What I Watched September and October 2019

I was going to write up my November goals tonight, but I’m pretty sure the whole post would just be a bunch of doom and gloom. This has been a HARD week. I’ve basically been a nonstop emotional wreck. So maybe taking a little time to finally go over some of the tv shows and movies I’ve been watching lately will prove to be a good distraction!

TV – Alone

Bachelor in Paradise

I believe this season had way too much annoying drama. I know that while those people are living secluded away on a hot Mexican beach, everything feels so much more intense than if it were happening in regular life. But watching some contestants “fall in love” with a different person in every episode – it feels so ridiculous! I couldn’t stand all the Blake drama, all the Caelynn drama, all the Clay and Nicole. I thought there was also way too much Demi and Kristian. Basically the only happy thing that came from this season is that I now know all about Derek’s podcast, The Betchelor, (thanks, John Paul Jones) which is actually a really fun listen if you watch any Bachelor Nation shows. I can’t believe Derek hasn’t been snatched up – he seems like the greatest guy to ever come from that show.

Queer Eye

I’ve been watching this in spurts. It’s such a good show! But I also have so much emotional wreckage going on in my own life right now, I just can’t turn on another show that’s guaranteed to make me cry – even if they’re only happy tears. I just love it so much, though. I have just two more episodes go to before hitting up the newest season in Japan.


I’m struggling to remember how this season ended – it must have been early September which currently feels like a lifetime ago. I do remember thinking this was the last season, but then it didn’t actually end. Do we think Liza and Josh will end up together after all?? I was always Team Charles, mostly for logistical and sensible reasons, but he’s gotten so weird and awkward since they became a couple. My loyalties have switched back to Josh now that he has his own baby, eliminating the only obstacle that was keeping him and Liza apart.

In the Dark

I picked this random netflix show for a good watch while working binge. And I actually really liked it! My favorite part was Felix and how immeshed he became in Murphy and Jess’ tiny friend circle. I was NOT happy with the Dean twist. Not AT ALL.

The Good Doctor

Hooray! My favorite shows are back! I still love this one. I like how the show is exploring more side stories around the other characters instead of focusing entirely on Shaun. Claire has certainly been a surprise. I was a bit shocked at how she handled her mom’s death. But when she spread the ashes while singing? Wowzers, cue the tears.

The Resident

MY FAVORITE. Oh my goodness, you guys. The Halloween episode mostly about AJ and Mina?! I want those two to be together probably more than almost any other tv characters in any show I’ve ever watched. Why do they have some amazing chemistry?! I was so excited that the writers brought them closer, but it felt like just enough of a tease and now that they both agreed to wait a few years, nothing more is really going to happen for a couple more seasons. That was going to be all we’d get. I really, really hope not. But it feels likely.

Modern Family

I never really have anything to say about this. I still don’t. Why do I still watch it?? It’s the last season. I have to see it through. It’s okay.

Single Parents

I couldn’t care less about Douglas and Poppy and Miggy. Please show me ALL the Will and Angie. Despite the appearance of Adam Brody and knowing they’re married in real life and maybe they’re destined to also be back together on the show, Will and Angie just have the BEST friendship but could really be something more chemistry. I love them together.

The Politician

Another surprise netflix binge that I watched in two days. It was such a whirlwind of crazy plotlines that I wasn’t even sure what to make of the whole thing. I liked it! I really like Ben Platt now. But I thought Zoey Deutch and her baby voice and childish personality was SOOOO annoying. Gwyneth Paltrow’s performance was really fantastic. I liked the random times Ben Platt started singing. But really, there was just so much going on and then the three year time jump with whole new storylines in the final episodes? It was crazy. Maybe a little too ambitious. But I’m excited to see where it will go.

The Chef Show

Yay, another season! Though I don’t think this one was as interesting. Jon Favreau seemed more stilted, maybe. Or most of the chefs he cooked with weren’t that interesting or dynamic. But Roy’s food always looked AMAZING. If I ever get back to LA I definitely need to figure out where I can eat things he’s created. I love the show for all its inspiration, but I really do wish they’d publish their recipes at some point. A cookbook would be perfect!

A Million Little Things

I really like that the show is finally moving past all the John stuff. I’m not sure he’s even made a single flashback appearance yet this season. I’m happy that Eddie and Catherine appear like they just might make it work, despite the secret baby. I think it’s SO STUPID that Delilah is denying Eddie the public opportunity to claim his child, even though literally everyone except the other kids know it belongs to him. This will surely blow up in her face at some point. I do think Maggie is a bit annoying. For being a therapist, she sure is a mess herself. Or maybe it’s just that awful pink wig with her dark eyebrows that distract me so much I can’t stand watching her. I really like all the men, though. Rome is the best.

God Friended Me

This season feels sillier to me. Cara’s acting suddenly seems kind of awful. Or maybe she really doesn’t get along with Miles in real life? I don’t know what’s going on, but it just feels very inauthentic. I genuinely loved the episode where Joy found her daughter, though. It was played out so perfectly. More tears.

Bless This Mess

This is okay. I liked it more before I realized how Rio talks to Mike in the exact same way every single time she says anything. There are some funny parts. But some of it is just so dumb.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

I liked this! I admit the first few episodes felt like a really corny netflix Christmas movie. I wasn’t sure how the season would play out. But I ended up feeling such affection for all of the characters and everything they were going through. I was so delighted with the happy ending for all that I thought for sure the show was over after a single season. I’m not sure where they’re going to go from here! But I’m here for it.

TV – Together


Season two, not as great as season one. It was so violent. Not as funny. Less likeable characters. That’s really all I remember about it.


Can we sit in silence for a minute to appreciate HOW FLIPPIN GOOD this tv show was?? Everyone keeps saying to just skip season one, but I can’t imagine going into season two without the emotional backstory of all the characters. I absolutely adored the entire thing. But obviously the addition of Hot Priest in season two – it was INCREDIBLE. I never, ever would have said Moriarty was hot/appealing/swoon-worthy in Sherlock, but give him some amazing hands off sexual chemistry with Fleabag and now I will never go back. Wow. It was so, so, so good.

The Affair

Ugh, this show is so depressing! Everyone is so depressed all the time. Yes, it’s a good show with great acting, but still. Bring in some joy! Why in the world do we keep going back to future Joanie? Who cares?! Why are we spending so much time with Whitney, the most annoying person ever? I guess there is definitely some well timed comic relief around all the Noah/Sasha drama, but still. I can’t really handle watching this too often.

The Boys

I’m not sure how many episodes we watched of this. Maybe two, possibly three. I didn’t like it. I had heard such good things, but I guess I just want to see super heroes being GOOD, not being awful and terrible people. I assume maybe there’s some redemption down the line, but I had zero interest in sticking with it.

Strange Angel

What a bizarre show. I think I liked it? I wanted to watch it because I was OBSESSED with Rupert Friend on Homeland. I thought he was rather delightful at the beginning of Strange Angel when he came off as being really eccentric. But then he got boring. It’s weird to me how this show is about figuring out how to launch a rocket yet also about the occult? It’s weird, but also fascinatingly entertaining. We’ve only watched the first season so far. Greg needed a break from watching such long episodes every night.


The longer this show airs the more the characters annoy me. It’s definitely really funny at times, but it’s no longer one of my favorites.


Falling Inn Love

I actually really enjoyed this sweet little netflix movie. It was warm and happy. And who doesn’t want to watch a rundown inn turn into a beautiful little excursion in the New Zealand countryside?


I’m never quite sure how a Seth Rogen film is going to go. I’m not a fan of crude and stupid humor. But I actually really liked this one. It was genuinely laugh out loud funny.

The Ted Bundy Netflix Movie (I don’t know what it’s called)

I love Zac Efron. And this was disturbingly creepy. He really comes across as such a great guy. I can understand why they didn’t show any graphic scenes of what he actually did, so we get the same impression that most of the people had of him. But also….it was weird not to.

The Sun is Also a Star

I finally got around to watching this. I read the book and liked it awhile ago. I didn’t want to watch the movie because I was bothered by the casting. The actors looked SO much older than high school students. It really, really bothered me. Overall it was a good adaptation, but didn’t thrill me.


I’m not sure what I was expecting this movie to be, but it wasn’t the movie I saw (lol). I liked it. It was funny. It wasn’t as amazing as I had heard.

Tall Girl

Ugh, what a dumb movie. How can netflix make such good things and also such horrible things?


I saw this in the theater, but watched it again with Greg. I still love it! Or rather, I still love Taron Egerton singing. 🙂

Downton Abbey

This was a sweet and nostalgic revisiting of a favorite.

El Camino

Fantastic acting! I’m so glad Jesse got a happy ending. He deserved it.


I love me some Christian Bale, no matter what he ends up looking like in his extreme roles. This movie made me feel really stupid, though. I pay almost no attention to politics and didn’t realize any of this was really going on.

I’m always on the lookout for new bingey shows, so let me know if you have any suggestions!!

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