Sunday Intentions 12.10.2017


Well, it’s the last “normal” week of the month! And I’m excited because I think I’m actually on track – possibly ahead of schedule! – with where I want to be this week.

The last few days have kind of been a drag. In the future, I really need to work harder in November, sickness or not! Taking the whole month of December off from Heartstring Annie is necessary for my sanity and getting the million other things ready for Christmas. But, it is what it is. I’m just thrilled that I might actually get done with my remaining 30 (!) dolls tomorrow and have them photographed and listed on Tuesday. Then I’ve earned myself four extra days for other holiday related things!

It’s a pretty straight forward week. Regular school days. At home date night/boys with grandparents on Tuesday. Greg’s seeing Star Wars late Thursday night with a friend and we’re all going with extra family members on Friday night. Everything else is just life as usual.

I’ll try to keep my priorities quick and to the point this week! I’ve been working since 5am and am ready to just CHILL OUT for the night.

Priorities This Week

  1. FINISH DOLLS!! They’re all in the drying stage right now. In the morning I’ll put on their dresses and sew on all their hair. Which always takes so much longer than I think it will. But I THINK I can get it all done tomorrow. Then photograph Tuesday morning and list them on etsy soon after.
  2. CHRISTMAS CARDS! I got our cards in the mail the other day! The photos are a little dark, but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. Can’t wait to send them out!
  3. TEACHER GIFTS! I’d like to get teacher gifts wrapped and on their way to school this week. The more presents I can get out the door this week the better. Less to think about next week. Plus I always figure they might be happy to get a treat earlier in the month.
  4. WRAP PRESENTS! Same as above, I’d like to try and get most of the extended family gifts wrapped and out of the house.
  5. ENJOY LIFE! Once the dolls are done, I give myself full permission to start taking life a little more leisurely. There is still a ton of stuff to do. Wrapping, baking, cleaning, etc. But I want to also feel like I’m on a bit of a vacation. I want to be fully present with my family for the rest of the month. I want to give myself plenty of time during the day to just read and rest. I want to be happy.

Meal Plans…sort of, as always

Monday – Baked turkey breast, homemade french fries, glazed carrots

Tuesday – Some sort of spicy date night chicken. Maybe wings??

Wednesday – BBQ Turkey Sliders

Thursday – Leftovers

Friday – MOD Pizza before the movie

Have a great week!

Sunday Intentions 12.03.2017


It’s a busy week ahead! But also a really fun week! There are so many things I’d like to get done, and so many things I’m sure will fall to the wayside. But – it’s okay. 🙂 It’s an enjoy life kind of week and I’m looking forward to it!

Monday is a full blast work day. I made some good progress this weekend and I hope to finish a few dolls tonight, once they’re done drying. That’s always when the whole process comes to a standstill. Usually overnight, though I didn’t time things correctly this time around. But if I could get a couple new dolls listed tomorrow morning that would be awesome. Time is ticking away and I haven’t listed anything new in forever. 🙁

I also need to organize all my gifts! It’s a really good thing my kids aren’t snoopy and curious (the exact opposite of me as a child) because all of their Christmas presents are just haphazardly thrown in halfway closed boxes all over the basement. I keep an ongoing list of gifts I buy everyone on my computer and make a visual board of the boys’ gifts so I make sure it looks like they’re getting an equal amount of things each Christmas. But it’s still good to physically see them in front of me to confirm if I need to get anything else. And the sooner I can get to that the better.

Tuesday is errands and a dentist appointment. Not so fun, but necessary.

And Wednesday is the big day! St. Nick’s Day for starters. Always an exciting holiday around our house. It also happens to be a late start day , so we won’t have to rush in the morning.

And Wednesday night is my Favorite Things Party, which I’m SO so excited about! I throw one every year and every year it grows in number. But it’s so fun to host this gathering for my friends, as a space to get into the holiday spirit, but also get a break from kids and craziness for a few hours. I also love the favorite thing aspect of it, where we all give three gifts of our favorite things from the year. I had a really hard time narrowing down what I wanted to give this year. Actually, I have six different things. I need to somehow ditch three of them! It should be a really great day, though. I just need to get everything prepped for it on Tuesday!

The rest of the week should be more relaxed. Well, work days. I’m setting a goal of getting all 40 dolls I’m working on to be done by December 16th. And if they’re not done by then, I’m going to be done for the year anyway. But hopefully with a lot of hard work in the next two weeks I can do it!

I’m also hoping everyone stays healthy enough that Greg and I can go on our annual Christmasy date on Saturday night. The boys are sleeping over at my mom’s, so we can go out and have some fun. I always like a festive Madison date night in December to remember to enjoy each other’s company in the midst of holiday insanity.

Top Priority This Week – STAY FOCUSED

I’ve got to do lists on paper and in my head and on my computer and they pretty much rule my life. There’s so much to do this week for St. Nick’s, the party, work, family time, etc. The last few years I’ve taken a month long break from Heartstring Annie, so I can truly enjoy the season. But this year I really want to get a final boost of sales, if I can. So I’m splitting the month in half, with crazy work hours the first half and then total relaxation and enjoyment in the second. I just need to keep that second half of the month in mind while I power through the first half! It’ll be worth it. No unnecessary distractions.

Second Priority – Accept Imperfection

I’m definitely a perfectionist. And an all or nothing kind of person. I often feel like if I can’t do something completely right the first time, it was a waste of my time. But Christmastime is always full of surprises and I need to be okay with them. Kids might be sick. I might be sick. Annie still needs exercise. Meals still need to be made. Life goes on, no matter what my lists tell me I should be doing with my time. So I want to be okay with shortcuts. The house might not be spotless for the party on Wednesday night. Nobody will notice except me. I might not figure out where we should go on our date night until two hours before we leave the house. We’ll still have a fun time. It’s okay to be imperfect. We will all still survive.

Meal Plans…maybe! 

Monday – Golden Soup (We’re all getting a bit more adventurous with soup these days – I made a chipotle tomato soup to go with grilled cheese last week that even Shepard ate! This one looks intriguing.)

Tuesday – Costco Rotisserie Chicken (need simple with all the big stuff happening Wednesday!)

Wednesday – PARTY!!!

Thursday – Probably some sort of beef/steak. Not sure on this yet. Not my favorite meat! But everyone else loves it, so I need to throw it in every two weeks or so.

Friday – Pizza, as always

Have a great week!

Sunday Intentions 11.26.2017

Well, this will be short and to the point today! After a week of being the only fully healthy one in the family, everything seemed to hit me hard today. Fortunately everyone else is finally feeling better, but I am just zapped out. Which is kind of infuriating. I was so excited to have a fun family day decorating for Christmas. I wanted to get it all put up today so tomorrow I can jump full steam into GETTING STUFF DONE. I’m worried I’m going to wake up tomorrow feeling even worse than I do today. I could only do things for like five minutes at a time today before I needed a break. Being sick is the WORST.

The good news is that it’s a pretty light week. The boys have a Christmas concert (for the first time in our four years at the elementary school!) on Friday night. Other than that, there are basically no commitments! Just school, work, home. It feels highly unusual!

Top Priority – Christmas Decorating

All the Christmas boxes are in my sewing room. So I definitely won’t be getting any real work done until I take care of that! I was going to try and power through today, but after tackling the trees, I started thinking it’ll just be a whole lot easier to do it when I’m home alone. Hopefully I can get it all done tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to have the house looking cozy and cheerful for the next month! My candle game especially is going to be on point this winter. 🙂

Second Priority – Sewing!

I didn’t do any WORK work last week. No time! So I need to get back to it this week. I have a Santa pattern I’d like to try out, but every time I do something beyond just dolls it usually throws me off and I spend so much extra time working on them. I’d like to make a few Santas, but I’m not sure I can spare the time. Those stupid pilgrims set me back over a week last month and I only sold one. Maybe I should stick to what I’m best at.

Third Priority – Blog Week

It’s the end of the month! Time for all my fun end of the month posts! I feel like it’s been a pretty light month for media consumption. I only read a couple of books, barely watched any tv, and haven’t tried any new podcasts. So maybe my posts won’t be so fun this month! 😀 But I want to write them.

Anyway, no meal plans figured out yet. I can’t wrap my mind around that at the moment. I can say we’re having some sort of chicken tomorrow night!

Okay, back to the couch for me. Have a good week!

Saturday Reflections and Sunday Intentions 11.19.2017


This weekend is turning out to be even busier than I expected it to be! I somehow thought I’d get most of today to laze around with a book and candles again. Here it is 5pm and I haven’t even gotten to most of the more enjoyable things I wanted to do BEFORE lazy time today (like write!). Which is a little frustrating. But what can you do? Life just takes over.

This past week has been fairly uneventful. I’ve just been working away, trying to get things done so I can afford to take a breather this upcoming week. As always, I didn’t get as much done as I had wanted. Sewing feels like it’s taking me ten times longer than it used to. It’s really hard to just sit down and work when I’m constantly thinking about everything else. I’m really trying to get out of this mindset, but it’s tough. I’ve lived in this zone ever since Shepard started school full time. I feel like I need to prove my worth, or something like that. If I’m not getting enough done, then I’m obviously failing as a stay at home/work at home mom. It’s not like anyone actually says that to me, but I feel the pressure nonetheless. ALL. THE. TIME.

Anyway. Tuesday was our last day of yoga class. Or so I thought!! Apparently it’s actually an eight week class. But I was pretty psyched about it ending, so I decided we’re done. Shepard was being super uncooperative at the kid class again. I’m not sure what changed from the earlier weeks, but it’s just not worth bringing him back. And I can’t go this week anyway, so I’m done. It was definitely a good experience! I don’t LOVE yoga, but I did like most of it! I just wish the class were in the mornings. Or – A class was in the morning. I think I’d just do so much better with any type of exercising if I could get it done earlier in the day, rather than waiting for it to be the last thing I do that day. I never, ever want to leave the house in the evenings, especially for a class.


Wednesday was our one big family meal together of the week. I’m really trying to make a conscious effort to enjoy cooking again. I used to love it! I used to really love to bake. So much so I was considering a career in it. And now? I dread being forced to stand in the kitchen while everyone is whining and starving every afternoon. But I want to enjoy it again. Even if I just focus on one or two big meals a week, I want to put the effort in and have fun doing it. So this week I made some steaks and hasselback potatoes, with chimichurri and rosemary focaccia bread.


On Thursday afternoon, Caden had another therapy appointment, so I dropped him off there with Greg and then Shepard and I had a mini date. We went to St. Vinnie’s to look for Christmas things to go with my dolls. And then we had dinner at Taco Bell. Which was funny because Greg and Caden picked that for their dinner date too. They were coming in as we were leaving. And then they went to Math/Science night and Shepard and I went home.


Friday was a big work day. I picked up the boys with Annie. The dog park is closed this week for repairs. I might drive over there tomorrow to see if there’s any update on when it will be finished. Annie REALLY needs that running around time every day. The long walks don’t really do much to settle her down. We’ve been walking twice a day, but she still has cycles of being crazy wound up.


Saturday morning I finished up ten more Christmas dolls. This is my favorite. I love stockings!


The boys and I were out and about for most of the day. We had our friend Bronson’s birthday party at Sky Zone. My kids are a year ahead and behind everyone that was at the party, so they just stuck together and at my side. Once they saw kids getting ICEEs, the just had to have one. So I made them share.

After that party we had a three hour time gap before our next party. It was too cold and rainy/sleety to do anything outside or just sit in the car playing tablet (which is what Caden really wanted to do). So we went to Toys ‘r Us to very slowly look at every toy in the store. Then we stopped at a fancy grocery store. I was hoping to actually get the things I needed, but it was too crowded and expensive, so we just looked around. And ended at Barnes and Noble, where they conveniently found Nooks and tablets to play on while I looked around.


At 5, we went to my goddaughter McKenna’s and her little sister Alaina’s joint birthday party. My kids were having SO much fun playing on the air hockey table and with all the kids at the party.


McKenna is five! She’s so sweet.


The gigantic mint cake! It was a fun party! We got home around 8:45pm and I was totally beat. Exhausting day!

Sunday Intentions

So, moving on to the week ahead! It’s Thanksgiving! Which for us means a massive family week. My sister-in-law and her husband are in town for the week and they won’t be able to come this year for Christmas, so the pressure is on to spend every possible minute together! My other sister-in-law and her boyfriend will be here too. We have a lot of things planned!

Monday is still a free day. I think I might treat myself to some fun shopping in Madison. I’ve really been wanting to go to Trader Joe’s to check out their seasonal treats. It’s about an hour drive, so I don’t get there too often. But my all time favorite gift store is across the street, so I think it’s worth the trek.

Tuesday is a work day. I don’t expect to actually get much done, but I’ll hopefully get to something! When Tuesday afternoon rolls around I’m going to be done for the week. If I plan on sewing in between activities it’s just going to stress me out. So I’m officially on a sewing free vacation at 3pm on Tuesday. That evening we’re going to try and do some family photos for Christmas cards.

Wednesday the boys have a half day and then we’re going to go to EAA with everyone. I’ve never been there.

Thursday is Thanksgiving! My in-law’s host every year, and the last few years my parents and brother have been coming too. Which is really nice, having everyone together. Plus the whole not needing to eat two full Thanksgiving meals within hours of each other thing! I’m usually in charge of all the desserts, though this year other people wanted to make things too. I’m making two things and possibly some sort of rolls.

Friday we have another family get together. And then Greg and I are going to his co-worker’s wedding in the evening. The wedding and dinner/reception are all taking place at Fleming’s Steak House. Which is kind of funny to me. The boys will stay at Grandma’s and sleepover.

Saturday is the big Columbus Wine Walk. I’ve never gone before, but a few of my friends asked me to join in. All the small businesses in town will be offering wine and appetizers at each of their locations. We had to buy tickets in advance. I’m looking forward to it! I don’t get enough friend time.

And Sunday, hopefully, we’ll decorate for Christmas! I’m excited to get the trees up. Normally I’m one of those devout after Thanksgiving ONLY kind of people when it comes to Christmasy things. But this year I’ve already been listening to music for a couple of weeks, so I’m ready!


I live in my head way too much. I let myself be ruled by my to do lists and sometimes have a hard time keeping my priorities straight. I like to accomplish things and sometimes just sitting around and chilling feels like a huge waste of potentially productive time to me. I’m constantly thinking about what else I need to be doing and it’s hard to let that go. But this week, it’s going to happen. I’m going to RELAX and ENJOY and LOVE and LAUGH. I’m fortunate to have family that lives nearby and wants us around. I’m blessed to have a supportive husband and two kids that are pretty great. I have a lot to be thankful for and it’s the week to really focus on that. Work can wait.

Second Priority: Annie

The downside of all this family time is that Annie is going to be spending a whole lot of time in her kennel home alone this week. 🙁 It’s been a pretty big source of anxiety to me this past week. I tried to talk to Greg about it and he basically said I asked for these problems by getting a dog. So. Annie is back to being MY dog and my dog alone and I have to deal with it. I’m planning on really long walks every morning. I’m hoping the dog park opens back up earlier rather than later, so we can go there too. And I’ll probably have to leave a few things early. I know, she’s just a dog. But she’s a super social dog that needs a ton of exercise and interaction and I don’t want to just ditch her for the entire week.

And that’s about it! There are certainly other things I’d like to do this week. Blog posts that never seem to find time to be written. But I’m not going to put the pressure on myself. If I get to it, I do. If I want to just spend a day enjoying the little things in life, I’ll do that instead.

Have a happy Thanksgiving week!

Sunday Intentions 11.12.2017

After a day of mostly reading, three catnaps, and an hour of outdoor work, I think I’m ready for another week. I was feeling very burned out yesterday, but tonight I am restored! I’m becoming a true believer that a day of rest is genuinely a necessity for inner peace and happiness. These occasional lazy Sundays I’ve been having recently are just the best.

It’s a pretty normal week ahead. Except I was considering meal plans and realized we’re all only going to be home to eat together two nights this week. It was one last week! It’s so bizarre as a family that doesn’t do sports or any type of club, we’re suddenly so busy in evenings that eating together is no longer the norm.

Monday is a work day. I’m looking forward to starting my next batch of dolls. And then Greg and I have an at home date night. I’m not sure what I’ll make yet, but it’s sure to be tasty!

Tuesday night is the last day of yoga classes. I fully plan on attending both of them this time!

Wednesday is another normal day. Possibly an errand day if I can wait that long.

Thursday night Caden has a therapy appointment and then there’s a Math/Science night at school. I don’t really know anything about it, except that it’s technically only for 2nd and 3rd graders, so maybe Shepard and I won’t even go? Not sure on that.

And a normal Friday! Not much to report this week.

Saturday will be busy. Two birthday parties, both in Madison. With a three hour time gap in between. Not worth going back home. I doubt the boys will be too keen on shopping in those hours! So…we’ll see. Maybe the weather will miraculously be amazing and we can hang out at some parks. And Sunday will hopefully be another lazy day because Thanksgiving week will be BUSY.

Top Priority: Dolls

November is practically halfway over! How did this happen?! I’ve been working hard, but I need to really step it up this week. Somehow. I think I’ll start with another batch of Christmas dolls and then mayyyybe attempt some Santas. I’ve never done Santas before. I’m also toying with the idea of some really primitive and simple teddy bears. It’s been a long time since I’ve made non-mohair bears.

Second Priority: Blogging

I’ve been coming up with quite a few topics I’d like to write on lately, but not a whole lot of time to devote to it. I’d like to do some fun posts, like Christmas gift guides or tell you about some of my favorite cookbooks. I still haven’t written a post about Halloween yet either. That one might not happen! I just want to keep writing because it makes me happy! I’m going to try to go back to my no sewing at night rule this week. But writing is completely allowed in the evenings!

Third Priority: Cookbook Reading

So in September I got a couple really amazing cookbooks. I started going through them when I went on my Door County trip. Then life got crazy back at home and I never finished. I was hoping to do this today, but I think I’m out of time. I want to finish looking at the cookbooks and pick meals to actually make. ASAP. Because the recipes look incredible. And I want to start doing a whole lot better at meal making again.

Meal Plans…sort of

Monday – Probably a type of stir fry/Asian influenced meal with a lot of broccoli and cauliflower from the farmer’s market

Tuesday – Soup maybe? It has to be a crockpot meal or nothing, since I’ll be at yoga all night

Wednesday – Hoping for a cookbook idea!

Thursday – Maybe fast food? Greg and Caden will probably need to go straight from therapy to Math Night, so that’s a bit of a predicament.

Friday – Pizza. Of course.

Have a great week!

Sunday Intentions 11.05.2017


This has felt like a ridiculously long day. Daylight’s savings is not my friend. All that hype about an extra hour of sleep? Yeah, that doesn’t happen when A – you ALWAYS wake up very early without the aid of an alarm and B – you have children. It just means you wake up even earlier, your kids are up earlier, and then they’re staying up what feels like an hour later the day the clock changes. By my way of thinking, I’m actually losing two hours of sleep/peace and quiet today.

Anyway! The day is almost over and we have a busy week ahead. Busy week of nights ahead. Which is sometimes exciting! But also feels a little bit daunting.

Tomorrow, there’s no school. I really have no idea why. I try to make the most of these random days off during the school year. But I’m honestly getting pretty sick of listening to my kids be at each other’s throats every minute of the day. I’m also sick of them begging to play video games every chance they get. And I’m sick of them taking advantage of me when I do let them play. This day has been so long and we’re all getting on each other’s nerves, and the thought of another full day together does not make me happy at the moment. But. It should be fine. We’re going to lunch with my mom. And checking out Toyland. I wanted to go a few weeks ago, but there’s something Caden really wants and it didn’t seem like he’d be able to handle going there without throwing a massive fit about me not buying the $115 thing he wants. Hopefully enough time has passed that he’ll keep his cool.

Tuesday night I’m back at my yoga classes. It was really awesome having last Tuesday (Halloween) off. There’s just two more weeks. I plan to follow through on the sessions, but I don’t think I’ll take the classes if they decide to run it again. I liked it. But I didn’t love it enough to give up an entire night of my week, every week, indefinitely. The only real plus side is that it gave me a chance to hang out with my friend Laura every week. It’s hard to find that regular friend time elsewhere. I wish there were a local daytime class. I’d be much more gung ho about that.

Wednesday night Greg is seeing a movie with a friend, the boys will be at Grandma’s, and I’ll get a whole two hours to myself. I realize I’m home alone quite often during the week – but it always feels so much more special when it happens at night! Maybe because it’s so incredibly rare. I should plan to have some sort of self care reading or movie night, instead of just planning to work.

Thursday night I’m going to dinner with two of my friends. I’m excited about that!

Friday night there’s this big sale at a local barn that only opens 2-3 times a year. I feel like I somehow missed any times they’ve been opened since their Christmas sale last year. I usually find some great accessories for my dolls at super low prices. And it’s just fun to hunt around in vintage and antique treasures.

And I think we actually have a full weekend free! So far. 🙂 We’ve finally reached the end of our huge list of fall birthdays!

Highest Priority for the Week – Work Stuff

As usual. Really trying to make work my highest priority this whole month. Though to be more specific this week, I want to finish my first batch of six Christmas dolls. I’m not sure how much time I’ll get to work tomorrow with the boys around, but hopefully by Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning, those will be done. And then I want to figure out how to make tree topper dolls. I had someone contact me about making her one over a month ago and I said I just couldn’t deal with it in the midst of Halloween sewing, but I’d get back to her. I want to keep my word and figure it out.

Second Priority – Learn One New Blog Thing

I think I need to watch some tutorials, do some research, and basically just find time to get down to business and learn more about wordpress. I revamped my blog a year ago and other than writing a lot more often, I haven’t made any additional progress to spice things up. I did make an Everyday Crumbs facebook page last week. And I made an instagram account (@everydaycrumbs) a couple of weeks ago. But this week I’d like to learn something new for the actual website.

Third Priority – Declutter

It amazes me how quickly piles of junk appear around the house. For example, when we got back from my brother’s birthday party this afternoon, I didn’t want to do anything except read. So I got everything arranged in my favorite spot by the fireplace and started reading. Then Greg and Caden wanted to do a puzzle, so I suggested they bring in a card table and set up in our previous lego area – instead of beginning the 500 piece puzzle on my work table, which I really need full use of on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Shepard was doing some coloring or book making on the floor. Annie brought in a stuffed animal which she shredded to pieces all over the room. Within two hours my usually very clean and peaceful living room was a total disaster area! Now it matches the rest of the house. Anyway, I want to start tackling those piles and trying to figure out a better system. Especially in the family room where everyone walks in the door and just dumps everything. That’s why I never want to be in that room. Mess, mess, mess.

And that’s the week! I think I have plenty to do! No meal plans because other than tomorrow every night is pretty up in the air. I won’t even be around three of the nights, so…easy meals.

Have a good one!

Sunday Intentions 10.29.2017


I am so happy to finally have a quieter week ahead! These past two months have just been go go go and full of a little too much excitement! 🙂 It’s been awesome, but I’m also getting anxious to just settle into the school year, get myself on a better daily schedule, and not have our weekends always be booked to capacity.

Tomorrow will be my errand day. I like getting as much done as possible on Mondays, so the rest of the week can be dedicated to work. I’m also treating tomorrow as a bit of a self care day. I haven’t had much downtime in the past week, so I’m rewarding myself with a browsing trip to Barnes and Noble after my grocery shopping. That’s one of my favorite things to do when I just need a break from life.

Tuesday is Halloween! Though it doesn’t feel like much of a big deal when all the festivities are already over. I am planning to have Halloween shaped spaghetti for dinner. And probably some sort of themed dessert, that is yet to be determined!

Wednesday is an at home date night. We usually have them every week, but this fall has been so crazy there haven’t been many weeks where it worked out. No specific plans, but I usually like to make something for dinner that’s extra tasty.

Thursday and Friday are low key, except for an early release from school on Friday. Saturday I’m early Christmas shopping with Cindy. And Sunday we’re celebrating my brother Tyler’s birthday.

Top Priority – Work!

Doll making is my highest priority for the whole month of November. The last few years I found myself too overwhelmed with family things to do much sewing in December, and I assume that will probably be the case this year too. Which is fine! I always want to actually enjoy the Christmas season. But to prepare for that, I need to work my butt off in November. Today I started a batch of fun/random themed dolls. And after that it’s on to Christmas! I always run out of time to do as many Christmas dolls as I’d like. I’m hoping this is the year I can change that!

Second Priority – Self Care

Perhaps this is a bit counterproductive to my highest priority. But I want to keep it in mind. The last few weeks I’ve been getting up around five and having a bit of a devotional time. Then I start on some sewing while I listen to faith based podcasts. I don’t go on my computer or check anything until after I bring the boys to school. This routine has been a really nice start to my morning. Just to have the peace and quiet to myself, and to have positive thoughts flowing through me. I definitely want to make sure that continues to happen. But I need to take care of myself the rest of the day too. I’ve just been so busy lately that my daily long walks with Annie have really fallen to the wayside. We’ve taken many more trips to the dog park. Which she loves! But the walking time was good for both of us. It definitely needs to be a higher priority. There isn’t a yoga class this week because of Halloween, but I’d like to try and spend some time trying it out at home in the meantime. And I just want to be more aware of what I need to be happiest and to do it. Even if it means a dirtier house, laundry piles that last another day, or very simple dinners. Nobody is happy when I’m full of anxiety and stress. Little pockets of reading time, coffee time, occasional power naps – that’s what will keep me sane.

Meal Plans (still keeping things very simple this week)

Monday – Rotisserie Costco Chicken

Tuesday – Halloween Spaghetti and Ravioli

Wednesday – Date night…Meal TBD

Thursday – Waffles and Bacon

Friday – Spicy BBQ Pizza

Have a great week! 

Sunday Intentions 10.22.2017

It’s a busy week ahead! I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Though it seems like every week is a busy week this fall. There’s always so much going on! I suppose I should be happy that almost everything on our schedules is FUN. It just feels a little overwhelming sometimes when three of the four members of our family just really like to be chilling out at home the majority of the time. Plus I’m trying to you know, work, which is always really hard to do when life is busy. But – we’re making memories and living life and enjoying ourselves. And that’s what matters, right?!

Monday I’m hoping to run all the errands I’ll need to do for the week. Groceries, Halloween candy, a few random returns around Madison. It’ll be a busy day, but great if I can get it all done at the start of the week.

Tuesday night I’m trying the double yoga class thing. I’m not super excited about it, but I feel committed to the six weeks of class. I just hope I’m not going into it as exhausted as I felt last week.

Wednesday is a late start and I need to make things for the school bake sale.

Thursday night is SpookFest for school. Bake sale, costume contest, Halloween crafts. The boys will probably enjoy it.

Friday night there’s a community bonfire that might be fun to check out.

Saturday we’ll have our annual Halloween “party” with the grandparents and trick or treating is that evening. I really hope the weather holds out! This past week has been so nice again and now it’s supposed to get cold and yucky. Which is pretty typical for late October in Wisconsin. But it’d be nice to have one more nice afternoon!

So lots to do, lots to prep, lots to think about. Many busy nights, so I need to make sure I’m being productive during the day with work and household stuff – yet still resting enough so I can survive the nighttime events! It just occurred to me that I haven’t been following through with my Self Care Wednesdays, the way I did last year. I feel like I can’t afford to take those breaks yet. I’m far behind. But…I should do it anyway. Maybe next week. 🙂

Top Priority – Work!

I’d like to finish up the three large sets of pilgrims I’m currently working on. Hopefully by Wednesday. I’m getting antsy to maybe do one more set of non-holiday dolls and then start jumping into Christmas. I really think I might have enough time to do as many Christmas dolls as I want to do this year – which would be a first. I just need to stay focused!

Second Priority – Blogging

It’s the end of the month, which means it’s time for my monthly slew of media posts! I have a few other things I’d like to write on too. I want to figure out how do an email subscribe button. You’d think it would be pretty easy, but I feel so ridiculously technology stupid these days. Coding is NOT my thing. Fortunately, it is Greg’s livelihood, so I might need to get his assistance.

Third Priority – Halloween Fun!

Despite the work stuff, I want to have fun this week! There are only so many years left where the boys can trick or treat and really enjoy the holiday. I want to make the most of them!

MEAL PLANS (I’m doing it this week!!!)

Monday – Leftover soup from my mom with some fresh Costco bread

Tuesday – Chicken nuggets/freezer food/leftovers (because I’ll be at two yoga classes the entire evening)

Wednesday – Some sort of delicious marinated ahead of time chicken stir fry

Thursday – Hot dogs/sausages

Friday – Jalapeno popper pizza

Saturday (Halloween Party) – Pizza bread snake, baked brie, hot dog mummies

Have a great week!!

Sunday Intentions

With the bulk of our fall craziness behind me, it’s time to really settle in, get focused, and get to work! It was really easy to push sewing aside when pressing events like birthday parties and vacations were always on the horizon. And we still have quite a few things happening in the next couple of weeks. But the major things I’m responsible for are finally subsiding. No more excuses. It is time to dig deep for motivation, sit down, and work!

I was thinking that it was a pretty easy going week on the calendar, but now I’m realizing that’s not exactly the case. We don’t have school tomorrow due to conferences. Our conferences aren’t until evening, so the boys and I do have a free day. I’d like to do something somewhat special outside of the house, but the weather has been absolutely crummy lately. I’m not sure what we’ll end up doing yet.

Tuesday night I’m going to yoga again, but I’m also seriously considering taking a second yoga class beforehand with Shepard. It’s for parents and any kids ages 2-6. Not sure why the age limit for an evening class, but Laura was interested in taking her kids and when I asked Shepard if he wanted to go with me he gave a very enthusiastic yes. I’m definitely curious to see what that class will be like, but I’m kind of dreading two straight hours of yoga. I’m not sure I can handle it.

Caden has therapy Thursday, so I have to take the boys out of school early for the fifth time in five weeks. I hate doing that. If my kids actually came out of school when the bell rang it would be easier to schedule things just a shave later. But I can never, ever depend on them getting out of the building on time. Not THEIR fault. But annoying.

Friday night there’s some sort of Harry Potter parade about 45 minutes from here. We originally talked about going, but I guess it’ll depend on the weather and how enthusiastic we feel about it by then! It sounds like the whole weekend festival is quite the big deal, so it might be insanely crowded and not that much fun.

Saturday we’re babysitting Hudson! Which will be lots of fun! It’s also Brittany’s birthday, so we’re celebrating with her on Sunday. I think. Oh, and I want to go to the farmer’s market on Saturday morning. I think there are only two outdoor markets left and I haven’t been there since early September. Need to go!

Highest Priority This Week : SEW

I really need to get my act together. I need to sit down and focus and sew, sew, sew. I was doing so amazingly well in August and early September. And then I let everything else get in the way. I want to get back to finishing a batch of dolls every few days, accompanied by sales every single day. I don’t get those sales if I’m not constantly putting out new dolls. I also want to start working harder at my social media presence. I kind of feel like I need to apologize for posting often, which is why I’m not great about it. But I need to remember that for Heartstring Annie, people are there because they want to be. And I always have such great response the more I share. So I want to be a little more open about the process and share more than just the perfect finished project.

Second Priority: Blogging

It feels a little counterintuitive to my main goal of SEWING to also want to start focusing more on blogging. But…blogging is kind of my favorite thing to do right now. Writing energizes me in a way that nothing else does. It was my first dream as a child and with every day lately I realize how much it still is my dream. And I don’t want to give up on it. But to hopefully someday make it a bit profitable, I need to do the research required to start building Everyday Crumbs. More than just writing. I need to figure out what steps I need to take for people to actually see and read and care about what I have to say. I made an instagram account for it a few weeks ago, though haven’t posted anything. I need to make a facebook page. Perhaps even a twitter account. I’d like to figure out how to put a subscribe button on the main website so people will get posts every time I write them. I have lots of ideas swirling around, but let’s start with that!!

As usual, I’m totally unprepared to make a meal plan yet. We’ll have weird eating schedules on Monday, Tuesday, and possibly Thursday and Friday, so it’s hard to really plan anything. I’ve really lost all motivation to cook lately and we’re just kind of making due with whatever I decide at the last minute. I need to work on that. I need to work on a lot of things.

And that’s the week ahead! Have a great day!

Saturday Reflections and Sunday Intentions (on Monday)

I’m so behind on my posts! I made the decision this last month to start writing more. I’ve set up a loose editorial calendar for myself on topics to write about, especially all my end of the month favorites and recommendations. I’m also trying to write a Saturday Reflections and Sunday Intentions post each weekend. The problem is that all of that coincided with my mother-in-law’s birthday and both of Caden’s birthday parties the last week of September. It was a crazy week! So I’m going to try and play catch up today and see how far I can get. I realize blog posts probably shouldn’t all be written and released on the same day! But this is an area of my life I truly love and I don’t want to fall so far behind on it.

Saturday Reflections

Last week was so busy! On Sunday I helped Greg start hanging the shelves I bought him for all their lego creations. We added shelves to the boys’ rooms, my sewing room, and the family room. It’s quite the labor intensive project, but I think totally worth it. We didn’t finish them up until Thursday night and from the looks of it, Greg is going to need more shelves if he ever gets another set that he wants to display!


On Monday I was running around all over the place, trying to get all the necessary grocery items for Caden’s birthday parties. I really didn’t want to have to make any unexpected trips later in the week. No time for mistakes!

Monday night I was madly sewing up these dolls for Cindy’s birthday, on Tuesday. I know, I know. I’m not normally so last minute about gifts. I knew I was going to make these and bought the fabric months ago. But the last few weeks were just so busy with Door County, feeling sick, Cranberry Fest, getting ready for Caden’s birthday and birthday treats for school. SO MUCH STUFF. I finished them up and wrapped them about three hours before we saw her on Tuesday. Close call. 😛


On Tuesday night we took Cindy to Mod Pizza for her birthday dinner. It was her first time there. Caden got his usual sub at Potbelly next door. Convenient location because now we can always go to Mod and he can’t complain!


We went back to our house for peanut butter bars and presents. It was a fun night and good to catch up with Cindy after her Scotland/Ireland trip.


Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were just full on party prep mode. There was a lot to do. I think I spaced it out pretty evenly, but it was still pretty exhausting spending so much time doing it all. I was feeling a bit resentful and burnt out and emotional by Thursday night. It seems so unfair that I can work SO HARD every day and not even make any money. I worked so hard and didn’t even do my JOB all week. It’s hopeless to think I’m ever going to get my act together with a proper work life balance. I seriously have no clue how working moms do it. If I worked outside of the house I think I’d literally die from daily brain explosions. 🙁


Friday was spent cleaning and setting up and finishing the baking for Caden’s friend party after school. It was quite the rowdy group of boys for the night! They all seemed to have a blast, though, and thoroughly enjoyed the Harry Potter theme.


On Saturday, we went to Waldvogel’s with Cindy, Melissa, and Andrew. I think this is the first time in like five years I was able to go with everybody for the first time of the season (they usually go when I’m at Saturday’s Cranberry Fest).


There were lots of new activities this year. It was pretty crowded, but there are so many things that you don’t really have to ever wait or realize just how many people are around you. I think the boys had fun! I’m looking forward to maybe doing some more low key fall activities in the next few weeks.


And Sunday was Caden’s family birthday party! More on that in a different post. 🙂

Sunday Intentions

One more week of crazy and then life will MAYBE settle down a bit! At least this week is pretty much all fun. It’s my birthday week and I have restaurant dates planned with different people on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I love that I won’t have to cook things for those meals!! It’ll be great fun and feel special since it’s kind of about me. 🙂

Today I’m hoping to just catch up on blog posts and basically relax after this past week. I also have like twenty tabs open on my browser of book and music articles I’ve been wanting to go through. I can finally let myself read them!

Tomorrow I’m contemplating getting back to work. Originally I wanted to take it easy this week, but I haven’t sewn anything for the shop in like three weeks. I’m anxious to start drumming up some new sales and that only happens if I put out new product. But I also feel like I’ve been living my life entirely for other people these past two weeks and I’m selfishly leaning toward just doing whatever I dang well please this week. I’ll get back to work hard core next week.

The boys also have dentist appointments on Tuesday afternoon and I’m going to my very first yoga class in the evening. I’m nervous! But I really hope I love it. I still dearly miss the cardio drum class I took last fall. It bums me out so much they don’t plan on coming back to Columbus. It would be so great if I could find another class that I like as much. Yoga feels promising, as long as I don’t get there and feel totally out of my league.

Wednesday and Thursday are pretty up in the air, with my planned dinner dates at night. Greg’s parents on Wednesday and a couple of my friends on Thursday. Of my four restaurant choices I’ve only decided on one that I actually am going to so far. It’s so much pressure to pick the perfect places! The problem is that I really like places that serve deliciously spicy chicken sandwiches. But I probably don’t want to eat chicken sandwiches four days in a row…

Friday I’m spending the day with my mom. Girl’s day! I probably want to hit up Ulta and Sephora and maybe World Market and Marshall’s. We’ll have lunch out somewhere on the west side. And get back in time to watch the Homecoming parade with the boys. And pizza for dinner.

And Saturday is my birthday! It’s weird having a weekend birthday and I wasn’t really sure what to do with it. I’m vaguely considering going to the farmer’s market, simply because I’m running out of days that it’ll still be there. But I also think going will make me too tired for the rest of the day, so I should probably stay home. We’ll hang out as a family in the morning, have lunch at home, and then go get pumpkins, my favorite birthday activity. And then the boys are going to Grandma’s for a sleepover and Greg and I will have a grand date in Madison. Details still to be determined! But we haven’t gone on a “real” date in a very, very long time. I’m excited about it. Even if I feel a little guilty ditching my kids for half of my birthday…

And that’s it! Still quite a bit going on. But it should be a really enjoyable week. I hope everyone stays healthy so we can fully enjoy it!