Saturday Reflections 07.28.2018

What a whirlwind of a week! With extra family in town, it ended up feeling like a vacation week for us as well. Greg even spontaneously took a few days off to join in the vacationesque mood of everyone else. We were so busy every day, and it was actually kind of awesome! I didn’t get any work done, but…it’s summer. I really don’t care anymore.

Anyway, I normally take a few notes every day on what happens so I’ll remember everything I want to write about on Saturday. But I managed to forget every single day this week. So I’ll just give a more brief overview this time around!

While I was writing last weekend’s post, Greg went to pick up his sister Sarah where she was being dropped off by a friend in Madison. We hung out at our house for awhile and then went to the in-law’s and had a little birthday celebration for her.

Greg’s sisters are twins, but we celebrated them separately this year since their arrivals were staggered. It was such a beautiful night and we had a really nice dinner out on the deck.

Timmy, Brittany, and Hudson were sleeping over at my mom’s house Sunday night, so the boys and I rushed over early Monday morning with a giant box of donuts to spend a little time with them.

Hudson’s not really up for our selfie game anymore these days. I’m never around him long enough for him to get comfortable snuggling up for a picture. Though he’s going to sleep over in a few weeks on one of his last days in Wisconsin, so maybe I can finally get a smile then. Or not.

It was kind of a melancholy morning over there. We all went on a walk around the block and then hung outside. The weather has been so great this week. I wish these temperatures and cool breezes lasted all summer long! But yeah, I’m still sad. That’s all I’ll say about it.

On Monday evening, I went to see the new Mamma Mia movie with Dana. We left early to get some food at the movie theater. I really liked the movie! I had zero expectations going into it, and then spent the entire time wishing I had re-watched the first movie before seeing the second. It was really good, though. And it was fun to do something with a friend who actually likes going out and doing things!

On Tuesday, everyone had their screens taken away and were “soooooo bored” so we ended up running errands in Madison, even though I wasn’t at all prepared with a list or meal plans. Probably should have just stayed home or shopped in town in hindsight! In the evening we met Greg’s family at the Amtrak station to pick up his other sister, Melissa. The plan was to go eat at this restaurant in Columbus called Cercis. I was SO excited about it. I thought it was the perfect place to have a nice family night out. And it’s basically one of the only open restaurants in Columbus right now. BUT, I failed to see that it’s closed on Tuesdays. So, we ended up at Culver’s. Where we eat alllllllll the time. Then came back to our house for cake and gifts.

The boys went back home with them to have a sleepover and Sarah brought them back on Wednesday and met me at the pool. It ended up being the hottest day this week, so it turned out perfectly. The water even felt great. Shepard was feeling a boost of confidence and even tried for his swim test – and passed!! He took it twice right at the beginning of summer and failed, so he hasn’t had any interest in trying again the last two months. But he did awesome this time! He spent the rest of the time fearlessly doing flips off the diving board. I’m so proud of him! It was a really fun time at the pool and I’m glad Sarah was able to come with us.

Greg went with his family to Oshkosh to visit some extended family Wednesday evening, while I stayed home with the boys. They played with their friends and I had a few hours to work. After they went to bed I had a movie and popcorn night with myself, watching I Feel Pretty.

Greg decided to take vacation days on Thursday and Friday, just because he has a lot of them left to use, apparently. We all went to the peach truck to stand in line to get blueberries. He got a taste of all the super exciting things we do in summer while he’s at work. 😛 He took the boys to the pool in the afternoon and I headed to Madison to do a bit of shopping at Kohls and Marshalls. Then I met back up with them, Cindy, and Sarah at this event called The Summer Bodega. It was like an artisan craft fair mixed with food trucks and live music and a few kids’ activities. The only thing I bought were a few flavored sea salts, but it was fun to see all the unique offerings. Mostly we just enjoyed the food! Greg and Shepard shared a pepperoni pizza, Caden had kettle corn samples and egg rolls, I had a chicken taco with mango habanero salsa.

It was probably about an hour’s worth of entertainment, but Steve and Melissa decided to come join us after all, so we were waiting about another hour for them. The boys got big bowls of cookie dough and I had chips and guacamole, which were not very good at all. The boys had definitely had enough after two hours, so we said our goodbyes and headed out. It was kind of a rough end to what felt like a really successful week of family time. It’s disappointing how something like that always happens, casting a cloud over all the good times.

And then Friday. Oh, Friday. I was super excited about it because my best friend Dianne was flying in around 4:30 and I was going to pick her up and we were going to get dinner, then ice cream and a park, and then I’d bring her to her dad’s. And because Greg had a vacation day, I could leave a lot earlier. I headed out after she boarded her two-ish hour flight and went to Barnes and Noble to browse for awhile – my favorite thing to do. But then her flight ended up getting delayed, then unloaded, then delayed some more. After four hours of walking around B&N and Target, we concluded that I should just go home and her dad would get her and we’d adjust plans so we can spend time together before she leaves on Sunday instead. Anyway, totally not anyone’s but the weather’s fault, and I had a great time looking at books and just BEING ALONE for awhile. But it really sucks all our great plans had to be cancelled. We wanted to at least go to the same planned restaurant on Sunday, but JUST MY LUCK, that restaurant is closed on Sundays. Of course it is!

That’s been the week! I originally wanted to go to the farmers market this morning, but my ankle needed a break. (And I thought maybe driving to Madison 6 of 7 days this week was a bit much.) Thursday marked the five month anniversary of my ankle breaking (five months since surgery today). I’m feeling pretty discouraged because while I definitely believe I’m better than I was two months ago, I don’t think I’m better than I was one month ago. If anything, I feel worse. Maybe because I’m doing more? But if I do less, it hurts even more! I just find myself parking in the handicap places at every store I go to, when in June I actively tried to avoid it. I don’t know what’s going on and it’s frustrating. I want to get better. ALL better. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life having to constantly be thinking about how much my ankle can handle before making any kinds of plans. It sucks! I’m starting to get really worried about my all my upcoming mini vacations, and Cranberry Fest, and DC in October. Will I be better in September than I am now??

Anyway. In other reflections on the week – I didn’t make dinner a single time. Yikes!! I didn’t even make lunch since we ate at my mom’s on Monday, a drive thru on Tuesday, the boys were gone on Wednesday and I left it up to Greg Thursday, Friday,and today! Well, I must have fed the boys on Wednesday night, but I think we had sandwiches. Anyway, it was kind of awesome. But kind of terrible too (lol). I need to get back on that this next week because the week after I’m/we’re on vacation the whole week.

More tomorrow!

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