Gift Guide for People Who Love Their Pets

1//Made by Cleo Cat Collars $16
This is the only place I buy collars for my cats and has been for years and years. So many great styles, always fresh inventory, and a lot of personality for your little kitty. 

2//Blueberry Dog Collars $14
This is the brand of collars I always buy for Annie. With her size and long dark hair, I never want her to be mistaken for an aggressive boy, so I pick out the girliest of collars for her. I love all the floral ones, but she switches to holiday styles in fall and winter. 

3//Grounds and Hounds Sunny Spot Coffee $15
This coffee company gives 20% of all their provides to help save dogs in need. AND they make incredible coffee! I drank Sunny Spot all summer long as the best cold brew I’ve ever tasted. I also really love the Good Boy dark roast.

4//Silver Paw Pet Tags $33
Have you noticed that your pets’ cheap dog tags need to be replaced again and again? While I had a rough time shelling out $33 when I bought this tag for Annie, it has proven to be of incredible quality. Two years after I purchased it, it still looks brand new. 

5//Ireland Dog Necklace $54
How cute is this gold dog necklace?! It would be such a sweet gift for the dog lover in your life, especially if their dog looks similar to this little pup! Local Eclectic is an awesome site for unique jewelry of all kinds.

6//Mudpuppy Dog and Cat Puzzles $17
I think these puzzles are just the cutest thing! If I’m going to take the time to sit down and work on a puzzle, I’d want it to be filled with cute little animals.

7//Just My Catitude Mug $12
I love this sweet little cat mug! Modcloth is such a great website for so many cool finds.

8//Best Friend Stamped Tag Necklace $113
I have always really loved wax seals and was so excited the first time I realized people made them into necklaces. I have a small collection now and this is one of my favorites. It’s the perfect representation of how I feel about the bond I have with my Annie. 

9//Corgi Mug $14
Anthropologie always has the cutest mugs! Oftentimes you can find great styles with dogs or cats on them as well. 

10//BarkBox Subscription Prices Vary
I did a trial run of this over a year ago and was amazed to see they were the first toys Annie has ever played with that she didn’t completely destroy within a day or two. In fact – I’m not sure she’s ever destroyed a single Bark Box toy she’s received – and she plays with them all the time. We have one of the biggest subscription sizes with an extra toy and a couple of different bags of treats each month. I’d be buying these things in the store anyway, for a much lower quality, so I really think the subscription box is worth it – especially if you have a dog who loves to play! (Affiliate link above.)

11//KitNip Box Subscription $20/month
So I picked this up as a lightning deal a couple of months ago just to see if my cats would enjoy it. Keep in mind, my cats are 14 years old and haven’t been super interested in toys in years. But these toys? They LOVE them. It’s fun to get them a little treat each month – I think it keeps them young!

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