Sunday Intentions 07.01.2018

I think this might be the most boring Sunday Intentions post I’ll ever write. I’ve really got nothing, guys. I feel LOUSY this weekend. Very much like I did last Sunday, but for different reasons. I caught some sort of cold/cough thing from the boys a few days ago and the coughing part has been rough. I ended up not going to the Mallard’s game last night because I was hacking so much and could barely sit up and thought I just might die feeling like that AND going into a crowd of tightly packed people on a 100+ degree day. The coughing has greatly subsided today, but my body feels completely out of whack. Almost like a flu. But without the fever. At least I think without a fever, I haven’t checked. Anyway, I’ve really done nothing today but read and take short naps. It stinks. I wanted to get so much done on this rare summer Sunday without any plans. But…it’s not happening.

Anyway! It’s July. It’s the last week of summer school, which I have very mixed feelings about. It’ll be nice not to have to get everyone rallied and ready by a certain time every morning. And it’ll be fun to start going on more day trips and dog park adventures. But I really don’t think the boys are going to handle so much unstructured time very well. I’m anticipating twelve hours a day of begging, whining, and negotiating for all their various screen time desires. They definitely know how to wear me down to the point of giving in because I’m just so exasperated and exhausted by it all. I’m hoping I can still work at least a few hours a day, but the days can get pretty unpredictable. But I guess I can stress out and talk about this next week.

This week should be good. 4th of July on Wednesday. We don’t have any solid plans yet, but plenty of options. I always like to watch at least part of the gigantic Columbus parade. It’s just always so hot! Why don’t they have the parade start in the morning instead of noon?? One of Caden’s friends is having a big bash at their house, so we might stop by there in the afternoon. And presumably we’ll walk to the park to watch the fireworks at night. With my ankle and the heat I’m not really in the mood to make solid plans yet. Summer weather makes me grumpy. So does having an ankle that never seems like it’s going to fully heal.

I guess the most exciting news this week is that Hudson turns ONE on Friday!! It was a fast year! I’m very excited to see him at his birthday party next Sunday. Love that little guy so much!

My main intention for the week is to just survive it! 🙂 Hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling a whole lot better than I did today. I originally planned on running some errands on Thursday night, then Friday night, then Saturday morning, then at any point today – and it didn’t happen. And each day I think of more stores and more things I need to pick up, so tomorrow is going to be full blown errand running as quickly as possible while the boys are at school. The rest of the days I hope to get a lot of work in. Or if I don’t feel like working – revel in my last few mornings to myself before two months of kid filled chaos.

And that’s about it. Happy 4th of July!

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