What I Watched June 2018

It was a pretty intense month for tv and movies! I worked a lot, which always means I watch a lot of tv. Probably a bit too much this month!! But having good shows to binge keeps me motivated to keep working, and it keeps me happier. So worth it, I think! 🙂

TV – Alone (I should probably say *spoilers* at this point because I’m probably always going to talk about anything juicy that came up.)

Famous in Love

I was pretty disappointed with the way things turned this season. Jake and Paige breaking up?! After how excited I was at the beginning of the season to see she chose him?? This show is really filled with too much ridiculous drama.

The Last Man on Earth

I’m also disappointed that this was cancelled and they weren’t able to give it a proper send off. So many years of being the last people on earth only to have such a cliffhanger of an ending! Everyone was so obnoxious on this show, though, I guess I’m glad it’s over.

The Good Fight

While I really enjoyed the first season of this show, the second season was fantastic! I’m glad they got away from the whole Maya’s parental scandal and moved on to other things. I love, love, love the Luca and Colin storyline and I’m so glad they’re back together with their baby!


Ah, Quantico, you never seem to know what direction you should move in. I like it, though. Jumping three years ahead was a nice way to distance everyone, but I’m pretty unhappy with the Ryan and Shelby marriage. It just doesn’t seem likely AT ALL. But I’m liking the new guy!

The Bachelorette

Okay, so I am not a reality tv person. I never in my life thought I’d be watching this, BUT The Popcast reviews each episode on their Patreon feed and I finally gave in and started watching. I listened to the episodes from the last season of The Bachelor without watching any of the show and I kept thinking how much awesome relatable content I was missing out on. So I committed to watching The Bachelorette so I could get the full awesomeness of their reviews. I’m paying for it on Patreon anyway, so I don’t want to miss out! Anyway, I’m actually really kind of addicted to the show lol. I like Becca a lot. I think my favorite guy is Blake. All the kissing makes me feel super uncomfortable and it still feels very unnatural to be dating so many people at once, all for the sake of television and “finding true love.” But…it’s a pretty entertaining show!


Charles knows! Charles knows! Charles knows! I was NOT ready for that little tidbit to happen right away in the first episode! I’m also not happy with how he’s handling the information. But hopefully it’ll turn out well. I see there are only going to be seven episodes this season, which makes me fear it’s coming to an end. This is such a good show! I’ll be very sad to see it gone.

Time After Time

Another short lived tv show that came to an unfortunate cliffhanger of an ending. Apparently ABC pulled it after five episodes, but they were able to finish off the series in a different country. Anyway, it was a fun little romp of a show. HG Wells was such an adorable guy. And Josh Bowman is just pretty hot!

Jane the Virgin

I FINALLY finished up this last season. I was spoiled about Michael coming back when it aired (which is fine – I’m good with spoilers!). As much as I loved Michael and was absolutely devastated when he “died” and felt horrible for how hard it was watching Jane try to get past his death – WHY is he coming back after she’s so happy with Raphael?! Because it’s a telenovela, that’s why. I really don’t know how I feel after that enormous twist.

Sneaky Pete

So Amazon first showed like an extended trailer for Sneaky Pete a year or two before it actually came out. I thought it looked really good, but then we forgot about it and never got around to watching it when it was finally available. But this week, in like three days, I binged the first two seasons. I really liked it!

Difficult People

I only watched two episodes of this before moving on to something else. I think it might be a bit too mean and crass for me. But we’ll see. It’s hard to find good things to go back and watch in the summer when nothing new is on.

TV – Together


Is it terrible to say that I really don’t understand what this show is about? I kind of liked the first season. There were some funny moments and some episodes a lot better than others. But this second season just felt so terribly depressing. We only watched a few episodes and I was ready to quit.

Arrested Development

Here we go again, the show that never ends. I don’t think they can ever bring back the love that came when watching the first few seasons. But – it’s okay. And funny at times.

Jessica Jones

We watched two episodes of the newest season and Greg was over it. I thought it was okay, so I might go back on my own to continue one of these days.

Better Call Saul

Greg’s been watching this in real time, but went back to watch the first season with me now that I’ve seen Breaking Bad. I really liked it! Saul always seemed like such a great character and now that I know more of his background I feel so much for him! I’m looking forward to continuing on with his story.


So I literally had no idea what this show was about. I just wanted to see it because people said it was good and Taylor Kitsch is hot. Even once it started I really didn’t know what it was about. I have no recollection of this happening or ever having heard about it. Greg said he watched part of the standoff on tv during school. In second grade? I guess my first grade teacher wasn’t interested in showing it to us! (Though I do remember watching the OJ Simpson trial in fifth grade.) Anyway, the content is pretty depressing and serious, but the acting was incredible. I highly recommend watching it.


Love, Simon

I watched this immediately after reading the book. And of course, the book was better. But this was a pretty great adaptation.

The Disaster Artist

While I thoroughly research books before committing to read them, I basically never know what I’m getting into when it comes to tv or movies. So again, I had no idea what this was and didn’t even realize it was based on a true story until the end. I just figured that I always like a Franco brother, so of course I want to watch a movie with them both in it! Though James? Yikes!! I would have liked this movie a lot more if I could have actually understood more than 10% of the words he said!! There were definitely some really funny parts, but it was kind of sad too.

Every Day

Kind of a weird premis. Also based off of a book – which I have not read. But despite the craziness of this ever happening, I liked the movie. And I loved how it ended.

Set it Up

I think my favorite social media influencers set the bar too high on how strongly they praised this new netflix movie. I eagerly awaited a week and a half before we had a night early enough to fit in a movie. And it was CUTE. But I’m not in love with it. I’d never watch it again. But I guess for a fresh romantic comedy, which you almost never see anymore, it was nice.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

We saw this yesterday in the theater. I haven’t heard a lot of great things about it and Greg is apparently against these movies entirely, even though he keeps seeing them in the theater with me. But I thought it was pretty good. Definitely some odd plot holes, but I’m always up for a Chris Pratt viewing!

And that’s it for June! Any good tv shows you can recommend for me to binge in July?? My docket is pretty empty!

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