What I’m Listening To: January 2018

Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post about my podcast addiction. While I still listen to at least one (often many!) podcast a day, I haven’t strayed very far from my tried and true favorites this month. There’s something very comforting in continuing to listen to the ones that bring me the greatest joy, rather than searching for new podcasts when I never really know what I’m going to get. I’m always on the lookout for new podcast recommendations, but then I’m too overwhelmed if there are hundreds of episodes to listen to. Do I start with the most recent or go all the way back to the beginning? Do I just look for a topic or guest that sounds most interesting to me? It’s very stressful making those decisions! I’m finding that I really prefer to invest my time listening to the ones that I absolutely love. At least until I catch up with all of them and am forced to try something new!


Forever 35

Forever 35

That being said, I did find a new podcast this month that I’m pretty sure will become a favorite. It just started, so there are only four episodes to catch up on. Two friends, Kate and Doree, get together once a week and talk about all the different self care routines, beauty products, and more that they’ve been trying out. They are funny and entertaining and instantly make you want to be their best friend. I think it’d be the perfect podcast for any woman even the tiniest bit interested in taking care of herself.

The Popcast

The Popcast

I am 100% addicted to The Popcast. It’s my go to podcast, always. And amazingly, I still have over a hundred back episodes to catch up on and almost 200 Friend of the Show episodes. Because I love it so much I’m a “best friend of the show” Patreon supporter. It’ll be a sad day when I catch up completely and have to rely on actually waiting a week in between listening to Knox and Jamie! This podcast is seriously just so fun and entertaining. I’m even enjoying the recap episodes they’re doing on The Bachelor, even though I don’t watch the show, nor have I ever. Basically they can talk about any topic and I’m going to be interested enough to listen. I love it!

Front Porch

Front Porch with The Fitzes

This is the first podcast I listened to from the beginning and caught up with. Some episodes are better than others, but it never fails to bring me a few laughs. This past month they’ve been bringing in guests to talk about diversity, which has been interesting. Normally they just talk about whatever random things have been going on in their lives, which I like too. But it’s a good solid clean but funny listen.

Spilled Milk

Spilled Milk

Clean, this one is not! But it’s pretty dang funny. They’re up to 317 episodes and I’ve listened to all of them, in order. For awhile I was starting to think they really weren’t putting any effort into them anymore. But the last few have gotten better again. It’s a light and fun foodie type podcast if you’re interested in that type of thing!



I’m still not quite caught up with this, but I’m close! I’ve listened from the beginning and it feels like returning to old friends every time I turn it on. Sisters Gretchen and Liz always have something intriguing to talk about, always around the topic of happiness. It’s uplifting and inspiring content that always gives me something to think about and implement in my own life.

what should i read next

What Should I Read Next?

I really waffle back and forth on how much I like this podcast. I love listening to anything about books. But there’s just something about Anne that kind of grates on me. So I usually pick and choose depending on who the guests are and what the main book topic is.

the next right thing

The Next Right Thing

I like this podcast for early morning listening. It’s about easing yourself from the burden of decision fatigue and helping you always know what is the next right thing to do with your time, your life, your dreams. It’s really helpful advice that I try to take to heart.


Here’s a new one! I’m not hugely into music, but I do listen to it off and on when I need a break from podcasts. These are the songs that have basically been on repeat for me the last few weeks.

“Mad World” by the Riverdale cast

So they sang this song on Riverdale in the most awkward and uncomfortable tv scene practically ever made. But the song – on spotify – is so good! I’m obsessed with it. Though I only play it during the day so Greg doesn’t make fun of me. 🙂

The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

I loved this movie SO much. Especially because of the music! Every song is just so fantastic. I can’t stop listening to it. So good.

“Perfect” by Ed Sheeran

I adore this song. Particularly after watching the music video about a hundred times. Did you know it was written about his actual childhood love interest whom he has very recently become engaged to? So romantic!

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