Sunday Intentions 05.27.2018

Ready or not, the big week is here! Last week of school. It’s also our 12 year anniversary tomorrow! Memorial weekend seemed like the greatest time to have a wedding so long ago when we were planning. Guys, the last twelve years have proven it is NOT ideal. But we try to always make the most of it by at least getting away for a single night or weekend, if we can’t go on a full trip. Despite everything that’s happened this year and how crazy doing this on the last week of school is, we’re going for it again. Just one night away. But it should be fun! WE are worth celebrating.

That’s really the big excitement the first half of the week. We’re staying in the Cedarburg area. It’s only about an hour away, but we’ve never been there. I hope most things are still open, despite it being a holiday! The boys are having a sleepover at one Grandma’s and Annie is having a sleepover at the other. Should be an exciting day for all!

On Wednesday, I’m hoping to finally get to my favorite little grouping of stores in Middleton. I just want one fun shopping day before the boys are home all summer! My ankle is telling me today that I really can’t handle doing much. But maybe just three smaller stores? Hopefully?!

And then Thursday and Friday are it. Last days of school, last days of peacefully enjoying having the house to myself! I’m trying not to freak out about it. I should probably use every spare minute to SEW, but I’m guessing I might be too distracted. I have all my end of the month book posts to write this week too. Lots to do!

My main goal in the next few days is to try and just chill out and enjoy everything as it comes. I was originally pretty disappointed we could only have a single night’s vacation this year. Ankle surgeries are ridiculously expensive. But…one night is better than none, right? And we have spent quite a bit of time together in the last few months! I’m still hoping we can maybe have another shorter trip later in the summer or early fall. But I’ll enjoy this one we do have! And hopefully Wednesday through Friday I can hold it together and not let my stress about summer show. Or better yet – figure out how to get rid of the stress and be excited. It’s not exactly that I’m unexcited… I’m just nervous. And frustrated with how slow I’m still healing. And feeling like I’m not going to be able to do enough or be the kind of mom I want to be when my kids are home with me all day. And I am just flat out dreading the constant arguing and negotiating and fighting and bickering. But we’ll make it. We always do.

Have a good week!

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