Weekend Reflections and Intentions 04.29.2018

Hello! It has been quite the busy week now that I’m back to working full time. Basically every spare minute has been spent preparing for my five year doll making anniversary this upcoming Thursday. It’s exciting, but also exhausting! I keep thinking about writing, but haven’t had any time to spare. I’m trying to fit it in now before the weekend is gone!

Monday was a big day. I had an 8am physical therapy session. It was a bit of a challenge getting everyone ready to leave the house so early. It takes me forever to get myself ready these days. But we made it! My friend dropped me off at the hospital and I had a very intense session. No slacking allowed with that therapist! She gave me additional exercises (which I’ve been very bad about doing) and made me repeat all the exercises over and over and over again. I was so wiped out by the end! In somewhat exciting news, I started walking with just one crutch. But only very small distances. Some days I can go back and forth across the house a couple of times and feel pretty much fine. Some days I can’t even make it across my (very small) kitchen. I hate how up and down it all is. If I’m better, shouldn’t I be better all the time?! I just want to walk on my own. I want to ditch my dumb crutches. Today my arms are so sore that I literally can’t even lift my right arm up without it snapping back down. I’m still relying on the scooter quite a bit because I NEED MY HANDS. But I’m trying to take a lot more small walks throughout the day with the crutches. It’s not fun.

Anyway! My mom picked me up from PT and took me shopping! It was my first time in Target in over two months! I’ve been ordering from target.com every week or two for some essentials and snacks, but it was great being there in person. I splurged a bit on this travel coffee mug that has been AWESOME. I use it every day because I can actually carry my coffee around on my scooter without spilling it. I can also lay down on the couch and read with my coffee just leaning against me on the cushion. It’s amazing. πŸ™‚

We also went to Costco and had lunch at KFC. I was pretty tired by the time we got back home, but it was definitely worth it. I miss shopping so much. I miss browsing stores without an intense agenda.

Tuesday I had to get back to work! But I also remembered to have Greg hook up a dog chain in the front yard so I can take Annie outside on my own now! It was quite the circus act that first time, though. Just getting in and out of a door with crutches is quite the challenge. But I also had all three pets trying to get out at once. When I was ready to come in, Rory snuck out. I dropped to the ground and tackled him, shoving him back inside. About three more times one or both cats tried their absolute hardest to get outside while I tried to get Annie in. It’s seriously a miracle I didn’t get hurt or a lose a pet in that whole fiasco. But it all felt very liberating to finally have the ability to take my dog outside again. It definitely helped that the weather got so much better this week too! The only downside is that now Annie knows I have a way to let her out and she’s been a hypermaniac for the rest of the week, begging to go out all day.

We went to the dog park Tuesday night since the weather was so great. Only my second time there since the broken ankle.

Wednesday was a lot more work. I had PT in the afternoon. We had an at home date night and Greg picked up a pizza for dinner. And the exciting news – I rebooked my flight to DC! I’m going in October now. I really hope I’m a much more proficient walker by then! I’m excited to officially have it on the calendar. I have a sold goal to work toward now.

Thursday was my power day! I finally finished up a batch of 16 dolls I was working on, including a couple for Mother’s Day and teacher gifts. I also removed all the couch cushions and cleaned them, did a load of laundry, and reorganized all the charging cords that are always a giant mess.

Unfortunately, Annie refused to go to the bathroom on Thursday. She doesn’t like to go for Caden anymore – ever. And if Greg takes her out before work, it’s usually too early and she’s not ready yet. I let her out twice that morning, but because I was working so much I hadn’t showered or brought my crutches downstairs yet and was still in my pajamas, so I couldn’t go out with her. And because I wasn’t out there she refused to leave the porch! I couldn’t decide if she thought I was trying to get rid of her and she was refusing to leave. Or if she thought she was being a good girl by not leaving the porch when I wasn’t with her. I finally gave up and went up to take a late shower and try to squeeze in a much needed nap. She woke me up when I was sleeping, freaking out, but I ignored her. I came downstairs to this. And proceeded to have a little pity party. I had just gotten my boot on to practice walking for the first time all day – at 3pm. When I’m supposed to be walking as much as possible during the day. But I couldn’t clean up the floor with my crutches. So I got back on my scooter, but there wasn’t a wide enough path for me to get through without driving through pee. So I had to wait until the boys got home and beg Caden to clean it up for me. It’s just frustrating. So, so many frustrating moments every single day.

On Friday morning we had a date to see the new Avengers movie. Greg bought the tickets the day they were available a few months ago. It was a really good movie! I really enjoyed it – plus it was just great to get out of the house for something besides physical therapy. I was in a lot of pain on Friday, though. Definitely overdid it on Thursday.

Greg went to the funeral for his great-aunt on Friday afternoon. I was planning to go, but decided I just physically wasn’t up for it. I’m usually in pretty rough shape by evenings. The boys and I had a very low key night at home.

Saturday we actually had a pretty nice family day! It was a lot chillier, but we finally went to the Madison dog park that I wanted to go to during spring break (before the BA). It was such a nice park! Annie ran full speed into the water. Fortunately she only got about half wet and was dried out by the time we left. We had a picnic packed and ended up just eating in the park. Then we stopped at Woodman’s for a pick up order – in desperate need of real food again. And the guys ran into Costco for a few things. Everyone was actually in a good mood and happy for the majority of the day. That never happens on weekends!

Today I finished up two dolls I was working on over the weekend – my own pattern! I made this one for myself to celebrate 5 years of doll making.

And I made this one for a giveaway! I LOVE how they turned out.

And the rest of the day was busy, busy with odds and ends. We had dinner at Greg’s parents’ and hung out for awhile. I love this picture I got of Caden with a genuine smile.

Sunday Intentions

On to the week ahead! It’s just about May! When life gets insane. I swear that school sends home info about new events or things we need to sign or pay for pretty much every single day. It’s so overwhelming. But lots of fun and exciting things too!

The biggest thing for me personally this week is celebrating my 5 year anniversary of doing Heartstring Annie. Due to a way too busy schedule last year and getting ready to move the year before, I haven’t been able to celebrate this the last two years. So I’m going all out this year! Well, as much as I’ve been able to. I have the giveaway doll and I have some surprise dolls I’ve been storing up the last few weeks to release on Thursday. I might have a sale…except I don’t like to have sales the same time I release new dolls, so that might be problematic. We’ll see. πŸ™‚ I was REALLY hoping I’d be able to drive by Thursday so I could bring myself to PT and take myself out to lunch afterward. But I don’t think I’ll be ready yet. Hopefully I can muster up some energy to at least make myself a special dinner or dessert. I’ve worked really hard to keep this business a success and I want to celebrate the accomplishment.

I have PT on Tuesday and Thursday. A science night at school on Tuesday. My mom is going to take me shopping again on Wednesday. And I have another craft night on Friday. Though I’m thinking by the time I finish my celebrations on Thursday, I’m not going to be much in the mood for crafting late on a Friday night. Maybe I’ll drop the Friday craft nights and just do it once a month, if it seems successful.

I suppose that technically, my highest priority this week should be working on my WALKING. It’s hard to see that as a priority when I’m back to doing as much of the stuff as I physically can that I did before the broken ankle. I’m definitely back to working as hard. And making most meals, packing lunches, doing pet care during the day, etc. Walking practice feels like a nuisance. But it’s extremely important and I need to remember that! I’ve been way too lax with my PT at home exercises too. My therapist is not going to be too happy with me on Tuesday. I just want to magically be better without all the hard work. πŸ™‚

Otherwise, I just want to have a fun week! Things are starting to look up!

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