Saturday Reflections 04.27.2019

I get daily emails from hope*writers with tips on focusing my writing. Today’s question was whether I want to be the kind of writer that writes for myself, or one that writes for others. I think this blog is pretty clear evidence that I mainly write for myself. I definitely appreciate those that read the bulk of my posts which are centered around my life and probably not that interesting to the masses. But then the end of the month rolls around and I desperately wish I had more readers to discuss books and tv and podcasts with me. And the occasional post where I pour my heart out on a topic that’s been weighing on me. The email I just received, however, told me that if I want it both ways I’m sure to be filled with disappointment in the long run. This is a tricky place to be, feeling called to write, but not sure how to find my direction or my audience for the things I truly want to write about. I’m curious to see if my attitude changes as I work through this direction course I’m doing. I wonder if the direction of my blog will start to change as well. It’s certainly something to mull over.

Anyway! It’s been a fast and fairly unexciting week around here. We had so many Easter leftovers that I decided to skip my regular errand running day, which turned out to be a good thing because I got a call from school that Shepard was sick. Apparently he was complaining about a headache, but it took them over two hours to call me about it. I have it written in all his health papers that if he ever says his head hurts he needs medicine and sleep IMMEDIATELY or he WILL throw up. But this is also the first time it’s ever happened at school, so whatever. He had so much sugar on Easter with almost nothing else, so I was not surprised in the least that it resulted in a migraine.

Even though it was migraine induced and therefore not contagious, because he did throw up at school (minutes before I picked him up – ugh!), he had to stay home on Tuesday too. He spent the day doing quiet activities while I worked like crazy. I thought it would be a great idea to organize all the dolls I want to make in the next month and then trace them all out and cut all the dresses, so I’d have a head start. Instead of feeling on top of the world over that choice, it just stressed me out SO MUCH. Because I really, really want to make these dolls in the next few weeks and I’m not so sure it’s logistically possible and I therefore just set myself up for failure. It also got me thinking about fifty other dolls I’d really love to make before the need for patriotic dolls hits (technically May is when everyone starts wanting them so I’m basically already behind). Needless to say, I was pretty stressed out on Tuesday. And really this whole week.

So of course instead of buckling down on Wednesday when both boys were back at school, I treated myself to a day of fun shopping! I went to all my favorite places and got some more things for my school raffle baskets (they’re going to be epic!). I also got a Starbucks coffee in the morning and Qdoba for a late lunch on my way back home. It was good to get out of the house and do something fun. Sometimes it’s really hard for me to just let go and enjoy anything. I need these occasional days away from it all.

I went to my last yoga class on Wednesday night. She said she was taking it easy on us, but I was shaking by the end! I’m glad I took the class, but I’m also glad it’s over. It was a good reminder of how amazing stretching and moving your body around really does feel. On those long sewing days I get so stiff and sore and yoga is basically the only solution. I just need to remember that!!

I spent almost all day Thursday at my sewing machine working on the doll making step I like the least before choosing the first set to start completing. Then the boys went with Grandma and Greg and I went on a date to Chili’s. It wasn’t really the most ideal time in the middle of a lot of eating out for other things and right before our vacation, but honestly, I’m sick of waiting for the ideal time for a date. It never comes. Everyone is getting busier and busier and ideal is a thing of the past. We had a gift card from a long time ago and I wanted to go out and use it!

I’m not sure if we’re the only ones, but Greg and I talk and connect like a million times more when we’re out of the house. Walks, hanging out at school functions, and especially on dates. When we don’t have all the distractions around us, we finally remember the other exists and have real conversations. It was great to get out. Unfortunately, another migraine hit Shepard on his way to Grandma’s and he slept almost straight through until Friday morning.

Friday was so chaotic and busy! Greg had a friend who drove cross country to go to a wedding and he stayed with us Friday night and will be back again Sunday afternoon. Greg took both Friday and Monday off of work to spend time with him. It’s something I was stressed about, so we were both working to get the house clean and ready for our very first houseguest. I also had like my fifth day in a row of starting to sew around 5am. My coughing is getting a little better, but now I’ve reverted back to my super early wake up times. I just can’t win!

Greg and Caden went to End Game with a few friends and I took Shepard to soccer practice. We were planning to go to a school science night, but I think everything that happened this week was really dragging Shepard down, so we ended up skipping it in favor of getting to Mod Pizza for a special dinner as soon as possible after soccer. Then we ran a few errands that will hopefully eliminate my need to leave town for anything else before our Colorado trip. It was a pretty late night. Not a great idea in retrospect because today Shepard is coughing almost as bad as he was a month and a half ago and he seems to have developed into a major cold overnight. But…it was a fun time together. I like hanging out with him out of the house too. He’s probably my best date because he’s always up for anything!

And back to today! I got VERY little sleep, got an impromptu breakfast ready for our guest, and then took Annie to the dog park for a long time. She’s been fairly neglected this week and it was showing! Then the four of us went to see End Game. It was good! I pretty uncomfortable for the entire last hour with a coffee filled bladder, and was getting pretty irritated by Shepard’s sniffling and refusal to even try to blow his nose, but the movie itself was really great! When we got back home Shepard and I both took naps. I was originally planning on getting a lot of sewing done today, but…I just don’t want to. 🙂

That’s it for this week! Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow, but then nothing else until we’re back from Colorado!

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