Saturday Reflections 02.02.2019

What a weird week! It started with a snow day on Monday. I’m not sure exactly how much snow we ended up getting, but maybe 8-10 inches. Enough that it was a pain to clean up! I was still feeling pretty weak from my sickness, so I didn’t do much to help. I didn’t really do much of anything that day.

Our new neighbor was also snowed in, so she invited the boys and I to come over and see her new kittens. They were adorable!

Tuesday was our one normal day this week. Or, mostly normal. I dropped the boys off at school and then spent most of the day running errands. Shepard was supposed to have his first art club of the semester, but they ended up calling off after school activities because of the impending polar vortex temperatures. It turned out to be one of those days where I REALLY wish I had some way to communicate with the boys since plans had changed. I had told Caden to walk home on his own because Shepard would be at art, but then with it cancelled I wasn’t sure if Shepard would know to come home on his own and I worried that Caden would be too smart and hear the announcement and then go to pick Shepard up the way he usually does since it turned into a normal day. So I went to school half an hour early to try and get a coveted parking lot spot where I could stay in my car as long as possible, but it was already full! I had to park so far away and my feet were totally frozen by the time they let us into the elementary school to get our kids. I grabbed Shepard, we ran to the car (yes, RAN – he was amazed I could “run”), and I brought him home hoping we’d see Caden and pick him up on the way. Never saw him. So I dropped Shepard off and went back to the schools driving up and down the streets until I finally found Caden standing in a three foot snowbank crying. He DID think he had to pick Shepard up and somehow in the chaos we missed each other. I felt really terrible for not parking in a spot that would have made me walk in his direction, instead of the opposite way, just in case.

So no school again Wednesday. Shepard and I went back to hang with the kittens again because he loves them so much.

While we were there, still really early in the day, school called and called for Thursday too.

We were getting pretty squirrely by Thursday. Overall the week went pretty well, but mostly because we’ve lifted pretty much all screen time rules. They get too obnoxious when Greg’s trying to work all day and I’m trying to get other things done.

On Friday everyone went back to school and work! I spent the morning crazily cleaning the house and then I took myself out to lunch at Monk’s. For me one of the hardest things about having everyone home is being the one still expected to make meal after meal after meal for everyone. It really drains me. So Friday’s lunch was a celebration for surviving.

It was kind of last minute, but on Thursday night I put out an open invitation on facebook for literally anyone to come over and join the boys and I for dinner on Friday while Greg was off on his first of three days in a row of social engagements. I was really hoping that other people were feeling the same way as me. Sick of being stuck at home, excited that the cold weather finally broke, and anxious for some friend time with the added bonus of a full and delicious meal they didn’t have to make. I said kids were welcome too and probably made enough food for at least thirty people. I madly cleaned the entire house. I put not only the first, but also a second AND third invitation on facebook trying to get people to come. Then I sat and waited. And nobody came.

I know it was a long shot and I was trying to tell myself all day long I’d be okay if no one showed up. This is the kind of thing I WANT to do all the time. But I always chicken out because feeling rejected KILLS ME. And explaining the whole story again shows you how pathetic my social situation really is. It frustrates me so much that online, in my virtual communities, everyone has these struggles and everyone wants more friends and ways to connect. But in my real life? I seem to be the only one and I don’t get it.

Anyway. It was still nice to have a delicious meal with the boys and mango salsa is basically my favorite food in the entire world, so it was a great treat. And added bonus – my house is now spic and span. And I have enough frozen leftovers for like six meals, so I’m still glad I made the effort, even though it didn’t pan out.

This morning we all went to the dog park! Annie was SO happy. 🙂 The snow is really deep and she was having a hard time running, but she did her best! Then she kept trying to bury herself while eating the snow. I’m going to try and take her back every day possible in the next few weeks.

And finally, only 12 hours after I set the goal, I made the boys get haircuts. They were NOT happy. But I’m glad they’re cleaned up for once!

So cute!

The rest of the day I’m hoping to get some work done. I think I’m so busy next week I won’t have any time to sew. I started a batch of spring dolls the other day and I’d love to get them done this weekend. Greg and Shepard are off on a boys’ day with some friends in an hour, so it’ll be pretty quiet around the house.

Congratulations on surviving this week with me!

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