Saturday Reflections 09.01.2018


I am so happy to say goodbye to August! A lot of fun things happened, but it was a really stressful month too, and seemed to last FOREVER. This last week pretty much took the cake! Good riddance.

I wrote my last reflection post early, so starting with Saturday – we went to Oshkosh to hang out with some of Greg’s side of the family. We got to meet baby River, another second cousin for the boys.

They were having a blast playing!

On Sunday, I went to see Crazy Rich Asians by myself. I love going to movies on a whim, on my own. I treated myself to Chipotle for lunch and then did my grocery shopping before heading home for a nap. I worked in the evening and took Annie on a long walk. We finished the night with tornado sirens going off. We had just put the boys to bed, so I went back up to get them and gathered all the pets in the basement. Caden was really scared, shaking and crying. Even though we lived in our apartments a few years ago when Columbus got hit so hard, I don’t think he’ll ever forget seeing all that damage around town. He’s very frightened of big storms. Fortunately, it died down before it hit us and the warning was called off. That was Annie’s first time in the basement (I had to drag her down), so she was having quite the adventure! Now every time I go down she lays at the top of the stairs and whimpers. I tell her she can come down and she immediately starts running around like crazy, trying to get away from me. Apparently going in the basement is akin to taking a bath in her mind. I wonder if she was locked in a basement or something in her previous home. 🙁

I wanted Monday to be a really fun day, but then the weather was cooler than expected and I didn’t think the pool options were open. The doorknob that we use all the time broke on Sunday, so we pretty much had no choice but to turn Monday into another errand day. I had a package to drop at UPS, then we went to Menard’s for a new knob, Woodman’s for sunflower seeds, and finished up at Target with the boys getting their very own frappuccinos to celebrate (hopefully) the last time they have to run errands with me for a very long time!

I felt so lazy and exhausted by the time we got back home on Monday. It was really hard to get motivated this week in between everything that was happening. I was tired and grumpy just SO OVER the boys also being tired and grumpy and directing all of their bad attitudes at me. Caden was supposed to go to the last Lord of the Rings movie with Greg, but he was in trouble for how he behaved at Grandma’s on Sunday (I wasn’t there). Instead, I took the kids to the pool. It’s a good thing we went because apparently their sump room or something got flooded the next day and they just closed up for the season. It’s kind of a bummer we couldn’t go this last weekend, but it’s been pretty weird weather again.

The bad news is that we were about to leave the pool and my car died again. Three days at the auto repair place and they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Tons of errands the next two days. And then it just dies again. I’m lucky it died in Columbus! I’m also lucky my friend Deja was at the pool with us and was able to come and give us rides back home. We could have walked, but that’s about the last thing I wanted to do at that point in the day! I dropped my key off at the car place and hoped they could figure it out this time.

My original plan for Monday night was to get the boys to bed early so I could enjoy a full evening of reading by my candle far in a CLEAN ROOM. But the car threw everything off and I had a really hard time relaxing. But I gave it my best effort. Keeping this room clutter free and beautiful is one of my highest priorities in the next few months! I love having this pretty reading retreat. My pets do too!

Tuesday was stressful. Shepard has been in the worst of moods. I just couldn’t deal with him. I was trying to get a bunch of work done, and some reading, and basically just let all the kids do whatever they wanted so they’d leave me alone. We were without a car because Greg really needed to go into work for a big meeting and Caden had his last therapy session with that therapist at 3. We were hoping Greg might get home early enough to pick us up, but his meeting ran late and he forgot that my car was being worked on in the first place… Luckily by the time I heard from him we had already walked all the way there. It was far and hot, but we beat the next storm that started as we were leaving therapy.

The rains were so hard on Tuesday night that the basement flooded. And it was in our back room, which usually is very dry. It’s also so far removed from the drain that if we don’t remove the water it’s never going to go anywhere. The only tool at our disposal was a sponge mop that we had to constantly wring out over the drain and a rusty holey shop vac. Greg definitely took the brunt of the work, but Shepard and I helped out too. Greg stayed up for most of the night, going back down over and over again to suck up another bucket of water. NOT fun.

After working on it all night, Greg took a sick day on Wednesday and his dad came over in the morning and helped all day. They took turns with the shop vac and Steve brought over a bunch of fans. By mid afternoon they finally got most of it dried up.

The boys had school orientation in the afternoon. They both keep insisting they don’t want to go to school ever again, but boy were they happy to see their friends! Shepard is Mr. Social Butterfly when he’s at school. I think he’ll be more than fine this year!

Getting the lay of the land at the middle school for Caden was interesting. He has a first year teacher this year and she seemed very nice. He found a few more friends will be in his class. I’m sure he’ll make new friends pretty quickly, but I feel better knowing he’ll at least be familiar with more people than we were originally expecting. Willow is also in his class, who has spent like 75% of the summer at our house, so they are both thrilled. I’m sure the first few days might be a little rough, but I think he’s going to feel pretty cool being the older kid in a new school.

We did go pick up my car before the orientation. They decided the problem was the starter. So I have a new starter. I hope that was really the problem. I HATE living in fear of an unreliable vehicle.

I had my annual exam on Thursday morning, so we had to leave bright and early for that. I was super excited my doctor’s office finally got on board with the national guidelines of having pap tests only every 3 years. That was a very happy surprise! Everything else was okay, except my blood pressure was high. I tried to explain it’s always high at these appointments because I’m so freaked out. But also, in the past week my husband had surgery and isn’t supposed to be doing anything except resting, my car has died and been in the shop twice, my basement flooded, my kids are in the worst of moods, I’ve barely had two minutes to sit down and work for weeks, and life is insane right now! I have a few reasons my BP might be on the rise! But I’m now monitoring it for a few days (it’s still high) and will probably have to see an internal medicines doctor to talk about next steps. Which is honestly just stressing me out a lot too on top of everything. I need to get my act together and get healthy. Breaking my ankle put a major dent in my exercise plans this year, but it’s time to get back out there.

Anyway. I drop my mom and the boys at a park when I go to that appointment each year and then we usually go to the splash pad. It was pretty chilly yet Thursday morning, so we skipped the pad and went to Trader Joe’s. And of course found all kinds of amazing treats! It was my mom’s first time there. I was amazed at her restraint! Of course I also had two kids with me that kept throwing things in the cart. We spent $20 on chocolates alone.

I was planning to just go to lunch and then go home, but the boys remembered The Mustard Museum existed, so we ended up going far in the opposite direction to taste test a bunch of mustards. They LOVE it there. And I really appreciate the employees that cater to my kids requesting a bunch of mustard samples without looking down on them or acting like they were a nuisance. She was smart enough to realize I was probably going to buy what they liked the most!

We had lunch at The Great Dane after, which was delicious. And then finished the trip at Target to get some Starbucks. It was the day I was dreading the most of the week and it actually turned out really great! I feel like I truly enjoyed spending the time with my kids (and my mom) and it was a great send off to summer. It was also just so nice to see them enjoying something other than video games! Even though they hate grocery stores, they were having the best time finding new treats at Trader Joe’s and the mustard tasting felt very special to them. It was good!

Greg’s mom picked up the boys in the evening, so we had our weekly night to ourselves, though this was a week of doing our own things. Greg wanted to work on some stuff outside to try and flood proof our basement. I took Annie to the dog park.

I woke up Friday morning with like a pinched nerve in my back. Every time I moved my right arm my back would scream in pain. So despite my best intentions to have a crazy awesome work day, I had a hard time with it. I did my best, but man, it hurt. It still hurts. Why does this always have to happen when I so desperately want to get things done?!

Today I decided to bow out of the family trip to Cedar Lake to do a few things on my own. I headed out to the farmer’s market for the first time in ages. I don’t think I’ve been there since June. I love these fall markets so much with produce I actually want to buy. It was sprinkling when I got there and full on pouring by the time I left, but I walked as fast as I could and came out with quite a haul! I also went to three different grocery stores afterward to get all my shopping in for the week. My fridge is now bursting at the seams with fresh and delicious foods.

The rest of my day has been spent alternating between reading while lying on an ice pack and trying to get some things done. I’d really like to have my life organized and back on track BEFORE Tuesday when school starts. I want to get everything organized and ready so I can get back into all my normal routines without any hiccups. I also want to pave the way to give myself all the time to WORK. Of course none of this is going to happen if the stupid pain my back, and now neck, won’t go away! So frustrating.

Anyway, that has been the week! A lot of “excitement.” A lot of stress. But summer is over! I am SO ready for September and fall and all of the awesome things coming up in the next few months!

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