much of a Star Wars fan and didn’t have any expectations for this one. But I liked it! Maybe because it didn’t feel particularly Star Wars-ish. The characters were all very likeable and the storyline was interesting.

6. The Kissing Booth

This felt like an adorably quirky and fun YA novel. The kind of romantic comedy I grew up watching. The acting was pretty terrible. But I liked it!

7. Leap!

I’m not very into animated movies. Never have been. But I really enjoyed this one!

8. When We First Met

Another kind of dumb Netflix made movie. But still funny. Entertaining enough to watch while working on other stuff – how I watch most of my tv and movies.

9. Thor Ragnorok

I honestly can’t tell you a single thing about this movie. But I’m pretty sure I liked it! Thor is funny. That’s always something. 🙂

10. The Mountain Between Us

Survivalist stories are always inspiring to watch. This was pretty slow with not a lot of action, but I liked the relationship that grew between characters.

11. Jumanji

This is the movie that made me think maybe I actually do like The Rock. It was a pretty funny movie!

12. Coco

I was definitely unprepared for what this movie was about. The boys kept insisting it was too scary. We had to take a break halfway through because it was right after my surgery and I couldn’t stay away for more than half an hour at a time. I remember feeling like it was super emotionally manipulative. But it was good. Very good. If you’re in the right headspace to watch it.

13. Home Again

Kind of dumb. Kind of funny. Pretty meh about it.

14. Baywatch

I was surprised to find I actually enjoyed this movie. I thought the characters would all be portrayed as hot idiots, but they weren’t. It gave me some good laughs.

15. Forever My Girl

Very cliche. Very predictable. But it was okay!

16. Jane

Shepard was going through a Jane Goodall phase, so we also watched this right after my surgery. It was mildly interesting. I was most intrigued by how often she was caught on video in her earliest days with the chimpanzees.

17. A Bad Moms Christmas

Pretty dumb, guys.


I’ve actually really cut back on my podcast listening. I just got into a mood where I only wanted to listen to the few that I absolutely love. I did try out a few new things, but mostly stuck to my tried and true.

  1. The Popcast

I am ALL for The Popcast. Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week when I can listen to a new episode. Always so funny and so interesting!

2. The Popcast Patreon

I also love Fridays to get the News and Notes episodes. I also get early released episodes of The Bible Binge podcast that they also do. And now they’re starting up Bachelorette recap episodes, so I think I’m going to have to start watching The Bachelorette. I just love everything about the Popcast.

3. Front Porch with the Fitzes

I also love Tuesdays for my new Front Porch episodes. They’re always a bit hit or miss, but filled with some fun laughs. I love how they all interact with each other.

4. Spilled Milk

I’m not quite sure how often these release. It might be weekly, but sometimes it feels like longer in between new episodes. They’re my most light hearted episodes, but I always enjoy them. It feels like connecting with an old friend. Probably because I’ve listened to all like three hundred episodes they’ve produced.

5. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

I’m only a few months away from being caught up with this! It’s always interesting and positive and filled with good advice.

6. Lazy Genius

I go back and forth on this one, but lately Kendra has been doing a series on getting ready for summer that has been incredibly useful. She had a cleaning series too that I loved listening to.

7. Dear Sugars

This is the only one podcast I’ve started in the last few months. I don’t listen to it very regularly because it’s always deep and thought provoking, which isn’t often what I want in my entertainment while doing housework. I started listening to it after reading Cheryl Strayed’s Tiny Beautiful Things. In the podcast she and Steve Almond answer Dear Sugar letters on air. It’s good! Just not when I’m often in the mood for.

Well, I think that’s it! Hopefully my longest post I’ll ever write on entertainment. I’ll try to get back to monthly recaps from here on out!!

What I Watched: January 2018

I watched a ton of tv last month! And probably more movies than I’ve ever watched in a single month. Though four of the six were watched on New Year’s Eve, so they technically don’t even count. 🙂 It was a good month of visual entertainment, though.

TV – Alone

The Mayor

The Mayor

So I really enjoyed this little half hour comedy. But it’s been cancelled. I’m assuming halfway through the season since it hasn’t been back on since Christmas. I’m sad!



Still love it. Still recommend it. Still gritty and hard to watch sometimes, but the character development is fantastic.

Great British Baking Show

Great British Baking Show

I have to separate my watching of each season because I get too attached to the characters and can’t handle jumping right into a different set. So I watched the third season and it’s been my absolute favorite so far. This show is SO good! I especially loved the people on this season. Nobody annoyed me, even a little bit.

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

I believe I binged this in two days of sewing. It was really enjoyable! I did find it a little odd that the show is supposed to be about Midge finding her voice in the comedy scene, and very little screen time is actually devoted to that. The characters and their fast talking rants were a little obnoxious (there’s a reason I hate Gilmore Girls). But overall, I’d definitely recommend this one!

The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor

I still love this show! Tear jerking goodness.

Last Man on Earth

Last Man on Earth

Is this over yet? Ugh, the annoying characters, the dumb sound effects, constantly introducing newfound characters and then immediately killing them off or making them disappear. I think this is the last season. I hope? I mean, I don’t need to keep watching. but I feel like I really have to follow through.

Fuller House

Fuller House

I caught up on the second half of season three. Seriously, some parts of this show are so ridiculously corny. I can’t stand all the live audience noises. But there are also so many little tidbits that legitimately make me laugh out loud. It’s worth sticking with. I’m glad DJ is switching her attention back to Steve. (Though watching them jump over a waterfall to catch a giant animated koi was possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen on tv in my entire life!) He’s so adorable and dorky.

Modern Family

Modern Family

It suddenly occurred to me that I haven’t watched this newest season at all yet, so I had to catch up. I enjoy it! It’s never been one of my favorites, but it’s entertaining enough.

Life in Pieces

Life in Pieces

I think I enjoyed this show more when I first discovered it and binged. It’s so funny, though! I love pretty much everything about it.

The Resident

The Resident

New show alert! Another medical drama. But I really loved Matt Czuchry in The Good Wife and I’ve always been a fan of Emily Van Camp (Revenge is so good!). So obviously I’m going to watch a show that stars the two of them together! There have only been three episodes so far, but I really like it!

TV – Together

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

We finally finished up season one and started season two. I enjoy it, but it’s not a favorite.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This season is getting better. Not quite as depressing as how it started. But also, kind of ridiculous. Like when Nathaniel, Josh, and White Josh are dancing/striping/crying/singing? Bizarre.



Want to talk about bizarre and ridiculous? This show has gotten so weird! It just makes me laugh how dumb it is.



Is it just me, or are the laughs just not there anymore? I LOVED the first two seasons of Superstore. But the current season has been kind of a drag.


The Flash

Poor Barry, he can just never be free and happy! We’ve cut out all other superhero shows for now, but still plan to stick with this one.

Halt and Catch Fire

Halt and Catch Fire

Our new watch of the month. I have to say that I was SO CONFUSED like the first four episodes. It was just a crazy amount of nonsensical computer talk and it was seriously pissing me off how little I understood what was going on. But the characters seemed intriguing and Greg was into it and Lee Pace is hot, so I kept going. And by the end of the first season I was highly invested! We just started the second season and I’m a little sad at the changes so far. But I assume it’ll get really good again.


Captain Underpants

Captain Underpants

I was a little distracted on my phone while we watched this, but it seemed fairly amusing for a family movie. I think I was actually laughing more than my kids at the potty humor.

Boss Baby

Boss Baby

I thought this was a pretty good family movie too. A little dumb, but kind of funny too.

Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky

I was hoping to really love this because I adore Channing Tatum and Adam Driver. It was okay. I didn’t hate it. But I’d never watch it a second time.

Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes

Same goes for this one. I guess I didn’t realize quite what the movie was really about. But female empowerment and all that. It was enjoyable.

The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman

Definitely my top movie of the month! Top movie in a long time! I loved it soooo much. I get that in real life PT Barnum was probably a terrible man. But the movie, as a fictionalized piece of history, was fantastic. The music was incredible. Everything about it was just perfect. I’m SO glad I saw it in the theater. Love!

The Last Five Years

The Last Five Years

This was an intriguing movie that was almost entirely sung and had very little plot. It was a variety of scenes in no particular order portraying the love found and lost between two people, played by Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan. Anna’s nonstop singing voice definitely got old. But I liked most of the movie – until the end. NOT happy with the reason they split up. The movie did make me a little envious of childless couples that just live for each other and their dreams, though.