Sunday Intentions 04.08.2018

It’s a big week! The busiest week I’ve had in a very long time. I’m a little nervous about everything, but it should hopefully be a good week! It will also hopefully bring some good news!

Monday is (I think) the only day I’ll be home alone, and I am SO looking forward to a day of quiet. Weekends seem to last forever and both of my kids have become experts at screeching and whining every waking minute and I am so ready for some peace! I started some dolls tonight, so I’m hoping to have a big work day tomorrow. After my leprechaun sales on Friday I’m feeling a lot more motivated to keep up the pace.

I’m super excited about tomorrow night because I’m going out to a new restaurant I’ve been wanting to try with my friend Laura. I begged her to take me to Walmart afterward so I can actually do a little shopping “on my own.” I’ve only been to three stores since I broke my ankle and all of those trips had my family with me and it was a wee bit chaotic. I’m looking forward to friend time, but also a chance to impulsively pick out food I actually want to eat. Breakfasts and lunches have been pretty rough since I’ve been back on my own these last few weeks. Greg was really good at constantly giving me healthy food when he was taking care of me and now I basically live on grilled cheese and popcorn.

On Tuesday I have my next physical therapy appointment, but I’m pretty certain I’ll just be getting my incisions massaged again. And we have an at home date night while the boys go to Grandma’s for the evening. I’ll have to think of something tasty to make for dinner. (Much of my life now revolves around food.)

Wednesday is the big day! Six weeks post ORIF surgery. I have an x-ray and then an appointment with the surgeon. Hopefully my healing will look great and I can move on to partial weight bearing. I am cautiously optimistic that my physical limitations might improve after I see him. Though I’ve been thinking about it and my limitations might actually get worse because I’ll need to use my crutches all the time, instead of relying on the scooter. I’m not entirely sure what “partial weight bearing” means, but I assume I’ll need both arms on my crutches for all my practice walking. Which means no hands free for anything again… But it’s obviously a huge step in the right direction and will hopefully only be for a couple of weeks. If we find out that I haven’t healed properly or I have to wait any longer, I’m probably going to be devastated. I am SO anxious to move on with my real life again.

Thursday will be my first REAL physical therapy appointment where I can hopefully start putting weight on my leg! I’ll need to spend however long learning how to walk again, and eventually start doing strength training to build up my muscles. It’s crazy how much of your muscle disappears when you don’t use it for six weeks. My leg looks freaky. I have twice a week therapy scheduled through the end of May, for now.

Thursday night is a big open house and ten year celebration for the school the boys go to. I’m excited to actually head into public again. The public filled with people I actually know. I’ve felt so crazy disconnected from all things school related since I broke my ankle. Greg packs lunches and snacks, Greg checks homework, Greg fills out field trip slips, Greg occasionally walks them to or from school when he’s around. The only aspect of school I take care of is sitting on the couch and repeatedly reminding the boys to put everything in their backpacks every morning. In some ways it’s been kind of nice not to be so immersed in it all. But it also makes me feel like a major slacker parent. It’ll be good to get to school and see what they’ve been working on.

Everything quiets down after that. Friday I’ll probably be taking a nap! It’s a busy week. Leaving the house four days in a row – and twice on Thursday! – makes me a bit nervous. But it’ll be good. I need to start working up stamina for getting out again.

So, no real priorities for my week. I want to be rested enough to enjoy all of my outings and therapy. I’d like to sew when I have the chance. Having a batch of dolls to work on really gives me a focus I think I’m starting to desperately need again. When I don’t have anything pressing demanding my attention I start to feel restless and depressed and frustrated. I need to remember the things I CAN do and actually do them. It makes me a much happier person.

Have a great week! I’ll try to write an update on Wednesday, hopefully with good news!!

Sunday Intentions 03.25.2018


I got out of the house yesterday! I had a lot of options available to me, but we settled on the most low key outing – the dog park. Unfortunately, winter showed back up again and it was FREEZING and windy. But I didn’t really mind. It felt like quite the trek getting from the car to the bench halfway down the hill. But I made it! It felt really good to get out in the fresh air and watch Annie run around having fun. I miss going there, so much. I miss everything about freedom.

Dramatic, right? It feels kind of dumb to write these Sunday Intentions post when I feel like I have so little control over my life right now. But writing out my plans for the week is also supposed to be what motivates me to actually CARE. So here I am.

Today’s been another rough day, physically. My hips and wrists are paying for all that crutch hopping at the dog park yesterday. It’s very frustrating that simple distance could throw me back so much. I was awake for half the night because my hip pain was so bad. And this was just going to the dog park! I had the choice to go somewhere today too, but I just didn’t feel up to it. How long is it going to be before I get my life back??

Anyway – this week. Spring break. I think we’ve managed to cobble together enough activities for the boys that they shouldn’t get too bored. And we don’t all have so much time together that we want to rip each other’s heads off. Hopefully. They’re spending Monday with my mom, Tuesday evening with Greg’s parents, Thursday with Greg and Uncle Timmy and Hudson at the Milwaukee Zoo, a sleepover at friend’s for Caden on Thursday, sleepover at Grandma’s on Friday, Easter festivities on Saturday, and Easter on Sunday. Greg’s taking vacation days Wednesday-Friday, so maybe on Wednesday – the predicated warmest day of the week and the day with no plans – we can do something as a family. Park picnic or something. We’ll see.

The big excitement is that I have my first physical therapy appointment tomorrow morning. I’m excited to take any step in the next direction toward recovery. But I’m nervous it’ll be too painful. I really don’t know what to expect. I have five physical therapy sessions before I next see the surgeon, who I assume is the one who has to give me permission to start partial and full weight bearing. But maybe I’m wrong with that, I have no idea. I’m going with the presumption that they will check my range of motion and give me some exercises to start working on at home. I have my second appointment on Friday.


My only real priority for the week is to survive it. Spring break scares me. So much family time is often a trigger for all kinds of unhappy emotions, from all four of us. Weekends are always the hardest days of the week. Nine days together? It’s a lot. I want to try and have a better attitude about everything. Try to enjoy the days, even though they sometimes feel so monotonous and boring. I want to try and keep a positive outlook on life.

This week I’d also like to get out of the house at least once or twice for something besides my therapy appointments. Some sort of family activity on Wednesday. And maybe a date of some sort with Greg one of the nights the boys are gone. A restaurant, at least. Maybe a movie? Maybe a trip to Target or Costco where I can use my scooter to zip around and hopefully not feel too self conscious? I just need to get out. Even just sitting on the porch every day for a few minutes would probably do a world of good for my mental health. I just need to actually do it.

I think the only official task I’m giving myself is to finally write my big book post. A combination of February and March, since I never got around to February’s. I think that might be a good plan for Thursday, to take my mind off the rest of my family having fun without me. I have lots of books to report on! Those first few weeks were hard to concentrate, but I’ve definitely been making up for it with my reading time this week!

Well, I think that’s about it. Happy spring break! Happy almost Easter!

Monday Intentions 03.12.2018


I am slowly but surely regaining my mental faculties. Though it seems like I need to pay for every good day with a day of almost nonstop drowsiness. It’s kind of a bizarre frame of mind to be in. I don’t WANT to nap all day, but I can’t keep myself awake. And then the next day I’m super functional again. It’s weird. More ups and downs.

On a random note, I’ve been so obsessed with Mantra Bands for the last few months. I recently purchased my fourth one – in rose gold! (this is a big deal for me lol) – specifically to wear during this time of healing. Pictured above, it felt like the perfect reminder to myself that I don’t need to be able to walk in order to fly. I still have my wings! Being laid up right now totally sucks, but I am still capable of doing great things. Anyway, motivational reminders right on my wrist are pretty great.

So! This week! I meant to write a post yesterday, and just couldn’t get motivated. I felt pretty dull and mopey yesterday. But I guess things are looking up right now. I just had my second post op appointment to get my staples removed. It hurt SO much more than I thought it would! In this resting position, I’m in more pain than I’ve probably been in in a week. I hope it fades! According to the physician’s assistant I’m healing really well. Incisions look good, swelling is going down, bruising is pretty minimal. I’m still not weight bearing for at least another month, but I do get to start physical therapy in two weeks to keep my ankle from getting too stiff. The most exciting news is that I have to wait another day for my next shower, but I won’t have to use the leg bag anymore! I’m glad I had it these last two weeks, but it cuts my circulation off so bad and kind of ruins the joy of getting clean!

I don’t have any lofty ambitions for the week because rest and keeping my leg elevated are still the most important factors in getting better. But I do have a few goals for myself.

  1. Reach for a book instead of my phone.
    I’ve been wasting so much brain space looking at facebook and instagram over and over and over again. It’s really doing nothing positive for my mind because it only depresses me to see people out and about living their lives while I’m stuck at home.
  2. Finish three custom order dolls.
    Greg encouraged me to spend a little bit of time working yesterday, and I did. When I’m feeling great, I probably only have 1-2 hours left to complete three of the four dolls people paid me for before I got hurt (the fourth will require me to use the sewing machine, which I’m not sure I’m ready for yet). So if I get a burst of energy in the next few days I’d LOVE to get those finished and mailed.
  3. Write something every day.
    I’ve totally abandoned my bullet journal since I broke my ankle. So I’d like to make an effort to start writing in it every day again, even if only a couple of sentences. I’d love to catch up on blog posts too, but they’re easier to write on my real computer with my real mouse, so I’m not sure I’m up for the hours it will take to write those book posts. We’ll see.

There’s nothing terribly exciting on the calendar. Well, usually it’s holiday week with Pi Day on the 14th, Ides of March on the 15th, Guster Day on the 16th, and St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th. My neighbor brought over a pie this afternoon, so we’ll be set for Pi Day! I’m hoping by Saturday I might feel okay enough to make soda bread. Or talk Greg through making it. I don’t care about any other traditional Irish food, but I really want that soda bread!

I think Greg will go into work again on Wednesday, with my mom coming to babysit me again. 🙂 Maybe he’ll go Thursday too and I’ll try my hand at being alone. I think I can handle it. Getting food will still be tricky, but we have a pretty full fridge after the wonderful help of friends again, so I’m sure I can find something simple. We’ll get through this.

And that’s about it! Just trying to stay positive and drag myself out of the pits I inevitably fall into at least once a day. It’s hard feeling like such a burden. It’s hard giving up all my freedom. It’s hard knowing it takes me a ridiculous amount of time to do the simplest tasks I always took for granted in the past. But I’ll get there.

Sunday Intentions 02.25.2018


Well, I think my day of staying home from everything yesterday did me some good because I’m feeling much better today! I barely have a voice, but I’ve also barely been coughing. I guess it’s pretty fortunate my coughing spell only lasted three days. Greg has a cold now, but he’s not out of commission. And I think that MAYBE everyone will go off to work and school tomorrow like usual! Please??? I am SO ready for life to go back to normal!

I hesitate to show excitement over anything with my track record for the last month, but I think it’ll be a good week! Normal days – with me home alone! – and a smattering of fun things most evenings.

Greg just bought tickets for us to see Black Panther tomorrow night. I’ve definitely been hearing some great things about it. At the moment I feel pretty indifferent, but I’m always up for going on a date! I think we’re going to eat at Chipotle before the movie.

Wednesday is a late start and then we get a bonus (at home) date night this week. (Technically Monday is the bonus since my mom is babysitting and Wednesday is the Noe grandparents as usual. Though Shepard has been sick the last two Wednesdays, so we haven’t had any date nights in awhile.) I think Wednesday is supposed to be the warmest day of the week, so maybe we can go on a long walk or something beyond just watching tv together.

Thursday is Literacy Night at school for Shepard. I’ll probably take him by myself.

And Friday – one of my favorite days of the year! Vintage Shop Hop day. If you have any interest in vintage/antique/thrift/crafty type stores, this is the weekend for you! This is the fourth year my mom and I are doing it, the third year that my dad will chauffeur us around (which is much more fun than me stressfully trying to figure out where everything is!). I’m not sure what our plan of attack is yet. I don’t really have the stockpile of doll money I thought I’d be making this month, thanks to everyone’s illnesses. But it’s still fun to drive around and check out all the amazing stores in Wisconsin and Illinois. It’s also just really great to have a day off from all my regular responsibilities. Greg is an awesome husband, dad, and co-parent. But it’s still extra special to have a day where I literally don’t have to do anything except enjoy myself, no strings of guilt attached.

And Saturday is the postponed Winter Fun Day for school. If there’s snow, we’ll be sledding. If the snow is melted, we’ll be hiking. I took the boys last year and we had a good time. I consider any time we can do something not involving video games and my children are still smiling a big win!

Top Priority – SEW!!!

I seriously need to get back to work this week. I started back up on Thursday and put in a lot of hours on Friday and Saturday and a few this morning. I’m currently working on a few custom dolls and six little leprechauns! But I need to move on to Easter themed dolls ASAP. They’re always big sellers and I haven’t made a single one yet. With spring break the last week of March, I really need to get them all done in the next three weeks.

Second Priority – Blog Posts!

It’s also the end of the month and time for my long series of podcast, tv, movie, and book blog posts. Usually when I’m in the trenches with a pile of dolls it doesn’t feel worthwhile to stop and write a blog post. But it does my soul good, so I don’t want to put them off.

Third Priority – Walk More!

I really want to start exercising again. I did so great in January with yoga and totally fell off the wagon (with valid excuse!) this month. I was signed up to do a ten day Pilates challenge, but just couldn’t do it when I felt so crappy. So I want to go back to basics and start with making 10,000 steps a day one of my highest priorities again. If possible, I’d like to check out another new dog park at some point this week. Otherwise just start walking to and from school again, with extra morning walking. I need it.

Meal Plans

Monday – Chipotle!

Tuesday – Tacos

Wednesday – Red Pepper Pasta (costco)

Thursday – Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

Friday – Whatever Greg feeds the boys while I’m gone

Saturday – BBQ Pizza

Have a good week!

Sunday Intentions 02.11.2018


The biggest week of our family’s winter is here! Hopefully I’m ready for it. Well, I can tell you at the moment that I’m definitely not. But by the end of the day I plan to be!

In about an hour we’re heading over to my parents’ house to celebrate my mom’s birthday. It should be fun! And filled with delicious food, like always.

Tomorrow I’m meeting a friend for coffee in the morning. I’m really looking forward to catching up!

Tuesday is errand day. So I need to have a very thorough plan and list of things I’ll need for the rest of the week. Hopefully I can accomplish that later this afternoon, but by tomorrow for sure.

Wednesday is Valentine’s Day! Hooray! I love little holidays. Basically any reason to celebrate something and hand out little gifts is pretty much the best day ever. The boys have a late start, so I’m planning to make a fun and festive breakfast. Though I also made Annie a grooming appointment for that morning because it was the first available opening when I called over a week ago. It’s her first official grooming. I thought I could get away without it, but she just keeps getting too many mats in her hair and they’re too close to her skin for me to fully cut out. So I guess she’s officially a dog that needs to be professionally groomed.

Once the boys are off to school I’m planning to just pamper myself the rest of the day. Read, take a nap, watch tv, basically whatever sounds good at the time. No to do list, no errands, no guilt. Actually, I’ll probably be spending it writing a blog post of something I’ve been focusing on the last few weeks.

Valentine dinner will be simple – Costco heart shaped ravioli for Greg and I and heart shaped pasta for the boys. I’m thinking I might do lava cakes for dessert.

Thursday and Friday I’ll be cleaning the house and getting ready for Shepard’s birthday parties. Thursday night is Science Night at school, whatever that entails. I might skip it to work on whatever Shepard decides he wants for his school birthday treat.

Saturday is when all the festivities begin! There’s a Lego Showcase at the library in the morning, where kids can bring in their best creations and show them off. Shepard seems excited about it, though he hasn’t started creating anything yet. I’m kind of hoping they decide to do it so Greg can keep them out of the house while I do last minute party set up. Shepard has his friend birthday party Saturday afternoon. It’s turned into a bit of an ordeal because another kid in his class is having a birthday party at the same time and invited all the same kids. I know at least one kid is cutting out halfway through Shepard’s party so he can attend both. I hope they’re not all planning that… It’s only a two hour party. I thought about changing the time, but…I planned his party first. Weeks ago. So we’re sticking with it.

And Sunday is Shepard’s 7th birthday! We’re celebrating with family on that day for a lunch party with a very eclectic mix of foods. And the rest of the day – whatever Shepard wants to do. I’m guessing it’ll be a lot of video games!

Top Priority – Stay Organized, Stay Calm, Stay on Top of Everything

Basically it’s a week of prep work to get ready for big events. I just want to keep on task so I’m not losing my mind with stress at any point this week! I need to remember to make a nice Valentine breakfast on Tuesday night, make Shepard’s school treat on Thursday night, make cakes and food on Friday and Saturday nights. I don’t even know what I’m serving or what I’m decorating with for either party really, so that’s what I need to plan out today. At least Valentine’s Day is a little easier, but I need to figure out my dessert plan and make sure I have the ingredients for that too.

Second Priority – Be My Own Valentine

I signed up for this Be Your Own Valentine Self Love Experience that starts tomorrow morning. I really have no idea what it will entail, but I want to make time each of the five days to do whatever it asks of me. I saw that there will be daily journal prompts, so I definitely want to make time to do those. I’ve really been trying to focus on self love and self care this whole month, so I’m excited to see if I feel any different about myself after this week long experiment.

Third Priority – Mayyyyyyybe Get Back to Work

I really slacked off this past week. I mean, I was doing other things. And I was lazy (refer to yesterday’s post!). So even though there’s twice as much going on this week, IF I can find any spare time at all, I’d really like to at least start some St. Patrick’s Day dolls. No pressure to finish, I just want to start them. When I have a project already in the works it’s so much easier to work on it off and on whenever I have a few spare minutes. If I have to start brand new, it’s so much harder to just sit down and do it.

Meal Plan

Monday – Spinach Salad with Leftover Grilled Chicken

Tuesday – Something Easy from My Freezers (Both of our freezers are completely full to the brim. I thought I was being so smart buying a lot of easy meals, but now I literally have no room for anything else. So I need to clean out a bit.)

Wednesday – Valentine Pastas, Garlic Bread, Lava Cakes

Thursday – Crock Pot Meal? Fast Food before Science Night?

Friday – Pizza…probably. Though I might also save it for Shepard’s birthday dinner.

Have a great week, everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sunday Intentions 02.04.2018

Today officially marks the beginning of our winter busy season! There’s a lot of really fun things coming up that I’m definitely excited about! I’ve pretty much given up all hope of being super productive work-wise. There’s just too  many other things going on. But that’s okay. I’ll make up for it at the end of the month and through March.

Any minute now, Hudson is being delivered for his first cousin sleepover! The boys are so pumped up about it. I’m just excited because we haven’t seen him since Christmas! That feels like forever. It should be a lot of fun!

Tomorrow we’re delivering Hudson to his other grandparents and then going out to lunch. The boys are off of school because of conferences. Their conferences aren’t until evening, so we have the day free.

Tuesday I’m getting a haircut! I haven’t had one since August. It’s actually the best long lasting haircut I’ve ever had, but I could really use a refresh. Making haircut appointments is one of my most hated tasks ever, which is why I always put it off so long.

Thursday is my mom’s birthday and we’re celebrating by going on a double date! We’re going to eat dinner at one of her favorite restaurants and then see the show Gobsmacked. I don’t know much about it, except that it’s supposed to be acapella and beatboxing, so it should probably be awesome. 🙂

Friday night I’m going to a margarita night with a few of my friends! Last year I had a big Valentine party for all my friends, similar to my Favorite Things party. This year I just couldn’t figure out how to fit that in, so I’m kind of viewing this as a mini Galentine’s Day party, whether they realize that or not – ha!

Saturday is a little up in the air. I keep getting facebook notifications for some sort of Valentine holiday market, so maybe I’ll check that out. We’ll see. It’s a busy week!

And Sunday we’re having a birthday celebration for my mom. It’s at their house, so I don’t have to do much, but it should be fun! And the following week is all about Valentine’s Day and Shepard’s birthday.

Anyway, I don’t have any real intentions for the week other than to just enjoy it all! I’m not putting any pressure on myself to get a ton of work hours in. I’m just about done with six final Valentine dolls, so I’ll probably finish those up on Tuesday morning and just do what I can the rest of the week. I need to get Valentines figured out for the boys’ classes and a few little things I’ve put together for family. I also really need to sit down and figure out all the details for Shepard’s birthday parties. And shop for party favors, decorations, etc. I always feel so on top of things for Caden’s parties and Shepard’s always sneak up on me. I’m not even sure I’ve gotten enough presents for him yet. It’s been a tough year trying to figure out what he even likes anymore.

I honestly don’t have any meal plans decided yet. I used up all my food making energies last week! We’ll probably just have sandwiches or something after conferences on Monday. And Thursday and Friday we/I will be gone. So I really only need two meals…. I’ll figure it out. 🙂

Have a good week!

Sunday Intentions 01.28.2018

Well, this has turned out to be an extremely lazy day. I’ve basically done nothing. Literally nothing. Oh well, I need days like this every once in awhile! Though I wish I could find a little focus to at least do some fun things like read! I tried earlier and fell asleep. My head’s just all over the place right now.

In exciting news, I just booked a flight to visit my best friend Dianne in Washington DC in a few months! I haven’t been out to visit since her wedding two years ago, so I think I’m due. I’m super looking forward to a trip! I’ve had vacations on the mind quite a bit this past week. I guess it’s just that time of year when you get sick of winter and want to dream about other places and possibilities. I’m hoping we can plan both an anniversary trip and maybe even a family vacation soon.

I also made my first batch of cold brew coffee this weekend. I bought a simple and effective cold brew coffee system and it actually worked out really well, even though I didn’t measure out my coffee grounds or anything. I need to pick up some more regular coffee this week to try some other flavors. Anyway, this is exciting to me. Cold brew coffee from a store is pretty expensive!

So! It’s another pretty quiet week. The last for awhile. I think I’m going to treat myself to some fun shopping tomorrow morning. I want to hit up some of my favorite west side stores to see what kinds of Valentine things they have for sale. I’m doing a book swap and need a few cheap and cozy extra gifts to go with whatever book I choose. I also just like to look around for unique treats to give Greg and the boys for Valentine’s Day. I haven’t been over there in a few months, so it should be fun!

I might plan another dog park adventure with Annie too. Wednesday is supposed to be the warmest day, so perhaps then. And in between the fun things, I’ll be working! I’m thinking one more batch of Valentine dolls and then I need to move into a few St. Patrick’s Day dolls and then rush hard core into Easter. Easter is always a big seller, but since I LOVE St. Patrick’s Day I need to make at least a few!

Highest Intention – BALANCE

I’m determined to figure out how to properly balance my life this year. Mostly my internal life since that’s what causes me the most stress! I want to give myself lots of treats (like outdoor adventures and time for reading) so I can ask more of myself. I also think I’d kind of like to stop beginning my work day at 5am. It helps me get more done starting that early. But also…it’s not so fun. At least not every day.

Second Intention – End of Month Blog Posts

I dropped the ball on these last month with everything going on around and after Christmas. But this month I want to get back on track with my podcast, tv, and book posts. Hopefully I’ll have one of these written later today! I really look forward to writing about these things, even if nobody actually cares to read them. So it’s not something I want to get used to skipping over just because I feel too busy.

Meal Plans (I’m really trying this week, guys!)

Monday – Chopped Thai Salad (This looks ambitious…but also maybe really delicious? I need more ways to sneak vegetables into my life.)

Tuesday – Chicken Tortilla Soup (I made a Jalapeno Lime Chicken Soup last week and was soooo grossed out by the smell (hot boiled jalapenos and onions) that I refused to even taste it. But I didn’t want to waste it since I actually made the chicken stock myself. So I put it in the freezer and I’m hoping with the addition of the enchilada sauce and some cumin, I can make it edible, and hopefully even tasty. I usually love this particular soup recipe, so here’s hoping!)

Wednesday (date night) – Crispy Ancho Baked Chicken Wings (I’ve never felt successful at making chicken wings at home, but this recipe looks really promising!)

Thursday – Probably leftovers….

Friday – Pizza Pinwheels to change things up for pizza night. I’m getting pretty sick of my pizza.

Have a great week! Dreary January is almost over!

Sunday Intentions 01.21.2018


Sometimes it’s the simplest things that hold you up the longest. I’ve had my single box of Valentine decorations (that’s 3/4 full of pink ornaments I don’t actually use) sitting here staring me in the face for a week and a half. Every day I wrote “decorate” on my to do list and every day it stressed me out too much to actually do it. Well, this morning in my silent house, I finally spent a whopping 15 minutes getting it done.


I moved the pink tree down from Caden’s room (that was his Christmas tree of choice for his bedroom), put up a few ornaments, hung my coordinating bunting strand, took out my pink blankets, had Greg hang a picture, and there you go! Now my favorite room of the house is back to looking in top shape, ready for reading and relaxing. It feels good to actually get the thing done that you put off the longest.


Anyway, I’m trying to get back on emotional and mental track this week with taking care of myself first and not letting the neverending to do lists and expectations of other people (customers, in my case) ruin my happiness. I’ve spent a huge chunk of today reading. I’ve done some decluttering that was starting to drive me crazy. I took a nap with Rory. No other expectations for myself today. I did good.

It’s a pretty quiet week ahead. Which I’m grateful for because our February calendar is getting really packed. I hate seeing the month fill up with commitments before it’s even arrived! Fun things – lots of birthdays and celebrations. But still, a busy month. This is probably my last empty week for awhile.

Highest Priority – Cupids!

I’ve got quite a list going of additional Cupids I need to make. I started the other day, but like I’ve said in the past, the bigger the batch the more it stresses me out. But I want to get them done so I can move on to something new! I think if I can stay focused I should be done with them by the end of the week. Hopefully sooner.

Second Priority – Shepard’s Birthday Plans

Shepard’s birthday is less than a month away now, so I need to get organized and plan out his birthday parties. I have no idea what kind of theme he wants. I have no idea what kind of gifts he even wants. He’s the type of kid who is happy with pretty much anything, but only has intense interest in something for a short amount of time. What he’s loving this week is unlikely to interest him in a month. Right now he’s stuck on wanting a custom colored XBox One controller, like his Uncle Timmy. Except we don’t have an XBox One, so it would be useless. But he’s not budging on the idea yet.

Meal Plans

Monday – Rotisserie Chicken from Costco, some sort of vegetable, and these Mile High Biscuits

Tuesday – Steak Tacos? Maybe? I’m hoping to finally look through my new taco cookbook this afternoon and will hopefully be majorly inspired with a recipe

Wednesday – If it’s an at home date night, maybe a spicy Asian noodle or stir fry type dish

Wednesday – Soup? I really don’t have this planned out yet, guys (obviously)

Friday – Pizza

Have a good week!

Sunday Intentions 01.14.2018


We’re still cold. But managing. If we’re right next to a space heater it’s wavering between 50 and 55 degrees. And our upstairs, which is set to 63 all the time, now feels like a tropical paradise. I spent the entire morning immobilized on the futon with an enormous pile of blankets and books. Greg and the boys have spent the entire day (weekend) playing video games. Sometimes you just have to let them do what they want.

I’m hoping the new furnace part will be installed tomorrow, but we’re also expecting a big snowstorm, so I’m just assuming we won’t get it until Tuesday. Because obviously what makes having no heat even more fun? Being snowed in during it. 😛 Considering school was let out early last week due to rain, I’m just going to assume school will be cancelled tomorrow. And if it’s NOT then I will rejoice and maybe attempt to actually get some work done. If we’re all home again? I’m going back to my books.

Anyway, it’s a relatively low key week. On Wednesday Greg and I will celebrate our 18th anniversary of being together. We’re going to go to Chili’s for dinner because we ate at Chili’s all the time for “fancy” dates in high school. And because we have a gift card. And because we’re terrible at making decisions and don’t have enough time to do anything more elaborate on a weeknight. But it’ll be tasty.

On Saturday we’re going to Mt. Olympus in the Dells. Greg’s parents gifted a night there to the boys for Christmas and Greg and I maneuvered our way out of sleeping there. Greg is NOT a joy to be around in the morning at a hotel stay with kids. But we’ll still go with them on Saturday to swim and hang out. It should be fun! It’s been so cold these last few weeks that I think we’ll all be ready to do something unique and fun together.

I was thinking that it’s a really normal week besides that, but I just remembered we don’t have school on Friday. So basically, I should just give up hope right now of getting anything done this week!

I guess my main priority this week is to just go with the flow. I’ve been pretty cranky this weekend. I can’t stand unexpected changes to my best laid plans. It was super frustrating to get so excited about joining that Book Club Readathon and then wake up to a sick husband and a broken furnace. The whole weekend has been stressful and chaotic and it didn’t need to be. I have to be better at accepting things sometimes don’t go according to plan! So while I really do want to – and need to – get some work done this week, I also want to be better mom if my kids get snowed in tomorrow. And I want to be a better wife, fully celebrating our 18 years together. And I want to stop thinking about what I’m missing out on doing and just have fun with my family on Saturday. LIFE is more important than lists.

Meals Plans…tentatively

Monday – Sandwiches and/or maybe some sort of thrown together soup

Tuesday – I think I’m going to attempt to try out my instant pot for the first time and make Butter Chicken or Tikka Masala

Wednesday – Chilis!

Thursday – Okay, I don’t know. Everything I want to make is chicken. Chicken is really the only meat I like. Everyone else likes chicken, but it is pointed out to me if we had chicken more than two days in a row. So….we’ll see. Maybe I’ll be more inspired in a day or two.

Friday – Pizza, of course

Have a good week!!

Sunday Intentions 01.07.2018

Finally a regular, normal, boring week ahead! I’m really craving some daily routines and getting back in the swing of things. The holidays are a lot of fun, but I’m ready to slow down for awhile.

I’m pretty exhausted today. I slept horribly because there was this weird chattery whiny noise coming from the ceiling all night. Sometimes the boys talk about hearing a squirrel in the attic when they’re trying to go to sleep, so I just kept imagining a hundred squirrels running around and being responsible for the incessant noises that kept me awake most of the night. I told Greg about it in the morning and he said, “Do you mean the sound the fan makes sometimes?” So yeah – idiot here! The noise was varying enough and seemed to be coming from different areas above me, so I didn’t even consider the fan. SIGH.


Anyway, it did warm up a bit and Annie and I got to the dog park this morning in 16 degree weather. And after lunch we were finally able to go sledding! It was about 27 by then. We took Annie with us and I had her attached to a leash that goes around my waist. If we lost her at Astico Park I’m pretty sure we’d never see her again. I wish I could trust her off leash! I don’t even know when is the appropriate time to start trying her without one. In a few years?? She’s really great with staying near me and coming when I call at the dog park, but with total freedom I’m sure she’d just take off. As proven by all the times she got away last spring and summer. Anyway, I actually went down the sledding hills twice and Annie ran along beside me, both absolutely loving it and totally confused. At one point she was running right next to me and looking at me like she couldn’t figure out what in the world was happening. I was laughing SO hard.

After sledding I decided to go run some errands. I ran out of polyfil of all things while I was working yesterday, so I was at a standstill until I got some more. I figured it was better to just go today even though I really didn’t want to. So after not getting sleep, trekking around the dog park, doing yoga, making breakfast and lunch, getting pulled all over sledding hills by Annie with her crazy strength (amplified by the harness), and then running errands for a few hours, I am WIPED OUT. And a bit cranky. Is it bedtime yet?

Highest Priority – Back to Work!

I planned on getting back to work last week, but like I said in yesterday’s post, I just ran out of time for it. This week – no excuses! I’m getting in that panic mode where there are just so many things I want to make and I get super stressed out and resentful about how long the more mundane tasks of doll making take. I definitely love the finishing touches a lot more than the process. Stuffing dolls for hours on end is not fun.  So I’m just hoping I can really power through these custom orders I’ve been working on and then finally get back into a productive routine that results in many beautiful dolls! Valentine dolls are some of my best sellers and I’m already down to only a few more weeks before it’s too late to sell them. I know I won’t have time to make nearly as many as I’d like. But I’m trying to be okay with it.

Other Priority – Keep Up Goals!

At least at the beginning of the year I always want to have my New Year’s resolutions at the back of my mind. I need to continue with my daily yoga. It’s been getting harder and harder to make myself do it every day, but I always feel so much better afterward. It’s worth it. I want to be aware of whatever else I need to be doing to take care of myself too. Just stay home, work, read, rest, enjoy my family. I can do it.

Meal Plans

Monday – Chicken with Lemon Garlic Cream Sauce (I hate lemons and have never cooked anything using them before. But a huge bag of Meyer lemons for $2 at Walmart today caught my eye, so I’m going to try some lemon recipes for my lemon loving family members.)

Tuesday – Cuban Chicken Bowl (This is one of my favorite chicken recipes because it just has such AMAZING flavors. I haven’t made it in quite awhile.)

Wednesday – (At home?) Date Night – haven’t figured it out yet

Thursday – Probably leftovers. Thursdays are quickly becoming regular leftover night. But maybe breakfast for dinner if we don’t have enough leftovers.

Friday – I’m going out! With friends! But I’ll still make a pizza for Greg and Shepard. We had frozen pizza last week and they were not thrilled.

Have a great week!