Sunday Intentions 03.03.2019

I’m really excited to finally have a normal week! Not that February wasn’t a ton of fun, but I really need to buckle down and get to work. Looking at the calendar, this might be the perfect week – a lot of time to work, but with a few fun things thrown in.

Tomorrow really won’t be the greatest because I have to get a few fillings in the morning. But this appointment has been rescheduled three times in the last two months, so I’m anxious to just get it done and over with. I can’t remember the post-fillings rules, but I’m hoping to get a yummy lunch afterward to make up for the pain it’s sure to cause me!

On Wednesday I have a lunch scheduled with my friend Katy. Depending on my errand running needs by that point in the week, I might zip over to Trader Joe’s beforehand as a little fun treat. We’ll see. It’ll be good enough just having some friend time! Then in the evening I have my first Graceful Yoga class with my mom. I really hope it’s not too intense! But also active enough that it feels great to stretch around. I really hate making that kind of eight week commitment to something without knowing ahead of time if I’ll like it or not. So hopefully I will!

On Saturday we’re going to see the new Captain Marvel movie as a family. Should be fun!

So that leaves Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to WORK. Definitely my highest priority of the week. I started tracing and cutting dresses for twelve St. Patrick’s Day dolls the other day, so my goal is to hopefully finish those up by Thursday and have time to start my first batch of Easter dolls before the weekend. My customers are anxiously waiting!

We’re entering into another crazy cold day tomorrow, but maybe it’ll start warming up by the end of the week?? I’d love to get some dog park days in with Annie. Walking would be great too, but I don’t expect the ice to go away anytime soon without a real thaw. But hopefully soon.

That’s about it! Short and sweet. Have a great week!

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