Saturday Reflections 02.10.2018


Happy Saturday! I almost forgot about writing today because I’ve been so enthralled with a delicious book. I started it around 10 last night and read until 12:30 – which is a feat in itself! Then I got up at 5 and did nothing but read until it was done (correction – I did spread nutella on bread so my children could eat and I took Annie outside, once). I’ve really been shirking my responsibilities, and I need to make up for it tonight. But – worth it.

It’s been a pretty up and down week. I did a lot of fun and happy things. But I also had an argument with Greg that have led us to almost a week of our typical style of silent ignoring each other fighting. I won’t get into it, but it’s been a pretty rough week emotionally. Which in turn puts a damper on any fun activities. Marriage is hard, guys.


Anyway! Last Sunday we had our Hudson sleepover. The boys were SO excited to have him come visit! Annie was fascinated by him. It was hilarious watching her because she really didn’t seem to know what to think about him. She was a little jealous, a little nervous, and a little excited occasionally thinking he might be there to play with her. He was pretty amazed by her too and grabbed at her face every time she got close. Fortunately she’s extremely tolerant of kids touching her and climbing all over her, all the time.


Hudson is seven months old now and at such a fun age! He’s so observant of everything around him.


We were instructed to try and give him some baby food, which was pretty entertaining! He really just wanted to play with the spoon.


Brittany (his mom) said his favorite thing to do is lay on the floor playing with his bare feet, so we had to have a round of that after every diaper change. Caden liked doing happy baby yoga pose with him.


The whole babysitting thing went super well except for afternoon nap time! Then we had two hours of screaming and definitely not wanting to sleep. Of course that was the time Greg decided to take the boys to his parent’s house for a Super Bowl party. So Annie and I did our best to keep Hudson happy.


Naptime stories. He really loves books!


Tummy time! (Outfit change after diaper blow out.)


So proud of himself for not staying on his tummy. 🙂


Annie feeling very needy.


Cousins back from their party in time to hang out and read some more books.


I was in the kitchen getting his bottle or something while they changed him. It was hilarious listening to the boys try and figure out how to lay out the pajamas to get him in them.


The night went very smoothly! We were a little nervous about having a baby overnight, but it was easy peasy. We set the pack and play up in Shepard’s room and Shepard went to bed first, so Hudson didn’t even know he was in there. He fell asleep so quickly and easily and was only up once in the night. I just fed him on the floor next to the bed, put him back in, and he fell asleep. AMAZING. Putting my own kids back to bed as babies was never, ever so easy. Not even once.

Shepard was the first one up (besides Hudson and I) and so excited to feed him his bottle.


There was no school on Monday and because it snowed so much, Greg decided to work from home. Then my mom came over to spend a little more time with Hudson and go to lunch with us.




Giving Hudson some goodbye cuddles. It was really fun! Hudson is a pretty easy going baby. The boys loved helping take care of him too. Around lunchtime we drove to Sun Prairie to hand him off to his other grandparents for his third night of sleepovers (first night was with my parents). Then we had lunch at Wendy’s and stopped at Market Street Diner for some nice desserts to take home and eat. We usually go to Ponderosa on this annual Monday around my mom’s birthday that we don’t have school, so this was our compromise since we had to drive in the opposite direction with Hudson.

Monday night the boys had conferences at school. Caden’s is student led so we don’t talk to the teacher at all. It just seems odd. He was in a pretty cranky and weird mood, so very slowly and in weird voices went through everything he had to show us. Shepard’s was also student led, but with the teacher still very involved. Sounds like they’re both doing very well!


On Tuesday morning I finished up my last batch of Valentine dolls. I think it was too late because I’ve only sold two of the six. That was the last time I worked this week. So many things going on! (And so many good books to read!) I’m basically giving up all hope of working next week too with even more things to get ready for. But I’ll be back with a vengeance the following week. I think I’m going to have to give up my no nights and weekends rule for awhile. It’s the only way I’ll catch up.


On Tuesday I also got my haircut! I’m so terrible at making hair appointments. They usually happen twice a year after I get desperate. I tried to make an appointment in early January, but they changed the system so I have to call the stylist directly. I’ve only seen this stylist once and felt pretty weird about calling her personal number. We played phone tag for a few days and I finally gave up. Finally last week I took a chance and TEXTED her. Anyway, it was good to get it done. 🙂

Wednesday was my big errand day. I was originally planning to take Annie with me and try out another new dog park, but it was so cold outside and I had too many places I had to go. I don’t feel super comfortable leaving her in the car unattended for more than like ten minutes max. I mean, this is a much bigger deal once it gets warmer out when I definitely wouldn’t leave her in a hot car. But I’m always paranoid someone will see her and report it or something.


Thursday was my mom’s birthday and we had an awesome double date planned. We met up at The Brunch Club in Madison so she could have one of her favorite restaurant meals of creme brulee oatmeal.


It was happy hour with $5 appetizers, so my dad got the cheesecurds and I had a fried chicken on a glazed donut with honey and sriracha for my meal, with a side of tater tots. Greg had the pancakes. My dad had a Reuben (not pictured). It was a good place to eat because it didn’t feel so loud and crowded and college kid infested the way every other downtown restaurant feels in Madison.


The main event was seeing the show Gobsmacked at the Overture. We didn’t really know much about it except that it’s a British group that sings acapella, does beatboxing, and some dancing!


The show was pretty good! I could have done without some of the bizarre theatrical elements, but the singing was good and the beatboxing was amazing! It was a great night! It’s fun (and very unusual) to do something just as adults with our parents. I feel like it’s something we never had much opportunity to do since we had kids so early. Anyway, Greg’s parents were back at our house taking care of the boys and Annie, which was so helpful!


I was feeling SO unmotivated on Friday. I was tired and cold and my stupid neck and shoulder and back still hurt so much. Dumb puppy chow! Greg worked at home like always and we had the furnace guy come to inspect and clean out both furnaces, which took about three hours. Fortunately, no extra repairs needed! I was pretty lazy all day and didn’t really get anything at all done. Sometimes I think Greg thinks I just live this life of leisure, which is usually so far from the truth when I’m falling into bed at night completely overwhelmed and exhausted by everything I’ve done and dealt with that day. But from all he’s seen yesterday and today, I guess sometimes I occasionally can be pretty lazy. 😛 Though I’m choosing to see it as taking care of myself before next week when I most definitely will be running around like a crazy person trying to take care of Valentine’s Day and all of Shepard’s birthday activities.

Unfortunately, my friend margarita night was cancelled on Friday night due to a kid flu. Obviously I get it, but I was so looking forward to hanging out with my friends. And it sounds like we won’t be able to reschedule for another entire month. I hate how hard adult friendships are. I miss connecting with people so much. I feel like I’m alone like 90% of my life. Especially on weeks that Greg and I aren’t talking much. I just wish it wasn’t so hard.


Anyway. I did have a lot of random conversations at the dog park this week. I’m usually a loner at the dog park too because I’m in a much younger age demographic than the majority of the dog park goers and never really know what to say to anyone. I believe it was Tuesday afternoon, I ran into a guy and his golden retriever that I’ve only encountered once before, last summer. And it was just as terrible as the first time our dogs met. It’s like this guy has never seen dogs play wrestle before and simply can’t fathom that it’s possible for a dog to enjoy it. His dog WANTS TO PLAY, but he totally freaks out and physically does everything possible to get Annie away from his dog. It’s just super frustrating because Annie ALWAYS leaves dogs alone that don’t want to play. His dog DOES. But he doesn’t get it. Anyway, my other two visits this week were much more cordial. I had a really nice conversation with a guy whose dog looks like she could be Annie’s sister. Their coloring is really different, but size, hair length, temperament, age, inconclusive history – all exactly the same. On Friday we met our first pure Australian Shepherd who also looked so much like Annie.


And that’s been my week! Oh, the book I read – The Hating Game by Sally Thorne. I put in a request with my facebook book club group for recommendations of swoon worthy books with a real love story component – not just mindless fluffy shallow “romance.” So many people recommended this that I immediately started reading it. It’s the PERFECT book to read around Valentine’s Day. I completely adored it.

Well, I better get back to work! We’re celebrating my mom’s birthday tomorrow and I still need to make some spinach dip and wrap a few gifts. Hope you had a good week!

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