Sunday Intentions 06.10.2018

Hello! It’s been another eternally long lasting Sunday. It’s cold and rainy, so the pool plans for the day didn’t happen. I’ve been alternating between working and reading and cleaning, and the day is still lasting forever. I finished up this gigantic book doll earlier that I originally planned to keep for myself. It matches my living room and book area perfectly. But then I hesitantly listed her, thinking if she didn’t sell in the first few days I’d still keep her. But, about a minute after listing, she was gone! Oh well. It’s good to feel validated. She’s all packed up and ready to fly to Hawaii tomorrow. This is actually the fourth doll this week going to a new customer in Hawaii! I forgot to mention this yesterday, but this week I also celebrated selling my 1000th doll through Etsy. I’m guessing I’ve made at least 200 more than that for gifts, craft fairs, and non-etsy sales. It’s crazy to think how many of my creations are floating around in other people’s homes!

Anyway! We’re back to business tomorrow. It’s our heaviest scheduled week of the summer. The boys start summer school from 8:30-1:00 every day for the next four weeks. This is the first year they’re doing a four week session instead of the usual three. I’m not so sure how I feel about it. Three weeks in a row, five days a week, kind of felt like long enough. Then again, after how bored and whiny they’ve been today with their friends unavailable to play, I guess it’s better to keep them out of the house and busy as long as possible!

They are also doing a theater camp type thing, working on a production of Alice in Wonderland. I really don’t know anything about it, though a friend vouched for how much fun her daughter had doing it last year. I feel like Caden would be really good at acting. He certainly has a lot of big emotions and knows how to bring on the drama! And I signed Shepard up for the experience. He’s quite the ham around people he knows, but he really clams up in front of an audience. I’m curious to see how this goes for him with a lot of strangers, but also Caden and Leverett and some of his friends from school also participating. Anyway, it’s only a week long, but pretty intense! They have auditions, are assigned parts, and start right in on rehearsals tomorrow. They have three hour rehearsals every night and on Saturday they put on two performances. I can’t wait to see what parts they get and how it goes! Though I’m sure I’ll also be dealing with a massive amount of whining and complaining about both things.

Other than a physical therapy appointment, those are the only things on the calendar this week. And considering they take up the majority of the day, every day, I’m okay with that! My biggest challenge is going to be figuring out when to feed them! I’m expecting they’ll be hungry after summer school, not eating much of the food at school. They get a snack break at rehearsals, but I probably shouldn’t pack a full meal, even though it’s over our usual dinnertime. It might be the week for convenience foods. I’m not really planning any big meals since everyone’s schedules will be so off. It’ll work out, somehow.

I’m a little apprehensive about getting back into a routine where I actually need to be showered, dressed, and ready to go every single morning. After over three months of not being on that schedule, it might be tough! I’m always up really early, but timing when I can use the bathroom and getting myself ready in between getting the boys ready is always a bit tricky. I’m hoping I can walk well enough to at least walk them TO school every day. With Annie. Getting us both a bit of exercise before the afternoon heat creeps in. And then I’ll either walk or drive to get them afterward, depending on how I feel. With the exception of all my running around yesterday, I actually think I’ve been doing really well! I have almost no pain, unless I’m up for hours on end. Most days I’m barely even limping! Tomorrow marks 15 weeks from my fall, and it’s amazing how much has changed since then. Granted it was a really long 15 weeks. But I think I’m actually healing faster than most, so I shouldn’t complain.

So my main intention for the week is basically just survival. Getting back into the swing of actually taking responsibility for my children’s transportation to and from multiple activities a day, plus figuring out how to feed them well enough in between everything! While they’re busy at their activities, I’m hoping to work like crazy! I want to be able to slow down a bit in July and August, but I should take advantage of my alone time to get a lot of dolls made while I can. I’ve been on quite a roll this last month and I don’t want to break it! I’m ready to start a fresh batch tomorrow and I’m thinking of doing another pattern that I create myself. It will hopefully be a very productive week.

Saturday Reflections 06.09.2018

I survived the first week of summer! I not only survived it, I actually enjoyed it! Believe it or not, I’m actually a little sad about summer school starting up Monday and going back to a rigid daily schedule. It’s only been a week, but I’m already all about the lazy days and never needing to be anywhere at any certain time. It’s nice. I think if this week is any indicator of how July and August will play out, summer might genuinely be enjoyable! The only real problems I’ve encountered so far is that 1 – my kids want to be outside with their friends EVERY WAKING MINUTE. Which has been a bit of an issue when I want or need them to do something else, or if their friends aren’t available and they suddenly think their lives are over. And 2 – they want to eat allllllll the time. Like ten meals a day. I can’t believe how much food we’ve gone through this week. But other than that – good week.

Sunday was fun because we went to Milwaukee to visit Hudson! And Timmy and Brittany. But mostly Hudson. 🙂 We almost never go to Milwaukee, so it was exciting to do something different. Plus it’d been two months since I had last seen Hudson and it needed to happen. He’s gotten so much bigger! He can crawl! He has lots of teeth!

It was a cooler day – but perfect for going to the big park near their house for awhile and later going down to the beach. Uncle Timmy and Caden and Shepard spent at least an hour skipping stones into the water.

I wanted to get a cute cousin picture by the water. Hudson was not having it!

We had an ice cream treat at Northpoint near the beach.

And we headed home by late afternoon. It was a really fun day! I hope we can have at least another one or two Milwaukee trips before the summer is over.

On Monday I was determined to get as much done as possible. I’m not sure how well I’ll follow through on it, but I was thinking it would be nice to front load our weeks with errands and chores and then by the end of the week we can justify being lazy. Again, this won’t really happen until after summer school is over in a month. But it feels like a good plan to me.

I was up early, like always, so I started Monday by cleaning out the fridge! Check another job off my summer goals! Then we headed out on a THREE store errand run. I haven’t even done that on my own yet after BA, let alone with kids! But shockingly, they were great! They’ve NEVER been great in stores. EVER. I let them pick out a snack or two at each place and they were just happily walking along and playing some sort of pretend game with each other. It worked out so well. I was dead tired by the end, but they helped me bring all the groceries in and it was great!

On Monday night I met my friends at the new brewery that just opened in town. It was such a beautiful place! Their menu is currently limited to soft pretzels and pizzas. I thought my pretzel and beer cheese were delicious. And it was just really great to catch up with friends. We don’t get to see each other often enough!

Greg took Tuesday off work to take the boys to see Avengers, but Shepard decided he wasn’t interested. So Greg and Caden left to the movie and Shepard was stuck with me going to PT. I’m continuing to do pretty well – just working on balance stuff, mostly. Though this week she asked me to stand on my tip toes, right foot only. I couldn’t do it to save my life. SO WEAK. But my therapist agreed that I can be done at the end of the month after my last scheduled session. So just three more weeks! After therapy, Shepard had to go with me to Kohls to return items and we stopped at my mom’s to drop some stuff off. Greg brought me back a late lunch from Chipotle. It was a yummy week.

I spent a lot of time working this week. Probably too much time. Starting at 5am and ending at 9pm really isn’t the kind of schedule I’d like to keep over summer. But it was a good boost of sales and attention. I love how these rainbow dolls turned out. They all sold immediately.

Wednesday was kind of a bummer day. We had big plans to go to this dog park in Stoughton and I never really paid attention to the weather. By the time we got to Sun Prairie it was full blown storming with no light in sight. I was pretty mad we spent the whole morning preparing for it and then drove 45 minutes with Annie only to turn around and come back home. Such a waste! I tried to take a nap in the afternoon, but that was a bust too. Napping does not go over so well with kids constantly waking me up.

I’ve been trying to perk myself up with a second cup of coffee every day, but it doesn’t do a whole lot.

Of course the weather got a lot better in the afternoon, but by then the boys were off with their friends. I took Annie to the Columbus dog park in the evening to make up for it. I’m finding it a little ironic how when the weather was still crummy, everyone was making much more effort to get her exercised. Not that the weather is nice she’s kind of been neglected! Now that I know I’m capable of taking her to the dog park I need to step up and start going more often. And make Greg take her with on all their Pokemon walks they’ve been going on lately.

Thursday was going to be my biggest work day, but allergies were just killing me. Plus the pace I’ve been going the last few days caught up to me. Even Shepard was exhausted. I was thinking he might have seasonal allergies too, though I just remember we had him tested after we got Annie last year and he’s not allergic to anything. So…he was just tired. He was laying and staring all morning and eventually went back up to bed on his own! This is normally a surefire sign he’s going to throw up, but he actually woke up fine. Whew!

Thursday was also my father-in-law Steve’s birthday, so he picked us up in the afternoon and we had dinner at Nitty Gritty. My meal was fantastic!

We went to a park afterward for dessert and presents. Happy birthday, Steve!

Friday was our park re-do day. My mom was able to come with us and we piled into the car. Annie gets so excited and insists on looking out the windows, even though that means very awkwardly sitting on kid laps!

Or in this case, the armrest of Shepard’s carseat!

Annoyingly, it once again started raining on our drive to Stoughton! Such bad luck!! But the skies were brighter so we powered through. I’m really glad we did because Viking Dog Park was amazing! An enormous field and wooded park right next to the river, with two beach access areas for the dogs. It drizzled off and on, but it was such a beautiful place none of us minded. It continues to amaze me how many awesome dog parks are in the Madison area! I’m hoping to tick off five new ones this summer, so here was number one!

Annie and the boys loved the water! It was so fun to watch how much more comfortable Annie got every time she went in. She kept swimming downstream after birds until we couldn’t see her anymore. We’d call to her and she’d paddle her way back. It was really cute. I want to check out more parks, but I’m definitely going to make a point of going back to this one! We had a picnic in the actual park next to the dog area afterward.

And because Greg was working at home, I FINALLY got a nap when we got home. 🙂

I finished the week by taking the morning for myself. I headed out to the farmer’s market bright and early. It’s amazing that only a month ago I had to take the whole family with me so Greg could drop me off closer, I had a crutch, I could barely make it around the square, and I couldn’t carry anything. Today I did it all on my own! My foot was really sore for some reason, but my ankle felt good. I actually did so much grass walking yesterday too, which is what I’ve been struggling with the most. I love feeling myself get stronger every day! I’m getting a bit less paranoid too. I think I’ll be good to go with walking the boys to summer school every day!

Anyway – farmer’s market! I tried not to go too crazy on treats this time. A morning bun for my breakfast, some ciabatta rolls for tomorrow, beef sticks for Caden, radishes and asparagus. I rewarded my market walking accomplishment by going to Trader Joe’s next. Then HyVee, TJMaxx, and finished it all off with Target and a Starbucks Triple Mocha Frappuccino. It was SO GOOD. My leg was beat after all that, but it was worth it. I love feeling like I’m really getting my life back!

And that was the week! It went much better than expected. Everyone got along pretty well. It definitely helps the boys spend a lot of time with their friends outside, so they’re not constantly in my hair and fighting with each other. It’s good that I have so much work always waiting for me because I’m happier when I’m busy. But it’s nice to just take a day totally off to read and rest too. Especially during this HORRIFIC allergy season. I try my best to just ignore the fact I want to rip my eyes, my nose, my ears, and my head off. But…it’s kind of infuriating, to say the least. Alas, I will make it through because I always do. 🙂

Hope you had a good week as well! More tomorrow!

Saturday Reflections (technically written on Sunday) 06.02.2018

I was trying to muster up the energy to write this post all day yesterday and I just couldn’t do it. It was a really crappy day and writing about our awesome anniversary vacation earlier in the week was the last thing in the world I felt like doing. Reality sucks sometimes, guys. Money sucks. Gigantic hospital bills every month suck. And feeling like my hopes and dreams for the summer have already been taken away from me after the very first day sucks the worst. It was a really awful day. But for the sake of my kids, who had nothing to do with the bad day, I will try to move on.

Anyway. Monday was our 12th anniversary. We got up early and dropped the boys and Annie off at their destinations and headed out to Cedarburg. Our first stop was the last covered bridge in Wisconsin. I have a hard time believing this is really the only one! But I guess I can’t think of any other examples I’ve seen in my life other than things in books, so it must be true. 🙂

It was a really nice and quiet park area around the bridge. We stood on a different bridge and watched the water for awhile. Then we drove into Cedarburg to check out the shops. Unfortunately, either because it was a Monday or Memorial Day, a lot of the stores and restaurants I had researched were closed. We went into a few really great places, but it was obvious very quickly that my ankle was not in a mood to cooperate with my plans. I could barely walk. We ended our little morning shopping session with a wine tasting at Cedar Creek Winery. As always, I only liked the sweet ones. We bought two bottles.

I needed a break, so we went to the Highland House for lunch. It was delicious! Afterward, we decided on a whim to drive to the theater nearby and see Life of the Party. I was complaining a few days earlier that we never see the movies I want to see in the theater. There are so many superhero and Star Wars movies every year, our limited theater visits are always directed to those. But the timing was right, so we finally got to see one I wanted. And it was great! I was cry laughing the entire movie. SO funny!!

I felt a lot better after the movie, so we went back into Cedarburg to check out a couple of more shops. I got an iced coffee to try and perk up. Then we drove to a county park that was up on like a cliff above Lake Michigan. There was apparently some way down to the water because people were on the beach, but there was no way we were going to attempt that!

I actually hiked a bit along a trail! It’s really so hit or miss on when or where my ankle is going to cooperate and when it’s going to take me down. I’m glad I at least had a good evening with it! With the shade and lake breeze it was a lot cooler in the park and the bugs weren’t bad, so we sat there for a long time talking. It was really nice.

We finally checked into our hotel and spent some time there relaxing. The “romance package” was included in the Groupon deal, so we were given champagne and six chocolate covered strawberries.

We couldn’t decide if we should order in Chinese or go back out later in the evening when we were finally getting hungry again. Going out won and I’m really glad! We went to Cafe Hollander and it was delicious! I had a fancy grilled cheese which was good, but the sweet potato fries with Thai curry aioli was amazing. Definitely want to go back there sometime! There’s a location in Madison, so I think I can make it happen!

We just relaxed on Tuesday morning for awhile. The hotel had a giant whirlpool which was really nice. Our breakfast was a loaf of blueberry lemon soda bread we picked up at the grocery store the night before. When we left the hotel we stopped back in Cedarburg to see more of the shops that were closed on Monday. One being a bakery my mom highly recommended. I forgot to take a picture until it was almost gone, but I bought these huge rosemary garlic ciabatta rolls which were AMAZING. I also bought a baguette that we had for dinner that night. Yes, I ate three meals of solid bread on Tuesday. That’s literally all we ate.

And because we’re completely lame, we managed to go back to Beaver Dam to pick up Annie and the boys’ stuff and we were home by noon. We had a day and a half vacation and we didn’t even go out to eat or use our time to the max. We always tend to cut our vacations short, but I guess it felt like more of a disappointment knowing that was the only one we got this year and it was already so short. But why go out to lunch when you already had a bunch of bread and know you won’t enjoy the meal anyway? I settled for Kwik Trip iced coffee. And I admit that it was nice to have a few hours at home to totally chill out before the boys got out of school for the day.

Tuesday afternoon we had to head to another therapy session with Caden. While I was really impressed with the therapist the first two sessions, I was pretty angry after this one. He didn’t seem to hear/listen/understand anything we were saying. We told him how worried we are about summer when I’m back to being the full time parent and how I don’t know how to control his mood swings. By the time he was done talking with Caden and wanted to schedule for the next visit, he told us that since school is almost over and the biggest triggers are out of the way, we don’t need to come back for a month. School is NOT his trigger! I don’t know. I was extremely frustrated with how the whole session went and if he doesn’t even understand the importance of coming regularly during the hardest months of the year, then maybe I don’t even want to see him. I wish all this therapy stuff wasn’t so hard. I guess we’ll just see how the next few weeks go.

On Wednesday, I was bound and determined to get to some of my favorite stores while I still could! Unfortunately, it ended up pouring rain all day! If I had known it was going to relentlessly rain that hard all day long, I definitely wouldn’t have gone. My ankle got quite the workout with all the stop and go traffic. Switching between pedals is still really hard and painful. I also walked 9000 steps that day! But I did get to a few of the stores I wanted, so it wasn’t a waste. Just a bit challenging! And wet!

I had an early PT on Thursday morning and decided to spend the rest of the day just relaxing and reveling in the silence. (Above is a picture, on the right, of the new jade plant we bought in Cedarburg.) I did a little work, a little cleaning, a lot of reading, and some napping.

I prepared a huge taco fest complete with margaritas and ice cream cones for dessert as a last school night celebration.

And Friday was the last day of school! I worked all day to try and keep my mind off of my dread! 🙂 Then Greg drove me to school at the end of the day so I could walk home with them for the first time in over three months. Unfortunately, I was too slow and uncool and Caden walked way ahead of me with his friend. Shepard sort of stayed near us. We spent a little time at home and then headed to the library reading program kick off down the street. I also walked there and back! And later after that, Greg and Shepard went to the pool on its opening night. Caden was much more interested in staying home to play with his friends. It’s both a blessing and a curse to have great friends right in the neighborhood. It’s awesome because it’ll keep them out of my hair every minute. It’s terrible when I have to try and drag them away from their friends to actually go somewhere or do something. It’s also like the end of the world if their friends aren’t available to play. We’re only 1.5 days into summer and I can already see this is going to be a massive challenge the next three months.

And that brings us up to Saturday! I guess in good news – I cleaned my car! Technically Greg did most of it, but I helped. I can already cross the first thing off my summer goals list. I also looked into a vacation possibility, but considering how the rest of yesterday went, I’m not sure it’s going to happen. We shall see.

And that was the week! A big week for sure. I’ll write another post tonight about the upcoming week. After I decide what to do with it! 🙂 It’s the only week free between school and summer school, so I’m having a hard time deciding what to focus on. But I’ll figure it out in the next eight hours or so and get back to you!

Summer Goals to Thrive (and not just survive)

Ready or not, summer is here! My kids have one hour left until the bell rings and life changes drastically for the next three months. I know it rolls around every single June, but I’m still terrified. And I don’t want to be. I want to be the kind of mom that’s excited and looking forward to spending 24/7 with her kids. I’d like to be the kind of mom that loves chaos and unstructured days and endless hours at the pool. Unfortunately, I AM the mom that literally wants to go hide in a closet and cry because I’M NOT READY. I’ll never be ready. I know I’m about to enter into three solid months of power struggles, arguments, food battles, and NONSTOP negotiations over screen time. No genuine alone time to recharge my soul, no freedom to have my days play out the way I want them to, no reliable afternoon nap that I so highly depend on for my sanity the other nine months of the year.

Summer has a lot of redeeming qualities. But in these last few days of school, it’s really hard for me to see them. I thought that making a list of easily obtainable goals might give me a little more hope that these next months can be FUN. Days to enjoy instead of days to dread. In some ways, my expectations for this summer are pretty low because my ankle is still healing and I don’t have the energy or stamina to do a lot of the things I’d normally like to do in summer. But that’s giving me the freedom to accept a slower summer, a quieter summer, a summer that’s a lot more driven by what my kids actually want and not by what I think they need to make it memorable. At the same time, those day trips and outings are what usually make the summer more enjoyable for ME. I like to get out of the house and enjoy time with my kids that I can never seem to find when we’re at home all day. At home, I’m like a drill master. By necessity. If we leave the house, we’re suddenly connecting because I’m focusing on them and not the eight zillion things on my to do list and the four million messes strewn in every room of the house. So somehow I need to find a balance between all of it this summer so all four of us can enjoy the passing days.

Easily achievable goals that will make me feel a whole lot better going into the summer and can hopefully be done in the next week!

  • Clean out my car.
  • Declutter all random piles in general living spaces.
  • Clean out the fridge and freezer.

General parenting goals to survive the day to day

  • Keep a large visual weekly calendar complete with any non-negotiable errands, day trips, or appointments. 
  • Enforce said calendar so they know that there’s no wiggle room to argue and complain if something was already planned for the day. 
  • STAY STRONG in parenting, not letting them take advantage of me in my weak moments (and not letting them knowingly make me weak with their incessant whining). Remember that I’m the MOM and if they’re mad at me, I will survive it. Having a child mad at me for enforcing perfectly reasonable parenting rules should not affect my mental energy the way it would if Greg or a friend or other adult family member felt that way about me!

Fun goals for family connection

  • Go on a two night family vacation. Make it happen.
  • Visit at least 5 new dog parks in the Madison area with Annie. 
  • After summer school is over, plan and go on at least one day trip or special outing a week. 
  • Take each child on an individual date night at least once per month. Try harder to have one on one time at home in between the date nights. 

Personal achievement goals

  • Prioritize self care. Know what you need to keep your sanity and DO IT. No excuses. 
  • Make at least 10 dolls per month. Work is not and should not be my highest priority over the summer months. But I know I need it to keep myself and my customers happy, so I need to at least do the bare minimum. 
  • Read. A lot. All the time. It’s worth it, it’s not being lazy. It’s important. And fun!
  • Write more than just my weekend blog posts. I love to write and this is a good time to do it more often! 

Health related goals

  • Be able to walk regularly by September. Hopefully with daily practice I can do that. I’ll start with trying to walk to and from summer school with the boys every day in June. Work up to dog parks and day trips. And hopefully be a lot stronger by fall. 
  • Keep healthy food stocked, prepped, and ready to eat. 
  • Keep meal planning simple, but in existence. Always have easy meals ready to make and on hand, so we don’t resort to eating junk food all day, every day. 
  • Stay cool, calm, and positive. I CAN DO THIS.

And that’s it! Summer is here! We can do this!

What I Watched and Listened to February, March, April, and May 2018

I have a lot of shows, movies, and podcasts to catch you guys up on! This monthly post definitely fell to the wayside with all the broken ankle excitement. But I always think it’s fun to share the things I’ve enjoyed the most and love hearing other people’s recommendations. I’ll even rank them in order of what I liked the most, so you don’t have to slog through the entire thing. 🙂 Here goes!

TV – Alone

1. The Resident

My top four picks are all extremely close in how much I absolutely loved them. But I think this one squeezed just a smidge up into first place. The characters were fantastic and every episode was intriguing. I loved the Conrad character SO much.

2. The Royals

This is one of my all time tops shows, ever. I ADORE it. Season four was fantastic. Probably my favorite! So much Jasper. 🙂

3. Rise

I’m really disappointed this show isn’t getting a second season, but it does work really well as a single season arc. I loved it. I got teary during a lot of it. It just felt like a very special show and I’m so glad I got to see it.

4. The Good Doctor

Apparently I really love a good medical drama. I especially enjoyed the first season of this one. Love the characters!

5. A.P. Bio

This show as hilarious! I laughed so hard in every single episode. There were definitely a lot of ridiculous plot holes. Like, he only teaches the one class all day long?? But it was so funny. The students were so nerdy and endearing and Jack was such a crazy teacher. Love it.

6. The Five

This was recommended by a podcaster I enjoy (Lazy Genius) and I’m so glad I listened to her and watched it. It’s a British crime drama that just takes place over ten episodes. It was absolutely captivating and I binged the whole thing in just a day or two. It’s definitely a bit dark, but really fantastic tv.

7. Life in Pieces

This one continues to give me the giggles!

8. Splitting Up Together

I have mixed feelings about this one. As just a show, I really liked it. But the theory behind the show – getting divorced, but continuing to live together and keep your family together and suddenly find all this respect for each other that couldn’t be found when their marriage was in tact. They clearly belong together. But…where is this show going? I liked it, though.

9. iZombie

For a long time this was one of my favorite shows. This last season really went downhill in entertainment value for me, though. I don’t like how Seattle has now become a city of zombies. It was much more fun when Liv was the main zombie and each episode was just about how each brain affected her crime solving skills.

10. The Great British Baking Show

Season four was just as good as the rest! I love watching the bakers and how much love and respect they all have for each other! I wish there were a hundred seasons of this to watch.

11. Shameless

Continues to be a gritty, but awesome show. I think the season must have ended around February because I don’t actually remember much about it. But it was good!

12. New Girl

I’m glad this show has come to an end. The three year time jump in the final season was a little much for me. It was still funny. Winston, Nick, Schmidt – they’re all so hilarious! But Jess and CeCe are just so blah to me. I’m glad it’s over.

13. Famous in Love

I almost didn’t watch this second season because I was so incredibly pissed off by what happened in the last seconds of the first season. But I was very surprised to see that Paige picked the right guy. Now if only they could be happy! A lot of the acting in this show is pretty awful, but it’s still fun for a show to half watch while I’m working.

14. Scandal

Scandal had so many ups and downs. This final season started out pretty rough, but I like how it came together at the end. If only a certain character hadn’t died, it would have been great.

15. Modern Family

Another show that has really run its course. I continue to watch it because I like having some light hearted sitcoms to watch while I work. But it’s very far from one of my favorites.

TV – Together

  1. Halt and Catch Fire

In the last few months we watched all four seasons of this show. I had a lot of very mixed feelings about it, but it was my favorite of everything Greg and I watched together, so I guess it was worth it! If you can get past the first few VERY confusing episodes (unless you’re a super computer geek), it gets pretty addicting. One thing I disliked, but also found very unique to the show, is that each season the characters seem completely reinvented. You’d be shocked to watch the first season and realize how much they change by the fourth. I think my main reason for watching this was just to see Lee Pace. He’s an awesome actor. But also very sexy. It was a good show!

2. Breaking Bad

We also watched this in its entirety the last few months. Greg has seen it before, but it was my first time. It did take me awhile to understand the hype and why so many people it’s the greatest show of all time. But I definitely did enjoy it. I just started hating Walt SO much! And I felt so horrible for Jesse! And I just wanted Hank to get his justice! I’m really happy with how it ended.

3. Santa Clarita Diet

Season two was just as ridiculous as season one, but still so funny! I guess you have to be into this sort of bizarre comedy to enjoy it, but I loved it. Brought some good laughs after watching such serious shows for like three straight months.

4. Superstore

I rave about this all the time, so – more of the same. It’s funny! It’s fun! But I kind of hated how the season ended. Can’t Jonah and Amy just be happy together? WHY does she have to be pregnant with Adam’s baby? We could have just happily ignored the fact she was pregnant in real life. This complication seems unnecessary and dumb.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Still funny! Captain Holt is one of my favorite tv characters of all time.

6. The Flash

We used to watch so many superhero shows and this is the only one we’ve stuck with. I’m really not that interested anymore, but I’m not ready to give it up.

7. Love

I definitely hate watched this show. Could Gus and Mickey be any more ill-suited? I hate Mickey soooooo much. And Gus keeps switching between being cute and nerdy to being horrible and mean. Birdie’s storyline was more interesting. And I guess I kind of like how it ended. But…I just hate the characters!!

8. Mozart in the Jungle

The final season was such a mess. I actually really liked how much more focused Rodrigo seemed. His love for Haley seemed genuine and intense. But Haley? She was just so unlikeable. The actual orchestras were almost nonexistent in this season, which just seems bizarre for a show about the orchestra. I think I would have liked it all a lot more without Gloria and the original Maestro. I couldn’t care less about their awful acting and boring storylines.

9. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I’m pretty over this one. It’s still good for the occasional laugh at weird songs, but the show as a whole is a drag for me.


  1. Life of the Party

I just saw this the other day and loved it! I wasn’t sure what to expect because the critical reviews haven’t been that great. But I honestly felt it was one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. SO hilarious! I highly recommend it.

2. Avengers – Infinity War

It’s hard for me to rank movies when they just have a single shot at impressing me. And I’ve seen a whole lot of movies the last four months. Mostly movies I only watched because Greg wanted to see them. But, I liked this one. So many great actors. Enough going on that I never got bored. Intriguing enough ending that I’m anxious for the next installment.

3. Game Night

Parts of this movie were so dumb. But parts were so funny! I’m glad I didn’t force seeing it in the theater like I had originally wanted. But I enjoyed it for a movie night at home.

4. Black Panther

I don’t have much to say about this, except I liked it! It felt very different from all the other Marvel movies, which was refreshing.

5. Solo

I’m not much of a Star Wars fan and didn’t have any expectations for this one. But I liked it! Maybe because it didn’t feel particularly Star Wars-ish. The characters were all very likeable and the storyline was interesting.

6. The Kissing Booth

This felt like an adorably quirky and fun YA novel. The kind of romantic comedy I grew up watching. The acting was pretty terrible. But I liked it!

7. Leap!

I’m not very into animated movies. Never have been. But I really enjoyed this one!

8. When We First Met

Another kind of dumb Netflix made movie. But still funny. Entertaining enough to watch while working on other stuff – how I watch most of my tv and movies.

9. Thor Ragnorok

I honestly can’t tell you a single thing about this movie. But I’m pretty sure I liked it! Thor is funny. That’s always something. 🙂

10. The Mountain Between Us

Survivalist stories are always inspiring to watch. This was pretty slow with not a lot of action, but I liked the relationship that grew between characters.

11. Jumanji

This is the movie that made me think maybe I actually do like The Rock. It was a pretty funny movie!

12. Coco

I was definitely unprepared for what this movie was about. The boys kept insisting it was too scary. We had to take a break halfway through because it was right after my surgery and I couldn’t stay away for more than half an hour at a time. I remember feeling like it was super emotionally manipulative. But it was good. Very good. If you’re in the right headspace to watch it.

13. Home Again

Kind of dumb. Kind of funny. Pretty meh about it.

14. Baywatch

I was surprised to find I actually enjoyed this movie. I thought the characters would all be portrayed as hot idiots, but they weren’t. It gave me some good laughs.

15. Forever My Girl

Very cliche. Very predictable. But it was okay!

16. Jane

Shepard was going through a Jane Goodall phase, so we also watched this right after my surgery. It was mildly interesting. I was most intrigued by how often she was caught on video in her earliest days with the chimpanzees.

17. A Bad Moms Christmas

Pretty dumb, guys.


I’ve actually really cut back on my podcast listening. I just got into a mood where I only wanted to listen to the few that I absolutely love. I did try out a few new things, but mostly stuck to my tried and true.

  1. The Popcast

I am ALL for The Popcast. Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week when I can listen to a new episode. Always so funny and so interesting!

2. The Popcast Patreon

I also love Fridays to get the News and Notes episodes. I also get early released episodes of The Bible Binge podcast that they also do. And now they’re starting up Bachelorette recap episodes, so I think I’m going to have to start watching The Bachelorette. I just love everything about the Popcast.

3. Front Porch with the Fitzes

I also love Tuesdays for my new Front Porch episodes. They’re always a bit hit or miss, but filled with some fun laughs. I love how they all interact with each other.

4. Spilled Milk

I’m not quite sure how often these release. It might be weekly, but sometimes it feels like longer in between new episodes. They’re my most light hearted episodes, but I always enjoy them. It feels like connecting with an old friend. Probably because I’ve listened to all like three hundred episodes they’ve produced.

5. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

I’m only a few months away from being caught up with this! It’s always interesting and positive and filled with good advice.

6. Lazy Genius

I go back and forth on this one, but lately Kendra has been doing a series on getting ready for summer that has been incredibly useful. She had a cleaning series too that I loved listening to.

7. Dear Sugars

This is the only one podcast I’ve started in the last few months. I don’t listen to it very regularly because it’s always deep and thought provoking, which isn’t often what I want in my entertainment while doing housework. I started listening to it after reading Cheryl Strayed’s Tiny Beautiful Things. In the podcast she and Steve Almond answer Dear Sugar letters on air. It’s good! Just not when I’m often in the mood for.

Well, I think that’s it! Hopefully my longest post I’ll ever write on entertainment. I’ll try to get back to monthly recaps from here on out!!

What I Read May 2018

It’s book time! I read a lot this month! Or at least it felt like I was reaching for books a lot more often. And that was on top of it being a crazy busy month and me getting back to work at more regular pace. But reading is one of my top priorities of every day and I will always make time for it! One of my latest habits is having a book I’m really interested in waiting for me in almost every room of my house. Most of the books I’m loving at the moment I haven’t yet finished because I only read a chapter every few days. But they’ll be coming!

Every Note Played by Lisa Genova
Rating: 4 stars

Richard is a world renowned pianist who is diagnosed with ALS and declines rapidly. Karina is his ex-wife, also a pianist, who hates him for the life he put her through. With no other affordable options, Karina ends up taking care of Richard as his health very quickly deteriorates. This book is basically an extremely in depth look at how it feels to have ALS. And honestly, it was terrifying. I knew very little of the disease before reading this, and now I hope I never, ever have to experience this in any way first hand. It sounds absolutely horrible. The book was very well written in the sense that I wanted to keep reading to know what would happen. But you never got a very personal sense of either character which bothered me. I picked this book up because I had heard it was a great love story. And it is about love – but not romantic love. You should know that before going in! Overall, a devastating book, but I think one really worth reading.

Grin & Beard It by Penny Reid
Rating: 3 stars

This is the second in the Winston Brothers series. While I greatly enjoyed the first book, I wasn’t as interested in this one. Jethro, the oldest Winston brother, has been living the straight and narrow life for five years to try and make up for his teenage rebellion and all the hurt he caused people. Sienna is a movie star shooting in Tennessee for a few months. They fall for each other before Jethro knows who Sienna is. Their story is fairly cliche, and a little bit boring. But I love the cast of characters and look forward to reading the rest of the series. I’m especially excited to read the third book – Cletus’ story. He’s been my favorite brother by far!

How to Walk Away by Katherine Center
Rating: 3.5 stars

I chose this as my BOTM subscription pick this month because I was intrigued by the premise – a woman who falls in love with her physical therapist after surviving a plane crash that her fiance was responsible for. I thought it would be fun to read a book about someone recovering from an injury, since I can relate, at least a bit. I have to admit that it took me awhile to really get into the story, but I quite enjoyed it by the end. I love that Margaret was paralyzed and covered in third degree burns, but she almost never let it get her down. She stayed positive and she ended up changing her life for the better. I found the book to be really inspirational. The romance part of the book could have been a lot more involved and interesting (I would definitely not classify this as a “romance novel” as it’s billed), but it was worth it just to watch Margaret’s post plane crash emotional journey.

Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed
Rating: 5* stars

This is the first nonfiction book I actually finished in a really long time. I loved it! It is simply a compilation of some of the best of Cheryl Strayed’s letters and answers from her column called Dear Sugar. Every single letter and reply was so interesting! Cheryl had so much wisdom and amazing answers to every question. Her writing style and ability to relate in some way a story from her past to every question posed continued to amaze me. I feel like this is a book that everyone should read. It’ll make you think and question many of your beliefs. It’s really pretty great! My only complaint is that this book has one of the ugliest covers I have ever seen! As someone who really falls for a beautiful cover, it was hard to spend money on this one. But it was a great read, so I will forgive whoever made that terrible cover choice!

Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi
Rating: 3.5 stars

My rating on this book is based mostly on the fact that I had ZERO recollection of the first three books in this series that I read four years ago. I kept expecting something to jog my memory. I even read multiple summaries online, yet went the entire book with nothing. And I gave the first three books all five stars! Anyway, I guess the book was enjoyable, but it felt like it was lacking a lot of context I desperately needed to understand the emotional depth of all the characters. Granted a series isn’t required to give backstory (and it’s often annoying when too much time is spent on it), but it’s been many years since the last installment, so I feel like more should have been given. It was also confusing because a few characters went by multiple names, which of course I didn’t remember either. It felt like kind of a filler novel and I expect the next (and maybe final?) book in the series to be a lot more exciting. This one had quite the cliffhanger which finally left me wanting to read more. If you haven’t read this series at all, I think you’ll greatly enjoy it (at least my past self loved them!). But maybe wait until the fifth book comes out and read them all in a row!

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata
Rating: 3.5 stars

This was another verrrry slow burn romance novel by Mariana Zapata. Obviously this is her writing style, but it drives me a little bit crazy how a quick conversation between two characters can go on FOREVER because there are so many extra thoughts that need to be written out between dialog. It just really bogs down the flow of the story. This book is 672 pages, people. Six HUNDRED and seventy-two. You could cut out half the book and still have a really good story. Anyway, pet peeves aside, especially since I keep reading her books, I enjoyed this one. Vanessa is the personal assistant of the famous football star Aiden Graves. After two years of working for him, she gains the courage to quit and begin her own graphic design business. But Aiden wants her back. They negotiate an agreement where they marry in order for him to stay in America. Their friendship grows over many, many, many pages. I was a bit bored at times. But I think it was worth it in the end. You just need to have a whole lot of patience!

Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan
Rating: 3.5 stars

I think this is one of the most rated books on amazon. I got it as my kindle first pick whenever it first came out, almost a year ago. I tried to read it multiple times and it just felt too serious for me at each sitting. I eventually decided I really better finish it up, trying to understand the hype and before the movie adaptation comes out. I think what people most like about the book is that it’s based upon the heroism of a real Italian teenager who risked his life to be a Nazi spy. The story was definitely intriguing. Pino’s story was inspirational and harrowing. But the book as a whole was very sad and felt relatively slow to me. It’s also very long. I’m glad I read it, but I did not finish it thinking it was one of the best books I’ve ever read. Kind of how I’ve felt about most of the books I read this month!

Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli
Rating: 5 stars

This is the first book I read in a single day in quite some time and I loved it! I wish I had realized a lot sooner that the book revolves around my favorite thing – the main characters falling for each other through anonymous emails while simultaneously interacting in real life and not knowing who the other is. The main difference being this is about two teenage boys who know they are gay and struggle with when or how to come out. Through their emails they form an amazing bond. There is a bit of conflict, but I really like how overall chill Simon is about everything. He was an extremely likeable character and I was giddy with joy to find out who his mysterious Blue was. It was a fun and sweet YA romance that I think most people would enjoy!

Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli
Rating: 2.5 stars

I was wildly disappointed in this second Creekwood installment. After just reading and loving Simon, I expected to get a lot of joy out of Leah’s story as well. But I just couldn’t do it. Leah was such an unlikeable character! I didn’t like her as a side character in Simon’s story and I really didn’t like her as the heroine of her own story. I felt like she had no redeeming qualities. She was full of angst and anger and always taking it out and being mean to other people. And yet everyone loves her? I didn’t get it. It took me five times longer to read this book. The story was fine, and I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority with my opinion. I found it a little too odd that Leah just happened to be bi and that she just happened to be madly/angrily in love with another member of their group who eventually maybe likes her back? What are the odds? I guess I should be happy it had a cute ending, but it just felt a little too neat and tidy. Especially for a character I really did not like.

And that’s it for May! Let me know what you’re reading and loving!

Sunday Intentions 05.27.2018

Ready or not, the big week is here! Last week of school. It’s also our 12 year anniversary tomorrow! Memorial weekend seemed like the greatest time to have a wedding so long ago when we were planning. Guys, the last twelve years have proven it is NOT ideal. But we try to always make the most of it by at least getting away for a single night or weekend, if we can’t go on a full trip. Despite everything that’s happened this year and how crazy doing this on the last week of school is, we’re going for it again. Just one night away. But it should be fun! WE are worth celebrating.

That’s really the big excitement the first half of the week. We’re staying in the Cedarburg area. It’s only about an hour away, but we’ve never been there. I hope most things are still open, despite it being a holiday! The boys are having a sleepover at one Grandma’s and Annie is having a sleepover at the other. Should be an exciting day for all!

On Wednesday, I’m hoping to finally get to my favorite little grouping of stores in Middleton. I just want one fun shopping day before the boys are home all summer! My ankle is telling me today that I really can’t handle doing much. But maybe just three smaller stores? Hopefully?!

And then Thursday and Friday are it. Last days of school, last days of peacefully enjoying having the house to myself! I’m trying not to freak out about it. I should probably use every spare minute to SEW, but I’m guessing I might be too distracted. I have all my end of the month book posts to write this week too. Lots to do!

My main goal in the next few days is to try and just chill out and enjoy everything as it comes. I was originally pretty disappointed we could only have a single night’s vacation this year. Ankle surgeries are ridiculously expensive. But…one night is better than none, right? And we have spent quite a bit of time together in the last few months! I’m still hoping we can maybe have another shorter trip later in the summer or early fall. But I’ll enjoy this one we do have! And hopefully Wednesday through Friday I can hold it together and not let my stress about summer show. Or better yet – figure out how to get rid of the stress and be excited. It’s not exactly that I’m unexcited… I’m just nervous. And frustrated with how slow I’m still healing. And feeling like I’m not going to be able to do enough or be the kind of mom I want to be when my kids are home with me all day. And I am just flat out dreading the constant arguing and negotiating and fighting and bickering. But we’ll make it. We always do.

Have a good week!

Saturday Reflections 05.26.2018

Well, I was expecting to have tons of great news and excitement to share this weekend. But I’m really kind of bummed out about how the week went. It was very emotional and exhausting. When things start winding down at the end of the school year emotions are always out of whack. Combined with all this ankle stuff, feeling like I didn’t get nearly enough time to myself or things done in the last few months, plus just stressing out about summer – I’m kind of a wreck right now. So I’ll try to keep this brief today. For real this time!

Monday was another personal achievement day – I went to both Target and Costco on my own. I celebrated by getting lunch at Chipotle. It was delicious!

Tuesday was a work day. We had our second therapy appointment with Caden in the evening. It seemed to go pretty well. At least a ton more promising than the last lady.

Wednesday was the big day – 12 weeks post op, and getting the all clear to ditch my boot. I wrote all about my journey and what I learned in the last twelve weeks in my last post. I was really excited that I don’t need the boot anymore. But in the moment I was really upset to hear I need to wear an ankle brace for the rest of the year. I also had to order it, so I couldn’t really do much until I had it. My original plan was to celebrate on Thursday by going to a bunch of stores I’ve sorely missed, but I had to cancel those plans. I did pay for one day shipping, so I really only had to go like 15 hours between boot and brace. But still. I wasn’t expecting the news about a brace at all, so I didn’t really experience all the joy I was anticipating.

I had a date planned with Caden for Wednesday night. On our first night of therapy he told all of us that the only thing he likes doing with me is going to restaurants. In the past, I’ve tried to keep monthly date nights with each kid, usually on the day of the month that their birthday would be, just so I always remember. I was never very consistent about doing it because it’s really hard to tear the boys away from Daddy. And it makes me feel pretty crummy to have to beg and bribe my own child to spend an hour with me – doing something that’s fun and tasty to begin with! Anyway, I asked Caden if he’d go with me. He said no. I asked him again after school. He said no. I told him how much it meant to me. He said no. I asked him again around dinnertime. He said no and ran back outside to his friends. Shepard was in the house getting a drink and finally noticed I wasn’t wearing my boot. He started jumping up and down and cheering for me. I asked if he wanted to go to Mullin’s with me for dinner. He said, “YES! Right now?! YES!!!” So we went. And when we drove down the street, past Caden, he saw us and started crying. And I felt like I crushed yet another tender thread that holds our relationship together. But I gave him SO MANY chances. And he said no.

Mullin’s was fine with Shepard. Except one of his friends showed up right after we got there and he spent most of the time in the grass playing with her. He’d run back by me to take a bite and sip and then run back to his friend. He had fun while I pretty much just sat there alone listening to the most obnoxious family sitting right behind me. It was a pretty disappointing day all around.

I had my first non-boot PT on Thursday morning. It was brutal!! We worked on all kinds of different walking and balancing exercises. It was fun doing new things and made me happy that she seemed very impressed with how well I was doing. But by the end I was SO sore. I just barely managed to limp my way back to the car. Then I wasn’t sure what to do, because I really wanted to go to Walmart. I had brought my boot with me for the extra stability and decided to just go for it. I have so few days left where I can shop without kids! I did it, but needless to say, I was extremely sore by the time I got home.

My new brace came that afternoon. And…. I hate it. It feels okay until I have to wrap the outer elastic band around the whole ankle. The elastic is so tight that I have to pull really hard to even get it around. My ankle must be too fat. Plus it’s swollen, all the time. I hate it so, so much. Receiving the brace also coincided with the weather hitting the 90’s, when having to wear just shoes and socks all the time is miserable! Add the brace and I feel like my entire body is suffocating. After wearing it an hour, my ankle was hurting about ten times worse than it did a week or two ago. Which doesn’t seem like it should be happening!!! Anyway, I don’t know what to do. I’ll give it more time because I have to. But I’m probably not going to wear it as much around the house, even though I feel really weak yet. I’m trying to remember that I’ve also only been 100% FWB at all times since Wednesday. Three days. So it makes sense that I’m this sore in general. But the brace seems to be making it infinitely worse. And it sucks. 🙁

Friday was a pretty laid back day. I did a lot of work and some cooking and cleaning. Took a long nap. I’ve actually been taking long naps every afternoon. Trying to revel in them before I lose the chance with my kids home all summer! That’s my favorite part of the day.

On Friday night Caden went to a birthday party at Sky Zone. Greg and Shepard had some good bonding time and Caden got to spend some more time with his friends. Oh, I forgot to mention this earlier. I think it was one of the reasons he wouldn’t go with me to dinner. Earlier that day his class toured the fourth grade classrooms – at the middle school. I think it finally hit him how different next year is going to be. He’s been with the same group of kids for the last four years and now they’re going to be split up. He’s going from a year of multiple field trips a week to outdoor locations to suddenly being in a traditional classroom for the first time in his life. I’m praying he’ll be put in a class with one of his best friends. Though he’s also upset because two of his good friends are switching schools. It’s going to be hard on him. I’ve been pretty emotional about it all too. The end of an era. Fourth grade is too young to be in middle school! Though because we’re running out of room in our buildings, the third grade is moving to the middle school in fall too. So Caden won’t even have to deal with being the youngest grade in the building. I’m sure he’ll adjust quickly and he’s always good at making new friends. But I know we’re all in for a rough ride.

Anyway, that was my week. My ankle is still very sore this morning. I have a horrible headache. And we’re off for a full day at Cedar Lake, followed by a double dinner and movie date with Timmy and Brittany for Greg’s belated birthday celebration tonight. Busy busy! Hopefully I’ll be a lot more pepped up and positive in tomorrow’s post.

13 Lessons I Learned From My Broken Ankle

Twelve very long weeks ago, I was walking my dog Annie around town, taking advantage of a warmer winter day. About two blocks from home, after three miles of treading very carefully to avoid any icy hazards, I slipped on a patch of invisible ice in the grass while I was walking around an icy sidewalk. I heard my bones snap, saw my foot twisted way too far to the side, and experienced the worst pain of my life. I laid on the sidewalk hoping someone would stop to help me. Almost immediately, a variety of strangers  stopped their cars and ran out of houses to help. An ambulance was called, my neighbor was able to rush over to take Annie, and I was whisked away to the hospital. The x-ray confirmed multiple broken bones and the doctor put me to sleep for a few minutes to reset the dislocation before sending me home in a splint with instructions to see a surgeon as soon as possible.

The next day I saw an orthopedic surgeon and the following day I was scheduled for surgery to put in a large plate and multiple screws. Those first few days and the weeks that followed were some of the hardest days of my life. Physically, the pain was nearly unbearable. Mentally, I was challenged beyond belief. Today, after 12 long weeks, I was able to switch back to shoes. I never thought I’d see this day come. But after a lot of hard work and way too many emotional breakdowns to count, I’ve made it this far. (And have much farther to go!) But I wanted to share the most important lessons I’ve learned through this journey in hopes that it might help someone else in the future.

1. A support system is crucial. (i.e. My husband is the best guy in the world!)

I don’t know how I ever would have gotten through any of this without Greg at my side. I texted him immediately after I fell and he rushed the 50 minutes home from work to meet me in the ER about the same time I managed to get there. (I had a big hold up in the ambulance because they couldn’t find a vein to shoot me some pain meds.) He stayed home with me for the next three weeks taking over everything. He stayed home many days after that so he could drive me to physical therapy and keep helping out with the boys. He took over all of my household and parenting duties with zero complaint. He handled all of my emotional meltdowns with patience and understanding. He never made me feel guilty for all of the things I suddenly could not do. Or for how expensive this all turned out to be. He’d help me with every embarrassing personal issue that comes when you suddenly can’t move or barely do anything for yourself. He’d run out for medications or food immediately upon realizing I needed something. He started taking Annie for potty breaks, walks, and dog park visits – something he’s never done in the past, but also never complained about once it became his responsibility, even though he’s not a dog person. He massages my ankle and foot and rubs oil into my scars every single night. He has never made me feel bad or less than for anything I have struggled with in the last three months. Basically, he’s been incredible. I realize not everyone is so lucky to have that when faced with a sudden injury or illness. But it’s definitely made me appreciate him so much more. I think it’s also given each of us a better understanding of how much the other person does for our family as a whole. We respect each other more and have come out of this as more of a team than ever.

2. Food is a lifesaver.

When you are the sole grocery shopper, meal planner, and food maker of the family and suddenly can’t do any of that – getting meals from people is the most helpful thing in the entire world. I can’t stress enough how thankful I am for the friends and family that stepped up on those first few days and weeks, dropping off already made meals and snacks. Medical crisis or not, all four of us need to eat multiple times a day. Having food that was already or almost ready to eat every night was essential to our survival! On the day that I had surgery, we came home to a meal and a big pan of banana bread from one of my friends. I have never been so thankful to eat a piece of banana bread in my life. It was the perfect comfort food for someone who needed to eat something after a day in the hospital, but didn’t have enough of an appetite for a meal. The boys felt the same. We had meals given to us every day that first week and it was such a lifesaver. One of my friends dropped off a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies about the exact time I was starting to be hungry for something beyond what would just nourish my body. On one of my first days home alone, my mom went to get me chicken tenders from Culver’s which felt like the most indulgent treat of all time. Our neighbor brought over a whole slew of food, right around the time we were out of everything other people gave us. Her marinated chicken fajitas that Greg was able to cook on the stove was one of the best things I’d ever tasted. Anyway, all four of us are really SO appreciative of the people who gave us food. It really gave me a new perspective on how helpful I want to be in the future when my own friends or family are faced with similar situations. It’s really the greatest gift we were given in those first couple of weeks.

3. Buy all the accessories.

I was really fortunate in the first day or two after breaking my ankle, to have stumbled across a facebook group called Broken Ankle/Foot/Leg Recovery – On a Quest for Normal! I should probably put this as a separate point, but it was essential in getting advice, encouragement, and support through any random or confusing thing that came up in the last few months. But its most helpful purpose to me was finding accessories to make me more comfortable through the healing process. I strongly believe that buying the things that will make you actually feel better and make your life easier, are 100% worth the expense. Here are a few things that I found to be the most useful:

  • Elevating leg rest pillow – When your ankle is broken, it needs to be elevated ALL THE TIME. And not just elevated, but elevated above your heart. You will quickly realize just how annoying and difficult that can be with a stack of pillows. Having just one pillow, with such a large surface area, was amazing. I slept with my legs up on this the first month and spent a huge amount of time during the day with my leg up on it the first two months. It’s essential.
  • Aircast socks – I was put in a walking boot from the day I left the hospital. At first my ankle was also in a splint which helped cushion things, but once that splint was removed I realized just how painful and irritating the boot was on my raw incisions. These socks were amazing in helping cushion between my skin and the boot. It also just helps the smell not having your skin touching the boot! I wore them consistently the first two months and kept up with them on days I was wearing shorts and still wanted the layer between for comfort.
  • Knee Scooter – I would have fallen into a pretty deep depression if I didn’t have a knee scooter. Crutches were incredibly painful and difficult to use in the early days. It was also a constant point of frustration that when you’re using crutches you don’t have any hands free for anything. Meal prep, carrying things from point A to point B, even just bringing your coffee or lunch to the table. All impossible to do when you’re non weight bearing and have to use crutches. We looked into renting a knee scooter through insurance, but it ended up being cheaper just to buy one. After a ton of research, this is the exact one I bought and was very happy with. I could carry things one handed while steering the scooter. I could actually get to the bathroom in a speedy manner. I could go to stores. It wasn’t a pain free option, because it did really make my knee hurt! But it was better than feeling trapped all the time.
  • Shower Bag – I’m really lucky that my mom had one of these and brought it over to me the day I broke my ankle. So from that very first night (I hadn’t showered before that treacherous walk and felt SO gross by the end of the day), I was able to take a shower without getting my leg wet. I’m the kind of person that feels like the most disgusting person on earth if I don’t get a shower every day, so this was an absolute lifesaver.
  • Shower Chair or Stool – This is another thing my mom lent me that was absolutely essential. Twelve weeks in, I’m still using it in the shower. I think I might feel comfortable enough by now to stand and shower, but it still makes me nervous thinking about shaving and trying to balance on my bad leg for that length of time. I’m guessing I’ll still be using this at least on shaving days for the next couple of months.
  • Shower Hose – If you already have a hose in your shower – you will need it! If you don’t, and don’t want to buy an entirely new shower head, this was a pretty great alternative. I just so happened to get it for Christmas to better bathe Annie. It was SO worth the money!! I’ve used it every day. The boys use it during all their showers too because they think it’s fun. I haven’t actually used it to give Annie a bath yet, but I know it’ll work great for its intended purpose. 🙂
  • Ice Packs – You’ll need to use an ice pack daily, for a very, very long time. I didn’t have this specific ankle wrap pack, but I’m still thinking of buying one as my ankle swells the more I walk every day. I’ve been using two flexible packs from a chiropractor years ago. They work fine, but I like the idea of one that could move around with your foot, at least once the incisions are healed.
  • Vitamin E Oil – This was the facebook group’s oil of choice for rubbing into your scars after the incisions have healed. I guess I don’t have anything to compare it to, but it seemed to work well! And it definitely helps with the nightly ankle massages to have a liquid of some sort, otherwise it feels too irritating.
  • EvenUp Shoe Balancer – Once you transition to partial and full weight bearing, you’ll realize how much higher your boot is from your regular shoe. I only went a day or two like this and immediately felt the effects in my hip and back. It felt like too expensive an indulgence for basically a piece of foam with some rubber straps, but it was worth it not to have extreme hip or back or knee pain these last six weeks.
  • Help and Hope While You’re Healing – I’m not even sure how I came across this book, but it was so worth the read. It’s short and to the point, but it really helped me to reframe the hardest weeks of recovery. It puts things into perspective and helps you understand that you can make the most out of all the waiting periods.

4. Meltdowns are going to happen often.

I’m a pretty emotional person to begin with. Breaking my ankle really brought out the worst in that personality trait. I felt SO useless. Worthless. I felt like such a burden to Greg who had to take over all of my responsibilities. I was extremely upset about how much money we had to pay, and have to keep paying, for the surgery. I cried at the drop of a hat, multiple times a day. Often it was over food. Not being able to shop for what I wanted, not being able to make meals for my family, not knowing what to quickly and easily be able to make for myself at breakfast and lunch. The physical stuff was hard as heck. The emotional stuff was one of the biggest challenges of my life. I was extremely upset that I couldn’t do anything for Annie who was used to depending on me for everything, and nobody else seemed to understand how important that was. I got angry about how hard it was to stand up and do anything. Basically, the tiniest thing could set me off at any given moment. I was definitely depressed that first month. It was so hard. And that was normal. The important thing is remembering this is temporary. Trust me, it’s VERY hard to remember that in the moment. But it IS temporary. And it’s okay to be upset about things. But don’t wallow in it forever. Try not to take your anger out on anyone else. Just have your cry, give yourself a pep talk, and get back to healing.

5. Get out of the house. 

It’s really easy to get depressed and frustrated and sad and angry when you feel completely trapped in your house. It was at least a month until I left the house for anything other than a doctor’s appointment. I was really reaching the point of all out depression by then. You feel so powerless when you can’t drive and your partner is too busy taking care of all parenting and household duties that he doesn’t have time to take you anywhere either. I think our first outing was to a movie. I was pretty uncomfortable, but it was worth it. We celebrated with froyo afterward. Around six or seven weeks, I had a friend take me out for coffee and another time to dinner and a trip around Walmart. I was on my scooter, I was in pain, but it was SO WORTH IT to get out of the house, have a conversation with another adult, and actually feel human again. My mom took me twice on shopping days to my favorite stores. The whole family had a shopping trip at Costco once. A couple of times, Greg brought me to the dog park to just sit on the bench and watch Annie play for an hour. The sunshine, the fresh air – it was so healing for my soul. It’s hard to feel like a burden by asking someone to take you somewhere – anywhere – but it’s vitally important.

6. Ask for help, accept help.

This might be the hardest of things I had to deal with. I HATE asking people for help. I hate feeling like a burden. I sucked it up and asked for food from people in the first few weeks because the whole family was depending on it. But it was really hard to ask things of people beyond that. But eventually, it got easier, and I realized it was important. Like I said above – I greatly appreciated my mom and friend taking me out shopping. And I’m super thankful for the two friends that consistently took Annie to the dog park for me again and again. I also have neighbors I had to call on a few times to run over and take Annie for an emergency potty break. I still don’t like accepting help. But I’m glad I took advantage of it.

7. Grocery pick up is pretty great. 

I LOVE to grocery shop, so this was a hard one for me. But it came obvious pretty quickly how desperately we needed to keep food and pet supplies and household items stocked. I became an expert at online shopping (well, I was already an expert at that!), and doing store pick ups. Multiple times I took advantage of Target and Woodman’s – doing all the shopping online and then it was ready at the door for Greg to swing by and pick up on his way home from work. Once I realized I had a bit more freedom to pick out the foods I actually wanted in the house, especially when I started cooking again – I was so much happier. I also realized just how much of a privilege it is to cook for my family. It’s something I complained about often in the past, having all food related things on me, 365 days a year. But I missed it, desperately.

8. Ease back into working.

I’m very fortunate that I work for myself and my family doesn’t count on my income to survive. I work at home, I do as little or as much as I want at any given time. I usually work pretty hard, though, and it was difficult staying away from it for such a long time. But once I felt ready, I started with just an hour or two a day. And maybe took multiple days off in between. I gave myself a lot of grace as I eased back into working my full time. If I were going back to a desk job, I don’t think I would have been ready until at least eight weeks. If I were going back to a job on my feet, I still don’t think I’d be ready. It’s exhausting. And I imagine it’s extremely hard if your family IS counting on your income for survival. But healing has to be the highest priority. You need to let yourself get better so you can have the rest of your life as a whole and able-bodied human being. It also just takes a huge emotional toll on you, getting back in the swing of things.

9. Go to physical therapy.

I hate going to appointments of any kind. But knowing that it would launch me in the right direction, I tried to suck up my anxiety and make the most of it. I started going after three weeks and just did range of motion exercises. Now every week is different with a wide variety of exercises and assignments to build up my strength and mobility. It’s not always fun, but it’s been the tough love push I needed to move forward every time I got too complacent with the knee scooter, the crutches, the single crutch. I’ve really enjoyed seeing how much better I get week after week. I’m still going to be thrilled to be done, but it was really worth going.

10. Celebrate achievements, big and small.

I’ve always liked celebrating the small things, and I think it was important for me to continue doing that on my healing journey. We picked up lunch from a restaurant on the day I had my first physical therapy and today, when I got my boot off. On my first trip to Target with my mom, I got myself a traveling coffee mug that was much easier for me to carry around the house without spilling and I think about how far I’ve come every time I use it. The first day I went to a grocery store by myself, I bought these flowers. The first time, just the other day, I did a full errand run on my own, I took myself to Chipotle. Obviously I like to reward myself with food and tangible things. But I’ve also rewarded myself with candlelit baths to soak my legs, a night off from everything to read a great book, and most importantly – long afternoons off to read, rest, and nap, after a long morning of working hard. Life is short. Recovery is hard. Celebrate everything.

11. Your relationships will change. 

Some for the good, and some for the bad. I think my marriage has gotten stronger. But there were also moments, especially about a month in when I desperately wanted to be more useful and still couldn’t, that I wasn’t sure we’d ever survive this. My relationships with my kids have changed because they suddenly had to be more self sufficient. Shepard finally had to learn how to wipe himself. They had to start walking to and from school by themselves. They’ve become bigger helps around the house. And they don’t need me as much, which is bittersweet. My relationship with Annie has changed because she realized pretty quickly I can’t take her outside or to the dog park anymore. Her loyalties have switched, even though I’m still the one that spends all of my time with her. The biggest relationship changes have been with friends. Maybe because their involvement with my life is completely voluntary. And I think with most of them, it’s been an out of sight, out of mind kind of thing. I definitely understand that everyone has very busy lives, and I’ve failed on many occasions to help out my own friends when they probably could have used me. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the people that have stuck around, though. The ones that have helped me with Annie, and given me rides, and come to the craft nights I’ve started organizing. And while I try not to take it personally, I’ve been hurt by the friends I thought I was close to, yet couldn’t be bothered to remember I even exist. I’m choosing to think about the good, though, and be happy I came out of this stronger with the ones that stayed by my side.

12. Everyone’s recovery is different.

This has been one of the harder parts of being in that facebook recovery support group. You realize pretty quickly that everyone has a very different recovery timetable. Until this, my only limited experience with broken ankles is when my sister-in-law broke hers late last year. She was in a boot and after five weeks she was almost good as new. When I first saw the physician’s assistant at the surgeon’s office, he told me that I would be healed in 4-6 weeks with the surgery, vs. 6-8 if I opted out. Well, it’s been 12 weeks and I think I still have a very long ways to go. I’ve tried not to focus too strongly on how long everything takes, but it’s hard not to internalize all the “where you should be” goals. When I saw the surgeon at 6 weeks, he told me I should be full weight bearing with no issues at 8-10 weeks max. I had this stuck in my mind and was extremely hard on myself as they days flew by and I wasn’t getting where I “needed” to be. I didn’t start walking around the house without a crutch until 11 weeks. I didn’t start walking out of the house without a crutch until today. And now that I’m in shoes, I feel like I went back two or three weeks in my walking abilities. I don’t have it yet, but I also had to order an ankle brace that I have to wear almost all of the time, for the REST OF THE YEAR. I went into my appointment today thinking this was it. I had no idea I’d be facing seven more months of having something extra on my ankle. The point is just that everyone is different and you can’t get hung up on the actual dates. You can’t compare yourself to the fast recovery of others because you’ll be miserable. You also can’t listen to the horror stories of others and let it get you down. When I had my first post op x-rays, the technician told me she had a very similar break and it took her five years to walk without a limp. That really bothered me for a long time. I need to keep reminding myself that my progress is my own and that’s all I have to worry about.

13. Just keep going.

There have been many, many times during the last 12 weeks that I just wanted to give in to my misery and give up on getting better. I was SO sure I’d never reach the next step, even though I kept progressing. I’d have two really great days and then one day with so much pain I could barely move. The first few weeks were actually surprising in how much the rest of my body ached compared to my actual broken limb. I’ve been disappointed in myself, angry at my circumstances, and felt hopeless so many times. But every day, I just kept going. When my physical therapist said I absolutely needed to ditch the scooter, I stopped using it. When I knew that time was up on getting to full weight bearing, I stopped letting myself use both crutches. When I was a week away from today’s appointment, I stopped letting myself use crutches in the house at all. Every time I did something hard, it hurt. But it was the right thing to do. It pushed me. It made me stronger. And the important thing is that you start to SEE that strength. You feel the improvements. It will probably take a lot longer than you expect it to. But it WILL come. You just need to keep on going.

Mother’s Day, Greg’s Birthday, and Weekend Reflections and Intentions 05.20.2018

Happy Mother’s Day, one week late! I kept meaning to write a post immediately after the big day, but I never had the chance. It was a busy week! Really busy. I feel like I’m back to doing about 80% of the things I used to do before my broken ankle. And that last 20% are all the things I did to take care of Annie out of the house. Day by day, things continue to get better. It’s hard to see that after a really rough and pain filled day, but honestly – compared to how much pain I was in walking around the antique mall last week to how easily and pain free I was doing a ton of stuff around the house yesterday, just a week later? It’s a pretty significant difference. So I’m getting there. Tomorrow marks 12 weeks since that dreaded day.

Anyway, Mother’s Day turned out to be a pretty great day! I’m the kind of person who always has a lot of expectations for important events and inevitably is disappointed. But I can genuinely say this year that it was fantastic! The boys were in good moods all day, no ridiculous fights arose, the weather was decent albeit a bit chilly, and everyone was just happy!

I woke up early because I’m back to doing that on a regular basis. I took a shower and then went back to bed to laze around for a few hours. The boys brought my breakfast in bed – the morning bun I bought at the farmer’s market the day before. So delish!

I opened my presents next. I love presents! I got this beautiful “diamond” bracelet. I had one when I was a kid that my grandma gave me and thought was the best bracelet in the world. I’ve been wanting one as an adult for awhile now. Love it!

Always one for practical gift giving, I also got a PopSocket for my phone, accompanying mount to use it in the car, and a drain cover for baths. I’m not much of a bath person, but it does really help when my legs are super achy, so I’m trying to get more into it.

A new water bottle.

And a bird bath! We put it out in the front yard the next day, in the middle of this random patch of hostas we have next to the driveway. I’ll have to try and take a picture of it soon, to see it outside. I really like it! And Greg picked this one because it’s my favorite color and looks antiqued.

I got ready and then we went for our annual mother sons photo shoot outside. I can’t believe how horrible my hair looks in these pictures, after just curling it. Greg takes the least flattering photos of me ever. 😛 At least the boys were smiling, even though they were being silly!

Shepard kept running away from me to do this…

Caught him!

I ventured into the backyard to see my Mother’s Day gift from Annie! It’s in the far back of our property, but it’s the only shrub I can see from the house and I love the pop of color! Hopefully it survives. We haven’t had a lot of luck with anything we plant back there.

Next we dropped Annie off at my parents’ and then went to Greg’s parents’ for their big Mother’s Day party. Shepard gave me another gift that he made at their house. I love the little ladybug!

It was little colder than we would have liked, but most of us spent the day outside. The boys were having the greatest time with their second (or whatever the technical term is) cousins.

Shepard and Jeremiah were having a blast playing with this toad they found.

A little too much fun. They weren’t very happy with me when I insisted they had to put the toad back and leave the poor thing alone! We went to a store later and when we came back the toad was in a box in the house, so you see how well they listened to that!

Annual photo of all the moms in attendance.

Cindy gave me some presents too! I’ve been wanting some new sheets forever and it’s hard to justify ever spending money on them yourself. Both of these devotionals also came out recently and look great!

Trying to get a nice Grandma and grandson photo, but they just wanted to stick their butts out for the picture. Always so cooperative!

Most of the women and girl children went to one of our favorite stores, Twisted Sister to check out what’s in stock. Then we came back home to say our goodbyes. Had to get a quick mother son photo.

Next, we headed back over to my parents’ house. This is one of the gifts we gave her. I love it!

Getting a mother daughter pic in right away so we didn’t have to worry about it later. 🙂

We spent a lot of time just hanging around and then we had a big dinner. My mom had steak and mushrooms, which is what she requested. I had this spicy chicken and sweet potatoes. They were so delicious!! Everything is always delicious over there.

Trying to get a nice photo and it went about the same way as the rest of the day. At least Gracie was looking at the camera!

More presents. The boys made each Grandma a fill in the blank book about why they love them. Some of their answers are pretty hilarious.

At the end of the night, we started transitioning into Greg’s birthday so he was able to open some presents too.

He got a couple of cords and stuff that nobody really knew what it was, except it was on his wish list. And some desperately needed new sandals.

Annie was so tired after spending the day running around Grandma’s yard! I was pretty exhausted too. But it was a really fun day!

Moving on to Monday! Greg’s 34th birthday. He went into work, so it was just a regular day at home for me. We had a mountain of laundry, so I decided it was about time I get back to doing that. I’ve been putting loads in here and there the last few weeks, but I haven’t folded or put clothes away since the BA (broken ankle). It took me FOUR HOURS to get everything folded. Obviously there were a few breaks in between waiting for loads to finish, but it basically took me the majority of my day. I was proud of myself for doing it. But also really discouraged with just how slow I am in general. Everything takes me so long.

Greg came home and it was time for birthday fun!

Of course we immediately opened presents. His main gift was a new toaster oven. It’s like his favorite cooking appliance and he uses it for literally everything, and our old one was not in the best shape. (It was a birthday gift he gave me years ago, so I decided I’d give him a nice practical kitchen appliance right on back!)

Most gifts were practical this year because he kept saying he didn’t want anything and I knew he couldn’t complain about something useful. But I did get him one thing from his list I knew he really wanted.

It’s a print from his favorite book. Don’t ask me what book, because I have no idea.

Jumbo beef jerky from Annie. We also gave me a set of pans that fit the toaster oven, a chainmail type thing that cleans cast iron pans, an instant temperature reader, a gutter scooper, a box of Buffalo Wild Wing Sauces, and some fancy dark chocolate.

Birthday picture!

He requested Day One Pizza for his birthday dinner. Easy for me!

We had peanut butter bars for dessert. After dinner we went for a short walk and set up the bird bath and front porch plants outside.

They played Minecraft the rest of the evening. (Isn’t Annie cute?!) It wasn’t anything fancy or spectacular, but I think Greg had a pretty good birthday.

Tuesday was another personal success day for me. I decided to attempt Woodman’s (a huge grocery store) by myself! It’s the first time I’ve been there at all since the BA. And I did it! I was quite proud of myself. I didn’t even feel like I was dying by the end. I celebrated by going to Barnes and Noble next and spending over an hour browsing the entire store. I think I might have even been able to handle a third errand, but knew I needed to conserve energy for carrying all the groceries in and putting them away. That was probably the most difficult task. After I got home, did all that, and ate lunch, I took a nap. There went day two of the week of not doing any actual sewing work. I was starting to get a bit frustrated by that point. I know that moving around and getting back into the swing of my regular life is what’s going to make my ankle heal the fastest. I’m not going to get stronger if I’m just sitting at my work table all day. So it’s great I’m getting better and stronger and more capable every day. But it stinks that I’m getting very little actual WORK done.

Wednesday I forced myself to sit down and work all day. And then in the evening we went out for a birthday dinner with Greg’s parents. He picked Mod Pizza (and Caden always gets a sub at Potbelly next door because he still refuses to eat cheese). We went to Culver’s for ice cream next. And then the school greenhouse to get some plants. Then back home to open presents.

It was a nice night, but I was getting pretty crabby by the end of it. Just so frustrated with myself, irritated with the boys, stressed about school about to end and not feeling ready for summer. I’ve been pushing myself so hard with very little actual breaks. I don’t feel mentally capable of dealing with my kids all day every day. I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to feel physically ready to whisk them away on long day trips – the only thing that makes summer fun to me. I didn’t make nearly enough dolls this spring to justify slowing down in summer, the way I usually do. I don’t know if I should use these very few remaining days of school to bask in the silence of being home alone – or trying to hit up as many of my favorite stores and places as possible since I haven’t been able to do that for months and it’ll be really hard (and not any fun) to do them with kids. I’m also just lamenting that our anniversary vacation this year is a whopping day and a half long and I wish we could do more. I also kind of wish we could have a family vacation just the four of us since it’s been years, but I’m not sure that can happen either. Anyway, my brain was just blowing up and I NEEDED a break. So I actually did the responsible thing and bowed out of tv time, went to my room, lit a candle, and spent two blessed hours just reading before going to bed. I need to learn how to do that more often.

Thursday morning I had PT. Worked on a lot of balancing exercises. She still thinks I’m on track with everything. We cancelled my next appointment, so the next time I come I will hopefully be in shoes!

Thursday was another work day, but I also spent a lot of time cleaning. I had my second craft night in the evening. Three people came this month! It was a lot of fun! I’m not sure my work table could really handle more than four people with spread out projects, so that was a good number. It was really great to catch up with a few friends, plus get a whole lot of work done in the process.

On Friday morning, Greg and I went to a big church garage sale. I’m glad he offered to drive me because I definitely ended up getting more than I could carry. All this, plus a bookcase! I put it under my favorite book shelves, right next to where we hope to someday have a big cozy chair. My book situation is a bit out of control and I always want more, so now I have more space to put them all. 🙂

The rest of Friday was spent working. I finished up my first batch of patriotic dolls. I meant to make a lot of progress on my next batch, but….slow. I’m so slow.

Saturday was a pretty lazy day too. I didn’t do a whole lot and then in the evening Greg took the boys to a birthday party at the skating rink. They had a BLAST. Way more fun than any of the times I’ve ever taken them! It was nice to see how many pictures caught them with full smiles. I planned on having sort of a pampering evening to myself, but ended up sitting at my computer working on updating Goodreads and trying to organize my kindle. It’s a bit of a massive project I’ve been working on for a few weeks. It’ll be so awesome once everything is up to date and better organized, though.

And that bring us to this week! Sunday intentions. I guess my biggest goal is to just chill out and enjoy life as it comes. I actually think I’ve been doing a pretty great job of that – until this last week when I started letting myself get stressed out again. I just want to be happy with who I am, what I do during the day, and not feel any regret. I want to LIVE my life, and not just be down on myself for not doing everything on my lists. I gave myself a lot of necessary leeway these last few months, and it’s hard to still keep that perspective when I know I can be doing more.

The biggest thing on the calendar this week is my 12 week post op appointment on Wednesday. This is the big one because he tells me if I can ditch my boot! Something I’m equally excited about and terrified of. I hate wearing the boot. I also hate having to wear a shoe on my other foot at all times so I don’t destroy my back. Technically, I’m not supposed to ever be walking without it, though the last few weeks I kind of go barefoot, with a crutch, every night and morning. And in the last few days, barefoot without a crutch across rooms, occasionally. And I’m so unsteady. I’m scared to death I’m going to break it again. My goal these last few days have been to never use the crutch in the house (except when barefoot) and I’ve been doing great with it. But I went outside yesterday to try and plant some peppers and was just frozen in fear. There are tripping hazards in every direction. Wood chips, rocks, uneven surfaces, kid toys, slippery patches. Everything has the power to knock me down and start this process all over again. It’s really so scary!

I’m also just worried about what life will look like after the boot is gone. It feels so much like come Wednesday, my time is up. I’m supposed to be better. I will no longer have that very visual reminder to anyone who sees me that I have a bit of a handicap right now. I have no more excuses for not doing certain things. And I’m not ready. I’m SO not ready. If I’m scared to death to walk outside in my boot without a crutch, how am I going to be able to do it in shoes?! All of these hazards aren’t going to disappear in four days. How long will it still be before I can take Annie out to go to the bathroom every day? How long until I can take her to the dog park? Will I be able to walk my kids to and/or from school before the school year is up? Will I be able to do it by the time summer school starts in a few weeks? The only thing I’m confident and super excited about is being able to get in my car, drive, and get out – without all the annoying boot to shoe to boot changes! That’s really the main thing that’s stopped me from running a whole lot of errands this week. But once I’m just in shoes – watch out, world!

Anyway, that’s the main thing this week. It’s still pretty busy with working and end of school year things. Caden has another therapy appointment, I have another PT. The boys have big field trips planned. We have tentative plans for Saturday morning and a dinner and movie double date night planned for Saturday evening with Timmy and Brittany. And our anniversary trip is coming up on Memorial Day. I’m sure the week will just fly by! Hopefully I’ll be back before next Saturday to give you an update on the boot. 🙂

Have a good week!