Sunday Intentions 02.04.2018

Today officially marks the beginning of our winter busy season! There’s a lot of really fun things coming up that I’m definitely excited about! I’ve pretty much given up all hope of being super productive work-wise. There’s just too  many other things going on. But that’s okay. I’ll make up for it at the end of the month and through March.

Any minute now, Hudson is being delivered for his first cousin sleepover! The boys are so pumped up about it. I’m just excited because we haven’t seen him since Christmas! That feels like forever. It should be a lot of fun!

Tomorrow we’re delivering Hudson to his other grandparents and then going out to lunch. The boys are off of school because of conferences. Their conferences aren’t until evening, so we have the day free.

Tuesday I’m getting a haircut! I haven’t had one since August. It’s actually the best long lasting haircut I’ve ever had, but I could really use a refresh. Making haircut appointments is one of my most hated tasks ever, which is why I always put it off so long.

Thursday is my mom’s birthday and we’re celebrating by going on a double date! We’re going to eat dinner at one of her favorite restaurants and then see the show Gobsmacked. I don’t know much about it, except that it’s supposed to be acapella and beatboxing, so it should probably be awesome. 🙂

Friday night I’m going to a margarita night with a few of my friends! Last year I had a big Valentine party for all my friends, similar to my Favorite Things party. This year I just couldn’t figure out how to fit that in, so I’m kind of viewing this as a mini Galentine’s Day party, whether they realize that or not – ha!

Saturday is a little up in the air. I keep getting facebook notifications for some sort of Valentine holiday market, so maybe I’ll check that out. We’ll see. It’s a busy week!

And Sunday we’re having a birthday celebration for my mom. It’s at their house, so I don’t have to do much, but it should be fun! And the following week is all about Valentine’s Day and Shepard’s birthday.

Anyway, I don’t have any real intentions for the week other than to just enjoy it all! I’m not putting any pressure on myself to get a ton of work hours in. I’m just about done with six final Valentine dolls, so I’ll probably finish those up on Tuesday morning and just do what I can the rest of the week. I need to get Valentines figured out for the boys’ classes and a few little things I’ve put together for family. I also really need to sit down and figure out all the details for Shepard’s birthday parties. And shop for party favors, decorations, etc. I always feel so on top of things for Caden’s parties and Shepard’s always sneak up on me. I’m not even sure I’ve gotten enough presents for him yet. It’s been a tough year trying to figure out what he even likes anymore.

I honestly don’t have any meal plans decided yet. I used up all my food making energies last week! We’ll probably just have sandwiches or something after conferences on Monday. And Thursday and Friday we/I will be gone. So I really only need two meals…. I’ll figure it out. 🙂

Have a good week!

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