Saturday Reflections 11.03.2018

As usual, I committed to writing something substantial every day and now it’s 7pm and I haven’t had two minutes today to sit down and write. Why does it always work that way?! I thought I was going to have this really lazy reading and writing day like last Sunday, and there have just been so many dang things to DO. It’s frustrating!

Anyway, it’s been a rather uneventful week. I’ve just had my head down trying to work and trying to stick with this new weight loss plan. Both have been successful – for once.

Monday I ran errands, Tuesday I worked, both nights the boys had their usual clubs and activities. It felt so great to just be at home all day on Tuesday, actually getting things done. I’ve been running around so much these last two months, I really want to try and slow down and settle into routine again.

Wednesday was Halloween. I made chocolate pumpkin muffins for breakfast – but didn’t eat any when I realized a single muffin has 400 calories.  Yikes. Not worth it for me. Greg had to go to Chicago for a work related Halloween party, which I thought was pretty funny. Annie and I went on a really long walk in the morning which felt amazing. And then Greg was home in time to take the boys to the dentist in the afternoon.

I kind of phoned it in and made a jack-o-lantern bbq pizza for dinner. I wanted to make something special for dessert too, but I couldn’t get motivated. I’m a bit at war internally right now between wanting to stick to very simple and wholesome foods to stay in my calorie limits and wanting to pick up my cookbooks and make something delicious.

Thursday marked the end of my first week with Noom. I lost 3.5 lbs in a week. I’ve lost another half pound in the two days since. So that seems successful, right?? I’ve been proud of myself and it’s gotten easier. But I also made a ton of pretty drastic changes all at once and I hit a slump every day where I feel deprived and sad. In general, I’ve been FEELING physically so much better. I’ve limited myself to one processed food a day – usually Simply Cheetos or Poppables chips in the afternoons. I have oatmeal or cereal with fruit for breakfast. I’ve been eating chicken breast on corn tortilla tacos for lunch pretty much every day. I haven’t eaten any Halloween candy since trick or treat night. I haven’t been to any restaurants. I’ve been trying to drink water and then eat a fruit or vegetable anytime I get hungry. I’m trying to trick my mind with mints instead of looking for a snack. I’ve been really active.

The calorie counting sucks, but I’m getting the hang of realizing what food is in which category and trying to be very intense about my portion control. So, it all seems to be working. But I don’t think I’m going to continue with Noom. I still have a few more days to make up my mind before they charge me for six months, but I think I’d rather do this same stuff with a free app and not the extra real person support. Support kind of annoys me. I’m a bit worried if I give it up I’ll just go back to eating the way I usually eat. But I’m hoping after two weeks of making real changes and physically feeling and seeing how much better I am, it’ll be worth it to continue on this path. It just gets hard on nights like tonight when I hated what I made for dinner, so I barely touched it, but then I was starving and angry and sad and just wanted to raid the pantry for anything I saw. Instead I took a long walk. And ate a piece of peanut butter on super whole grainy toast when I got back.

Thursday night I went to that creative writing workshop which I wrote about yesterday.

On Friday morning Greg wanted to go vote early, so I tagged along. It wouldn’t have been a problem for me to get there on Tuesday, but I’m glad I got it done! It was fun to go together.

The boys only had a half day on Friday. Caden had his well child checkup in the afternoon. He’s healthy and good. According to their charts, he grew 3.75 inches in the last year! On my measuring thing at home, he’s only grown one…

I finally finished up my batch of dolls by Friday night. This is my favorite one. Still available! 🙂

And that brings us to today. I was doing a bunch of random things around the house this morning and then Greg and Annie and I went on a walk. Then Greg went to visit my brother for a few hours and I took the boys to the dog park. It was only 40 degrees, but both boys refused to wear a coat. Shepard was even wearing short sleeves. I don’t know what is going on with them, but they both put up insane fights every single morning because they absolutely do not want to wear OR bring coats, hats, etc. It’s been in the 30’s every single morning!

I was so excited that I saw Annie’s twin at the dog park today! I’ve never seen a dog look so similar to her! Actually, there’s one other dog I occasionally see named Finley who looks exactly like Annie in size/shape/hair length, but she has red hair and blue eyes. This guy was exactly like Annie! Except a lot older. I was trying to be sneaky about taking a picture and then the owner just started wandering around outside the park by himself, so I had plenty of chances to take pictures of his dog lol.

After the dog park I took my usual nap while the boys gamed, then worked on some more random household things, made dinner, took a walk, and here I am! I’ve also discovered this week that I REALLY love having a candle burning at my desk when I’m going to be here awhile. My brother gave this one to me as a late birthday present and I love it. It just makes any long tasks I’m doing on my computer feel extra special to have a nice candle at my side!

And that’s been the week!

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