Saturday Reflections 02.24.2018


It has been a ROUGH WEEK. I am so over February. It was supposed to be such an awesome month that I was really excited about, but various forms of illness wrecked almost every plan I made. SO frustrating!

I don’t have a whole lot to report because I spent most of the week in bed or just laying around reading or watching tv or cleaning up after Shepard got sick.

On Monday, the boys didn’t have school, so I was really hoping to do some sort of fun activity. But Caden wasn’t feeling very well. He was iffy on Sunday too. Greg thought he was just jealous of Shepard’s party (which was definitely part of it), but I thought it was pretty obvious he wasn’t feeling well either. He never threw up or had a fever, just felt off. So we left Caden home and Shepard and I took Annie to the dog park for 45 minutes. That was the only noteworthy thing that happened on Monday! Oh, and my ear infection was still really hurting, so I took two naps. The boys took none.


On Tuesday, school was cancelled for an ice storm that never really played out. There was a ton of rain, though, and we were all going stir crazy so we went on a puddle walk. Except Caden’s boots leak, so he was whining the whole time and we only went like three blocks. Then with the promise of an entire afternoon to play video games, I bribed them into running all my errands with me. It REALLY needed to get it done and the weather was supposed to get worse as the day went on. We managed to drive to and from Madison, go to three stores, and sit at Costco long enough for them to eat a hot dog lunch, in exactly 2.5 hours. I think that’s a record! I should probably take them with me shopping every time because it completely eliminates my meandering and impulse buys because I’m desperately trying to get out of the store as fast as humanly possible. 😛


And then Tuesday night happened. Out of the blue, around 10:45, Shepard threw up in bed. He had been coughing on Monday and Tuesday, but hadn’t complained of any stomach pain. He proceeded to throw up over and over again the entire night. I didn’t sleep – at all. And I was basically wrecked on Wednesday. Greg took a sick day to take care of both of us. I spent the whole day in bed, with one quick venture out to the dog park in the afternoon. The entire park is solid ice right now. Not such a fun place to be.

Shepard was feeling better on Thursday and I was feeling worse. I’m still not quite sure what’s wrong with me, but I’m hacking up my lungs and my throat is on fire. I was feeling pretty crummy, but determined to actually get some work done. Shepard was still home from school.


I was so happy that both kids would be back at school on Friday! And then Shepard threw up again around midnight. He doesn’t even remember doing it. He seemed to feel totally fine Thursday night and all day Friday. But he had to stay home again. So, he is having a nine day weekend, as Caden complained to me all morning. I felt pretty miserable, but did manage to FINALLY finish a batch of dolls I started a week and a half ago. So it gave me a little ego boost to sell ten of the twelve I listed yesterday. This business always feels so much more worthwhile and like my efforts are validated when I actually MAKE SALES.

And today, more of the same. I’m currently home alone for like the first time in TWO WEEKS. How am I a work at home mom, during the school year, and I haven’t been home alone in weeks?! I’m supposed to be at a baby shower right now, but I deemed myself too sick and probably contagious to go. I was also supposed to make a dessert for that baby shower, but I ended up talking Greg through making it yesterday. His first time baking… Hopefully it tasted okay! He took the boys to some new arcade place in Madison for an outing. Caden was already complaining that they won’t have any VIDEO games there. But I think he’ll enjoy it. I’m proud of Greg for initiating an out of the house activity!

So that’s been my week. I did about a thousand loads of laundry thanks to Shepard’s inability to aim for a bucket. I finished twelve little dolls that should have been completed in two days, not two weeks. I kept my children alive. I managed to get Annie outside enough that she never peed in the house. And that’s about it! It could have been worse, I definitely realize that. But it was miserable and frustrating nonetheless. I really hope illness is behind us now and next week will be much better!!

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