Saturday Reflections 03.30.2019

Hello! It is already Saturday evening. This day has flown by. Probably because of my hour of reading in bed and then two hour nap this afternoon. Lack of sleep is once again catching up with me. Shepard is still coughing at night. Greg is still going on his two plus week cold and blowing his nose at night. I’ve slept about every other night from sheer exhaustion, but the nights in between are rough. I hope that once spring officially comes around to stay, maybe things will get better?? Though I can already feel my own allergies starting to seep in, so soon I’ll be awake at night with a whole new set of problems!

Anyway! It’s been a pretty low key week. I ended up running my errands on Monday morning in pretty weird places – Trader Joe’s and a gigantic Monona Walmart I’ve only been to once before. Sometimes I get pretty tired of going to the same set of stores week after week, even though they generally have everything I need. Hopefully I finally got Trader Joe’s out of my system for awhile and I can stick closer to home for the next few weeks!

Tuesday – worked. Caden has Chess Club after school, so I surprised Shepard with a steaming cup of coffee for when he walked in the door. He was in such a good mood! His temperment lately is always one extreme or the other. He’s either the happiest kid you’ve ever seen, or the most outraged and stubborn one. He wore tank tops and shorts to school every day this week because YES 34 DEGREES IS WHEN YOU CAN WEAR SHORTS. It was in the 20’s almost every morning when we walked to school. I give up. If he’s cold, it’s not my fault and I’m not going to worry about it anymore.

On Wednesday I finished up a batch of springy dolls. I’ve decided my customers aren’t interested in Easter. Which is unfortunate, though I myself am not that interested in decorating for Easter either this year, so I guess I can understand. I think I’m going to focus on spring and random themed dolls for the next few weeks.

Yoga on Wednesday was pretty challenging again. So many poses that were really irritating my ankle. It’s so discouraging how one split second of stepping in the wrong place in the wrong way has managed to alter the course of my life. I keep thinking about the x-ray technician that told me it took a good five years for her broken ankle to feel back to normal. I was so upset at her for telling me that at the time when I was in so much pain, but now I’m starting to wonder if five years is even an optimistic outlook. I feel like I’m going to have this pain forever and it ticks me off! I think that in general yoga is really helping the rest of my body feel better, though. I’ve been doing it at home every few days, just on my own to stretch out tight muscles. I don’t think I’ll take this class again when the session is over, but I’m hoping to incorporate it a lot more often into my life at home.

Annie had her annual vet check up on Thursday morning. She’s just 1-3 pounds a teeny bit overweight, but I’m guessing it’s just from winter and months of barely getting any exercise. (Plus she’s been being SUPER naughty lately and stealing as much people and cat food as she can get away with when nobody is looking.) Otherwise everything else checked out perfectly. The vet was amazed at how great her teeth look. I also had them change the paperwork, so Annie now OFFICIALLY 4. 🙂

I finished up another batch of dolls on Friday morning. I just bought this fabric and wanted to use it right away. So cute! I’ve really been enjoying straying from traditional red striped legs and red hair these last few months. It’s so much more fun branching out to other colors. My customers seem to be pretty receptive to it too. Maybe it sets me apart from other dollmakers. This whole batch sold out within minutes. Always so validating and exciting when that happens! (Until I have to deal with all the disgruntled customers that missed out.)

We didn’t have anything on schedule for this weekend, so I convinced Caden to go on a lunch date with me. We went to Tex Tubb’s Taco Palace and Salsa Bar.

I’ve only been here once before, probably at least six years ago. Compared to the delicious array of tacos I had last Sunday at Bel Air Cantina, these were about twice the size, but also a lot less flavorful. The restaurant was also packed and we could barely hear each other or the waitress. We did enjoy the salsa bar, though! We both liked the salsa verde best. Overall, it was way too much food. And Caden had really no interest in being there with me. He did come willingly, but refused to do anything else I had suggested after and didn’t engage with any topic I tried to talk with him about. I’m still glad we went, but I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time driving that far into Madison just to eat and come back home.

Anyway, it’s been a pretty good week overall. My emotional state has leveled out a bit, I think. I’m still dealing with some stuff friendship wise that it’s hard to come to terms with. But…it’s okay. That’s life, right?

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