Sunday Intentions 12.16.2018

It’s a new week! And it’s going to be a good one! I’m really excited that we’re officially in Christmas week (at least around here lol). Four and a half days of school for the boys, a few days of errands and prep for me, and then the fun begins. Actually, I think this whole week will be a lot of fun as long as I can stay on top of everything.

On Monday morning I’m going to run most of my grocery errands in time to get back to Columbus for another friend lunch. I’ve become a lady who lunches! Then the boys have their final day of piano lessons and lego league. I think Shepard will be happy to be done with piano (unfortunately), but Caden LOVED lego league and we’re all sad it’s over. It’s the only extracurricular activity he’s ever enjoyed.

I’m hoping that Tuesday can be a me day. I was so disappointed I didn’t have time to walk down State Street last week when I was RIGHT THERE. We normally get to State Street every December for a date, but it was too cold for our annual Christmas date last week. But I really miss checking out all the cute shops with their holiday inventory. So hopefully, if I’m on track with everything else in my life, I’m going to spend the day hopping around to fun shops that I want to go to just because I like them!

Wednesday is going to be my baking day. I’m planning to bake a lot less since I’m not gifting homemade treats to the neighbors this year. But I’d still like to make three or four batches of our absolute favorite Christmas cookies. And after school we’re heading to Beaver Dam to spend the evening with Greg’s family.

Thursday I need to run out again to Costco to pick up some more timely things for Friday and Saturday. Greg has a vacation day, so maybe I can convince him to go with me and we could have a lunch date. Or he’ll have to go put those bikes together if he hasn’t yet, which I’m guessing will be the case. We’re giving them on Saturday, so they need to be built! Hopefully that’ll be rather quick and the rest of the day will be spent cleaning and making sure everything is in order since Christmas basically starts Friday!

The boys have a half day of school on Friday and then my family will be coming over to celebrate my dad’s birthday. Except he most likely won’t even be there because FedEx drivers don’t get done with work by dinnertime four days before Christmas! But we’re going to order pizza and enjoy the night. I’m so excited to see Hudson! It feels like forever since we’ve seen him. Two months is a very long time.

On Saturday morning we’re celebrating our family Christmas. We like to get it in early when the boys are still in good moods and not burned out by huge gatherings. I’ll probably just make a nice breakfast and we’ll open presents and it’ll be over by 8am. Sometime in the afternoon all of Greg’s family will come over. I’m really excited that we’re doing something with both families at our house this year! I always decorate so nicely and then we spend the entire week at someone else’s house. Maybe with a few things happening at our house, the boys won’t act up quite so much.

I’m guessing I won’t have time to write next weekend, so continuing on – Sunday is Greg’s huge extended family party. Happening in Beaver Dam this year, thank goodness! I can’t remember if it was last year or the year before, but we had to drive through a blizzard and it took about three hours each way of driving for that party. Never again in those conditions. It was such a stressful start to our Christmas.

And Christmas Eve is our biggest day, spending the first half of the day opening presents and eating brunch with Greg’s side and then spending the rest of the day with mine.

And Christmas Day everything finally settles down! Santa comes, we open gifts, we play with our gifts, and depending on how everyone feels, we maybe head off to a grandparent house later in the day. It’s usually pretty up in air. Considering we’re having a solid four days of partying before that, I’m guessing it’s going to be a stay at home year. Caden usually can’t even handle one big day of festivities, so four days is a lot. I’m hoping with so many aunts and uncles around, though, he’ll be too distracted to throw the kinds of fits he’s still prone to at 10 years old. 😛

Anyway, I’m feeling very optimistic about all things Christmas this year! My only intention for the week is to just enjoy everything. The house is still pretty clean and clutter free since my party a few weeks ago, so there won’t be a ton to do on that front. There’s definitely some food prep to work on this week, but not so much that it’s going to overwhelm me. I think, hopefully, there will still be plenty of time to read and relax too. The last few weeks have not felt that Christmasy to me yet, so I’m hoping it’ll all come flooding in in the next few days. I’m ready to celebrate!

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