Sunday Intentions 06.10.2018

Hello! It’s been another eternally long lasting Sunday. It’s cold and rainy, so the pool plans for the day didn’t happen. I’ve been alternating between working and reading and cleaning, and the day is still lasting forever. I finished up this gigantic book doll earlier that I originally planned to keep for myself. It matches my living room and book area perfectly. But then I hesitantly listed her, thinking if she didn’t sell in the first few days I’d still keep her. But, about a minute after listing, she was gone! Oh well. It’s good to feel validated. She’s all packed up and ready to fly to Hawaii tomorrow. This is actually the fourth doll this week going to a new customer in Hawaii! I forgot to mention this yesterday, but this week I also celebrated selling my 1000th doll through Etsy. I’m guessing I’ve made at least 200 more than that for gifts, craft fairs, and non-etsy sales. It’s crazy to think how many of my creations are floating around in other people’s homes!

Anyway! We’re back to business tomorrow. It’s our heaviest scheduled week of the summer. The boys start summer school from 8:30-1:00 every day for the next four weeks. This is the first year they’re doing a four week session instead of the usual three. I’m not so sure how I feel about it. Three weeks in a row, five days a week, kind of felt like long enough. Then again, after how bored and whiny they’ve been today with their friends unavailable to play, I guess it’s better to keep them out of the house and busy as long as possible!

They are also doing a theater camp type thing, working on a production of Alice in Wonderland. I really don’t know anything about it, though a friend vouched for how much fun her daughter had doing it last year. I feel like Caden would be really good at acting. He certainly has a lot of big emotions and knows how to bring on the drama! And I signed Shepard up for the experience. He’s quite the ham around people he knows, but he really clams up in front of an audience. I’m curious to see how this goes for him with a lot of strangers, but also Caden and Leverett and some of his friends from school also participating. Anyway, it’s only a week long, but pretty intense! They have auditions, are assigned parts, and start right in on rehearsals tomorrow. They have three hour rehearsals every night and on Saturday they put on two performances. I can’t wait to see what parts they get and how it goes! Though I’m sure I’ll also be dealing with a massive amount of whining and complaining about both things.

Other than a physical therapy appointment, those are the only things on the calendar this week. And considering they take up the majority of the day, every day, I’m okay with that! My biggest challenge is going to be figuring out when to feed them! I’m expecting they’ll be hungry after summer school, not eating much of the food at school. They get a snack break at rehearsals, but I probably shouldn’t pack a full meal, even though it’s over our usual dinnertime. It might be the week for convenience foods. I’m not really planning any big meals since everyone’s schedules will be so off. It’ll work out, somehow.

I’m a little apprehensive about getting back into a routine where I actually need to be showered, dressed, and ready to go every single morning. After over three months of not being on that schedule, it might be tough! I’m always up really early, but timing when I can use the bathroom and getting myself ready in between getting the boys ready is always a bit tricky. I’m hoping I can walk well enough to at least walk them TO school every day. With Annie. Getting us both a bit of exercise before the afternoon heat creeps in. And then I’ll either walk or drive to get them afterward, depending on how I feel. With the exception of all my running around yesterday, I actually think I’ve been doing really well! I have almost no pain, unless I’m up for hours on end. Most days I’m barely even limping! Tomorrow marks 15 weeks from my fall, and it’s amazing how much has changed since then. Granted it was a really long 15 weeks. But I think I’m actually healing faster than most, so I shouldn’t complain.

So my main intention for the week is basically just survival. Getting back into the swing of actually taking responsibility for my children’s transportation to and from multiple activities a day, plus figuring out how to feed them well enough in between everything! While they’re busy at their activities, I’m hoping to work like crazy! I want to be able to slow down a bit in July and August, but I should take advantage of my alone time to get a lot of dolls made while I can. I’ve been on quite a roll this last month and I don’t want to break it! I’m ready to start a fresh batch tomorrow and I’m thinking of doing another pattern that I create myself. It will hopefully be a very productive week.

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