Saturday Reflections 02.03.2018


It’s been a pretty boring and uneventful week. I feel like I’ve been all over the place mentally and haven’t really succeeded at much. I didn’t even finish any dolls this week. I did make some creative dinners. I ran errands. I did laundry. I made three batches of puppy chow. Two of those were with Milky Ways (no peanut butter) so Shepard could bring them to school for a treat. But stirring that big and extremely thick bowl of melted candy bars two days in a row managed to completely throw out my neck and shoulder. So I’ve spent the last three days alternating between ice packs and heating pads, attempting to sleep when laying on my side makes my neck so much worse, and basically just doing a whole lot of nothing.


That Thai salad I made on Monday went over really well with Shepard. It’s funny to me how much he LOVES salad, yet puts up a gigantic fight about eating vegetables in any other circumstance. So I’m trying to incorporate them more into our meals, except that Caden – who normally eats almost anything – refuses to touch salad. It’s basically impossible to make four people happy at once in any given meal.


The chicken wing experiment for our date night actually went well! It’s the first time I’ve ever made wings at home that I wasn’t too grossed out to actually eat. They got sufficiently baked through, were crunchy, and flavorful. I especially liked the avocado cream dip that went with them. Greg didn’t try the dip because he won’t eat dip. 😛 He doesn’t eat salad dressing either. When we first met he didn’t even eat salsa or bbq sauce or any type  of dipping sauce. What a weirdo.

If you’re keeping track, my attempt to turn that jalapeno onion chicken soup into a tasty chicken tortilla soup was a big fat fail. Everyone else ate it, but I took one bite and the flavor was still so strong and completely off putting. GROSS. And I didn’t get a chance to make the pizza pinwheels on Friday because that’s when my neck was at its absolute worst. Instead I had a breakdown in the kitchen because I could barely move and hurt so dang bad. Greg made me go lay down the rest of the night.


It was another really chilly week. We went to the dog park for about 10 minutes each on Tuesday and Wednesday. Not really enough to satisfy Annie. She did get some play time this morning.


Shepard was “Super Star” at school this week. They assign the weeks alphabetically by first name, so he’s been waiting a really long time. We spent a ridiculously long time last weekend picking out which 10 photos he would bring to share with the class. Then we made the puppy chow because he wanted to bring in a treat. And on Friday Greg and I went into the classroom and Greg read a book and then we had lunch with him. I do not envy those lunchroom helpers! Managing masses of rowdy children is NOT in my skill set! But Shepard was so happy to have us there (despite the weird facial expressions). He’s a pretty great kid.

I guess my highest achievement for the week was actually writing all the blog posts I set out to write. I’m contemplating challenging myself to write something every day of February. But like I mentioned a few days ago, February is INSANE. So that’s probably an unrealistic goal. But maybe I’ll try my best!

Oh yes, and on Wednesday, I finished my 30 straight days of yoga! I was really proud of myself for sticking with it, even though there were MANY days it was basically the last thing I felt like doing. I learned a lot about stretching my body in new ways that would really make me feel better on a daily basis. But it also solidified my opinion on how much I HATE doing poses like downward dog and planks and anything else that puts a ton of pressure on my wrists. I had a lot of wrist pain in January. I also started having sciatic nerve pain again. I haven’t had that since last fall when I was walking a lot more. So yoga both helped and hindered me physically. But I’m glad I did it! I was hoping to maybe do some indoor walking challenges this month, but the whole thrown out neck and shoulder thing has put me at a bit of a standstill.

One thing I’ve spent a lot of the week thinking about is self care and self love and working on a list of things I can do for myself this month. I think I’ll wait to share about it on Valentine’s Day. I also joined a facebook group that’s going to share a five day “Be Your Own Valentine” challenge the week of Valentine’s Day. I’m excited to see what that will entail, staring on the 12th.

Well, that was basically my week! I spent today trying to catch up on doll making and reading a large portion of a great psychological thriller. I’ve been up since 3:30, though, with no nap, and I’m about ready to drop!

I hope you had a good week!

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