Sunday Intentions 09.29.2019

It has been such a gloomy day. I’ve been trying really hard to stop my “I hate weekends” attitude, but this weekend is proving once again that if we’re not staying super busy, our weekends at home kind of suck. I just wanted two days to totally chill and try to recuperate from the last few weeks. Plus my body is practically dead after all that wet hilly grass I walked on for hours Friday. My ankle does not like uneven ground. But, as always, everyone is moody and restless with a healthy mix of wanting to be lazy but feeling obligated to be productive. It’s just annoying. I’ve really done nothing today except read, so I’m trying to break out of my funk by focusing on the week ahead.

My highest priority at the start of this week is to MAKE APPOINTMENTS. I loathe making appointments. I loathe GOING to appointments. And somehow all this stuff came up at once. For starters, I need to actually go to the DMV tomorrow morning to renew my driver’s license. I kept putting it off because I was so busy, but now I’ve run out of time. I also need to make a well child appointment for Caden, something I also hate because the receptionists always make me feel like I’m asking too much to request an after school appointment and if they can also add Shepard and I to the appointment for flu shots (this is ALWAYS such an inconvenience to them!). I need to schedule Jack for his bi-annual blood panel and blood pressure reading, which is really just a way for the vet’s office to take a whole lot of my money to tell me he’s still getting older and in kidney failure. And finally, I need to figure out how to make an oil change appointment for my car because I’m well past the limit and Greg keeps brushing it off and has become increasingly resentful of it being his job to always do the car stuff, so I need to grow up and figure it out myself. I also need to make an appointment to get his recalled airbags replaced because they’ve sent us so many notices over the last year (the airbags potentially have metal particles inside of them) that he has received a court order to get them replaced NOW. The possibility of metal particles bursting out and killing everyone in the event of a crash apparently is much more distressing to me, so I better also figure that out myself. I’m hoping I can at least schedule all of these tomorrow and then my life will feel a lot less strained once things are on the calendar! The fact that all of this stuff also needs to be done right around my birthday is just plain pissing me off. I hate losing control and freedom around the days that are most important to me. But life always gets in the way. And just to throw some more appointment annoyances into the mix, I also need to take Annie to the groomer on Tuesday and I have my own annual doctor’s appointment (which fills me with dread) in two weeks. UGH.

Anyway, sorry about the vent. I just like to be HAPPY around this time of the year and not have a million unexpected things to take care of that will bring me zero joy! Also, totally random out of town errands that will probably happen one per day and take away all chance of routine and you know – WORKING TIME. At any rate, I’m going to try and add some fun in and have another coffee morning with any friends who want to come over on Wednesday morning. Hopefully it will be as successful as last time! There are no more solid plans on the books for the rest of the week (unless those appointments get booked!), but I’m sure it’ll fill in. Pre-birthday festivities, perhaps.

My other priority for the week is to get some dolls made. I think I might take a brief break from Halloween/fall and do a few random things. Maybe birthday themed? (I’m often accused of making too big of a deal of my birthday, but I’d like to point out that nobody else is going to make it a big deal for me, so I might as well do everything in my power to make it the best time of the year FOR ME and if you don’t like that, then keep it to yourself! Or better yet, start making a bigger deal out of YOUR birthday because YOU CAN.) I really wanted to make some apple dressed dolls too and haven’t had a chance yet. We’ll see where inspiration takes me tonight or tomorrow when I start digging through my fabric.

My meal plans this week are pretty simple and based on what we have in the freezer again. Last week I decided to give the subscription service Butcher Box a shot and I now have like 15 pounds of selected meats in the freezers that I need to get creative with. I also have a few other things I need to use up.

Monday – Garlic Lover’s Roast Beef

Tuesday – Grilled Cheese with Tomato Dill Soup (as a dip)/Canned Soup for Caden (who won’t eat grilled cheese)

Wednesday – Pico de Gallo Chicken and Rice Tacos (meal kits that were on clearance at Target)

Thursday – Leftovers

Friday – Jalapeno Popper Pretzel Pizza (my favorite)

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