Weekend Reflections and Intentions 04.14.2019

I’m going to try and keep this brief! I really want to put last week and all its negativity behind me. Having a pretty rough weekend has not helped matters any. So I’m just going to quickly skim over the highlights of last week!

We got our air conditioner installed on Monday! It was such a long day. I said last weekend that I was mentally prepared for them to be there all day working, but I didn’t expect it actually would take all day. This is seriously all my own issues with having strangers in my space, but it made for a really, really stressful day. But it was worth it to have a cooler house this summer!

Monday night was the big school board meeting. I don’t even want to get into this again. It was hard to be there and hard to deal with all the things that were said there.

I had a lot of errands to run on Tuesday. I was curious to find out that Costco on a Tuesday is SO MUCH less busy than Costco on a Monday. But Tuesday is stocking day at Target, and all those extra employees with all their huge carts of stuff in almost every aisle makes me a bit crazed. I think I’m going to stick with Mondays for errands whenever I possibly can! My week was off to such a distressing start that I rewarded myself with a special lunch at Tipsy Cow after my shopping was over. I also stopped at a Sun Prairie coffee shop for an iced salted caramel latte that was one of the best cold coffee drinks I’ve ever had. I might try and sneak over there tomorrow too to try something else.

Wednesday I really had to get back to work! I finished up two dolls that I didn’t think I was going to like, but ended up loving. I think it’s the mixed textures and colors of yarn. I should try to do that more often, so pretty.

I should note that the temperature reached 70 on Tuesday and we had every window open. The pets LOVED it, though it also made them a bit crazy after six months of being so cooped up. But Wednesday? 30’s again. And snow. NO.

It was pretty much a full blown blizzard right at the time school let out. I contemplated going to intercept the boys on their walk home, but chose not to. They ran all the way and thought it was about the coolest thing ever.

I made Shepard his favorite breakfast for his concert day Thursday.

We had dinner at Culver’s with Greg’s parents and then headed over to the elementary concert. Shepard did great! We were sitting so far back I didn’t even try to get a picture this year, but he was awesome. He looks so grown up in this picture with his nice shirt (should have seen the battle we had over that one!) and combed hair!

Friday I worked. Fridays are actually turning into my most productive day because of the peer pressure to stay on task with Greg also working from home. It used to really annoy me, but now it keeps me focused.

And finally Saturday was my Uncle Tom’s memorial service, so we were there for a big chunk of the day. It was a nice way to gather family members and remember our happiest memories of Tom. I hope that the service, as well as finally receiving the cause of death this week (heart attack), will help everyone gain some closure over his untimely passing and all the stress these last few months have held.

We went over to the neighbor’s later to play with the kittens. They’re definitely bigger than when we last saw them in January! But super cute and SO friendly. Shepard is absolutely in love with them.

I spent the rest of last night and all of this morning finishing a batch of more uniquely themed dolls. This was my favorite of the batch (the hair!).

Sunday Intentions

Moving on to the week ahead! I really hope it’s a lot more emotionally calm than this last week was!! I can’t handle much else. It’s going to be busy, though. Our schedule just keeps getting crazier and crazier from now until the end of the school year. Lots of fun stuff, but also, just…a lot.

I have tons of random errands to run tomorrow and then Shepard starts soccer after school. That’s every Monday and Friday for the next month. Caden still has Chess on Tuesdays. Shepard has an open house on Wednesday, so I won’t be going to yoga for the third week in a row. (Way too coughing sick last week to even attempt it.) Thursday, nothing! There’s no school on Friday – that one single day is our entire “spring break” this year. I’m hoping to convince the boys we should go out and do something fun, but I’m sure they’d rather just sit and play games all day. We’ll see how the weather is, I suppose. It’s supposed to be wet and rainy and gross all week. Saturday I’m hoping that at least Shepard will go to all three local egg hunts with me. It’s sad that they’ve just about outgrown events like that! But without Caden tagging along to make him think it’s dumb, I think he’ll still enjoy it. And we’re going to dye some eggs after the park hunt. And Sunday is Easter!

My highest intention for this week is to FEEL BETTER. This coughing thing is the worst. It’s a hundred times worse when I’m trying to sleep, but it’s pretty bad during the day if I’m actually needing to talk to people too. I want to try and keep prioritizing rest so I can hopefully get better completely. I really, really, really do not want to still be sick in just over two weeks when we head out on our vacation.

I’d also like to complete 12 small Mother’s Day dolls this week. If I want to try and do some Heartstring Annie 6 year anniversary specials the following week, I really need to get a few Mother’s Day dolls out there first.

And I want to get ready for Easter! I have boxes of decorations that I didn’t even open yet. Decorating is getting harder and harder for minor holidays because I just don’t have decorations out in many places anymore than can be swapped out over the seasons. Most available space is for books or electronics. I even ended up buying new Easter baskets the other day because they were so big (the Noe Easter Bunny brings a lot of stuffers!). But I want to get out the eggs – tomorrow – and make sure everything is set so I’m not stressing out on Saturday night when it’s time to hide everything.

Well, that’s about it! Hope you have a great week!

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