Sunday Intentions 06.02.2019

It’s a big week! Two more days of school and then five days of “summer” before summer school starts. I always feel the pressure to try and make those in between days something special, though the span between the two is shorter than ever this year thanks to all the cold/snow days. I definitely don’t think it’s going to be particularly memorable this year. But honestly, I’m so irritated with my kids this weekend for not helping me clean their rooms after I repeatedly told them how important it was to me, I’m not that concerned with giving them an amazing couple of days. They can make their own days amazing. Or not. I seriously need to stop trying to control everything and everyone and take all of their rampant mood swings as any kind of indicator of how I should be feeling about myself. It shouldn’t be on me to shoulder their anger and internalize it so deeply. I am the parent, right? Right.

To celebrate (or mourn) my last two days alone I am spending Monday going to a few of my favorite stores and getting something delicious for lunch and Tuesday staying home and doing anything my heart desires – probably reading and napping and maybe some writing. I’m hoping the combination of doing all my favorite things will be kind of a closing ceremony to the last nine months of school (and having total control over my schedule). And maybe then I’ll be more mentally prepared for the weeks ahead!

We’re kicking summer off with a donut picnic on Wednesday morning at the park. I don’t even remember the last time I was at that park just to watch my kids play! We’ve been phasing out of that era of childhood, which is really sad! They will surely still play with friends around, though. And it’ll be good to see some of my own friends. I was so focused on just surviving the month of May that I got to the end of it and realized how lonely I am again. I need those people in my life. I wish it weren’t so hard.

Thursday and Friday are pretty open. If I’m feeling good about garage sale prep I might work on one last batch of patriotic dolls. The boys can play with their neighborhood friends/game/probably go to the pool. They’d be happiest just having some freedom to do whatever they want, so that’s probably the path we’ll take this week.

And Saturday we’re going to a birthday party for a chunk of the day and will spend the rest of the weekend starting to set up the sale! Lots to do.

My main intention for the week is to just go with the flow and keep my sanity. My stress levels today have been pretty high and I don’t want all my summer days to be like this. I’m working on some coping mechanisms to start applying when I do start feeling like I’m about to lose it. But…it’s going to take time.

That’s about it! Happy summer!

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