Sunday Intentions 01.28.2018

Well, this has turned out to be an extremely lazy day. I’ve basically done nothing. Literally nothing. Oh well, I need days like this every once in awhile! Though I wish I could find a little focus to at least do some fun things like read! I tried earlier and fell asleep. My head’s just all over the place right now.

In exciting news, I just booked a flight to visit my best friend Dianne in Washington DC in a few months! I haven’t been out to visit since her wedding two years ago, so I think I’m due. I’m super looking forward to a trip! I’ve had vacations on the mind quite a bit this past week. I guess it’s just that time of year when you get sick of winter and want to dream about other places and possibilities. I’m hoping we can plan both an anniversary trip and maybe even a family vacation soon.

I also made my first batch of cold brew coffee this weekend. I bought a simple and effective cold brew coffee system and it actually worked out really well, even though I didn’t measure out my coffee grounds or anything. I need to pick up some more regular coffee this week to try some other flavors. Anyway, this is exciting to me. Cold brew coffee from a store is pretty expensive!

So! It’s another pretty quiet week. The last for awhile. I think I’m going to treat myself to some fun shopping tomorrow morning. I want to hit up some of my favorite west side stores to see what kinds of Valentine things they have for sale. I’m doing a book swap and need a few cheap and cozy extra gifts to go with whatever book I choose. I also just like to look around for unique treats to give Greg and the boys for Valentine’s Day. I haven’t been over there in a few months, so it should be fun!

I might plan another dog park adventure with Annie too. Wednesday is supposed to be the warmest day, so perhaps then. And in between the fun things, I’ll be working! I’m thinking one more batch of Valentine dolls and then I need to move into a few St. Patrick’s Day dolls and then rush hard core into Easter. Easter is always a big seller, but since I LOVE St. Patrick’s Day I need to make at least a few!

Highest Intention – BALANCE

I’m determined to figure out how to properly balance my life this year. Mostly my internal life since that’s what causes me the most stress! I want to give myself lots of treats (like outdoor adventures and time for reading) so I can ask more of myself. I also think I’d kind of like to stop beginning my work day at 5am. It helps me get more done starting that early. But also…it’s not so fun. At least not every day.

Second Intention – End of Month Blog Posts

I dropped the ball on these last month with everything going on around and after Christmas. But this month I want to get back on track with my podcast, tv, and book posts. Hopefully I’ll have one of these written later today! I really look forward to writing about these things, even if nobody actually cares to read them. So it’s not something I want to get used to skipping over just because I feel too busy.

Meal Plans (I’m really trying this week, guys!)

Monday – Chopped Thai Salad (This looks ambitious…but also maybe really delicious? I need more ways to sneak vegetables into my life.)

Tuesday – Chicken Tortilla Soup (I made a Jalapeno Lime Chicken Soup last week and was soooo grossed out by the smell (hot boiled jalapenos and onions) that I refused to even taste it. But I didn’t want to waste it since I actually made the chicken stock myself. So I put it in the freezer and I’m hoping with the addition of the enchilada sauce and some cumin, I can make it edible, and hopefully even tasty. I usually love this particular soup recipe, so here’s hoping!)

Wednesday (date night) – Crispy Ancho Baked Chicken Wings (I’ve never felt successful at making chicken wings at home, but this recipe looks really promising!)

Thursday – Probably leftovers….

Friday – Pizza Pinwheels to change things up for pizza night. I’m getting pretty sick of my pizza.

Have a great week! Dreary January is almost over!

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