Gift Guide for the Bookworm

1//Frostbeard Studio Bookstore Candle $18
I have an unhealthy obsession with bookish themed candles. I’ve purchased from many companies and this has been my all time favorite scent – by a mile! I buy it again and again and light it up anytime I’m going to be at my desk for a long period of time. It makes me so happy!

2//I Saw Her At the Library Art Print $26
I have a large framed print of this next to my favorite reading chair and it makes me so happy. It encompasses all my book love in such a sweet picture. Society6 has many great bookish art prints if you search around. This is another of my favorites, also on my wall.

3//The Hating Game by Sally Thorne $10
This book did come out a few years ago, but it’s buzz just keeps on growing and is in the process of being turned into a movie. If you have anyone on your list who loves a great rom com, this book is for them. I ADORE it. One of the sweetest and most swoon-worthy books I’ve read.

4//Novelly Yours Joshua Templeman Candle $15
I haven’t yet smelled this candle (it’s on my list!), but it would be the perfect accompaniment to a copy of The Hating Game, my favorite books of all time!

5//Read Like a Girl Tote Bag $20
Out of Print has a fabulous array of bookish totes and they often have great deals and sales around the holidays. My favorite tote bag is of a library card (in multiple colors!), but I’m really digging this Read Like a Girl print as well.

6//Quills Coffee Inkwell Blend $15
A fun little play on words in a themed bag of coffee would surely be appreciated by any reader. I haven’t tried this yet myself, but it sounds delicious!

7//Literary Bookmark Set $14
These bookmarks are so cute! They’d be a lovely gift for anyone who had a strong appreciation for the classics. 

8//Atomic Habits $16
Who couldn’t use an approachable guide to building better habits? This all encompassing book would be perfect for anyone who has even the tiniest desire to better their lives.

9//Book of the Month Subscription $15/month
I’ve tried out a bunch of book subscriptions in the last few years and this is the only one I stick with. As much as I love the surprise aspect of other services, my chances of loving the book were pretty slim. I like that you can choose your own BOTM book each month, or skip a month if nothing appeals to you. Well Met and Bringing Down the Duke were two of my favorites from this year. (Affiliate link above.)

10//Out of Print Bookworm Socks $12
I love these socks that celebrate a love of reading AND rainbows. I’ve purchased them from Modcloth, but they are also available at the Out of Print website (along with a ton of other great bookish items).

11//Bibliophile $17
This is a gorgeous book for any book lover on your list. Great topics, book lists, and beautiful illustrations. It’s one of my favorites!

12//Read Harder Book Journal $12
This would be a great book tracking journal for anyone who wants to be more challenged in their reading life. Pair it with a good book and you have a fantastic gift!

13//Pride and Peppermint Tea $15
Prefer tea? Novel Teas has a great assortment of bookish themed teas in unique book shaped containers. If your gift recipient happens to have a favorite book with an accompanying tea in its name, that would be the perfect gift.

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