Sunday Intentions 02.25.2018


Well, I think my day of staying home from everything yesterday did me some good because I’m feeling much better today! I barely have a voice, but I’ve also barely been coughing. I guess it’s pretty fortunate my coughing spell only lasted three days. Greg has a cold now, but he’s not out of commission. And I think that MAYBE everyone will go off to work and school tomorrow like usual! Please??? I am SO ready for life to go back to normal!

I hesitate to show excitement over anything with my track record for the last month, but I think it’ll be a good week! Normal days – with me home alone! – and a smattering of fun things most evenings.

Greg just bought tickets for us to see Black Panther tomorrow night. I’ve definitely been hearing some great things about it. At the moment I feel pretty indifferent, but I’m always up for going on a date! I think we’re going to eat at Chipotle before the movie.

Wednesday is a late start and then we get a bonus (at home) date night this week. (Technically Monday is the bonus since my mom is babysitting and Wednesday is the Noe grandparents as usual. Though Shepard has been sick the last two Wednesdays, so we haven’t had any date nights in awhile.) I think Wednesday is supposed to be the warmest day of the week, so maybe we can go on a long walk or something beyond just watching tv together.

Thursday is Literacy Night at school for Shepard. I’ll probably take him by myself.

And Friday – one of my favorite days of the year! Vintage Shop Hop day. If you have any interest in vintage/antique/thrift/crafty type stores, this is the weekend for you! This is the fourth year my mom and I are doing it, the third year that my dad will chauffeur us around (which is much more fun than me stressfully trying to figure out where everything is!). I’m not sure what our plan of attack is yet. I don’t really have the stockpile of doll money I thought I’d be making this month, thanks to everyone’s illnesses. But it’s still fun to drive around and check out all the amazing stores in Wisconsin and Illinois. It’s also just really great to have a day off from all my regular responsibilities. Greg is an awesome husband, dad, and co-parent. But it’s still extra special to have a day where I literally don’t have to do anything except enjoy myself, no strings of guilt attached.

And Saturday is the postponed Winter Fun Day for school. If there’s snow, we’ll be sledding. If the snow is melted, we’ll be hiking. I took the boys last year and we had a good time. I consider any time we can do something not involving video games and my children are still smiling a big win!

Top Priority – SEW!!!

I seriously need to get back to work this week. I started back up on Thursday and put in a lot of hours on Friday and Saturday and a few this morning. I’m currently working on a few custom dolls and six little leprechauns! But I need to move on to Easter themed dolls ASAP. They’re always big sellers and I haven’t made a single one yet. With spring break the last week of March, I really need to get them all done in the next three weeks.

Second Priority – Blog Posts!

It’s also the end of the month and time for my long series of podcast, tv, movie, and book blog posts. Usually when I’m in the trenches with a pile of dolls it doesn’t feel worthwhile to stop and write a blog post. But it does my soul good, so I don’t want to put them off.

Third Priority – Walk More!

I really want to start exercising again. I did so great in January with yoga and totally fell off the wagon (with valid excuse!) this month. I was signed up to do a ten day Pilates challenge, but just couldn’t do it when I felt so crappy. So I want to go back to basics and start with making 10,000 steps a day one of my highest priorities again. If possible, I’d like to check out another new dog park at some point this week. Otherwise just start walking to and from school again, with extra morning walking. I need it.

Meal Plans

Monday – Chipotle!

Tuesday – Tacos

Wednesday – Red Pepper Pasta (costco)

Thursday – Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

Friday – Whatever Greg feeds the boys while I’m gone

Saturday – BBQ Pizza

Have a good week!

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