Sunday Intentions 11.04.2018

Let’s just start by saying daylight savings with kids is THE WORST. It’s also just the worst for people like me who absolutely cannot sleep in ever no matter what the circumstances, so now I get to start my day 4 instead of 5 every day for awhile. And then I get the added bonus of my kids up at 5:30 yelling at me and whining because I won’t let them play games and then retaliating by being as loud as possible and letting the animals through the french doors so it’s guaranteed Greg will also wake up way too early and be crabby with all of us. Fun times, daylight savings.

Anyway, it’s a new week and another busy one. The calendar really filled up fast. Though it’s mostly really fun things, so I can’t complain!

Today we’re off to Chicago to see all of Greg’s half of the family. The siblings and significant others aren’t able to come for Thanksgiving this year, so it’s the only time we’ll all be together before Christmas. Which is just super rare to begin with, so it should be fun. If the boys behave. Experience from the last few months tells me they won’t. But I can hope!

Tomorrow, unfortunately, is a no school day. Caden tells me it’s because the quarter ended. I’d like to try and do something fun with the day so we’re not just all sitting at home whining about and/or playing video games. I would really love to finally get to that Verona dog park we tried to go to a few times in August, but the area was too flooded. But it’s going to rain all day today and there’s a chance of rain tomorrow, so it’s not looking very promising. I don’t really have a backup plan, so at the very least I’d like to take them out to lunch or something to mark the day as being a little bit special.

By Tuesday I’ll be desperate to get out and grocery shop. Trying to keep the fridge stocked with an abundance of fruits and vegetables that I actually want to eat is probably the biggest challenge of this whole weight loss thing. I’m also tempted to go see Bohemian Rhapsody on $5 Tuesday, but I’m not sure I’ll have enough time. Maybe next week.

Wednesday will hopefully be a full blown work day. In years past I try to get all of my Christmas doll making done in November so I can just spend December enjoying everything else. But considering I haven’t even started a single Christmas doll yet, I have quite a lot of ground to cover in the next four weeks. I also have a few custom orders I need to work on first.

On Thursday my favorite vintage shop, Twisted Sister, is having their holiday open house. I plan on being there right when it opens to check everything out! Then Shepard has a Literacy Night event at school.

Friday morning I am going to be anxiously waiting at my computer to sign up for a limited spot craft retreat I REALLY want to be part of in January. It’s at the Whatever Craft House in Kansas and sounds amazing. But there are only 16 available spots, a ton of people that want to go, and it’s first come first serve. I’m telling myself that if I don’t get in then it wasn’t meant to be and I’ll be okay. But I really, really want to go. One of my fellow Wisconsin doll makers is also hoping to get in and then we’re going to carpool together. But I feel like the chances of both of us getting in is pretty slim. We shall see. I’m trying to push it from my mind so I’m not stressing about it all week.

On Friday night, my other favorite vintage place that’s only open two or three times a year, is having their annual Christmas sale. I missed the spring one because of my broken ankle, so I’m really excited for this one!

And Saturday I’m having a Christmas shopping day with Cindy, something we do every November. Should be fun!

Overall, a pretty good week ahead, I think! I want to keep focusing on sewing and following my healthy eating plan. And writing every day!

Have a good week!

(Also a little side note about the image above – So, I really like to just use my own photos on here. But at the writing workshop the other night the teacher told us about her favorite free stock photo site, so I think I might be using the occasional stock photo for these posts I can’t find a matching picture of my own for. Just want to clarify that point for future reference!)

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