Sunday Intentions 01.21.2018


Sometimes it’s the simplest things that hold you up the longest. I’ve had my single box of Valentine decorations (that’s 3/4 full of pink ornaments I don’t actually use) sitting here staring me in the face for a week and a half. Every day I wrote “decorate” on my to do list and every day it stressed me out too much to actually do it. Well, this morning in my silent house, I finally spent a whopping 15 minutes getting it done.


I moved the pink tree down from Caden’s room (that was his Christmas tree of choice for his bedroom), put up a few ornaments, hung my coordinating bunting strand, took out my pink blankets, had Greg hang a picture, and there you go! Now my favorite room of the house is back to looking in top shape, ready for reading and relaxing. It feels good to actually get the thing done that you put off the longest.


Anyway, I’m trying to get back on emotional and mental track this week with taking care of myself first and not letting the neverending to do lists and expectations of other people (customers, in my case) ruin my happiness. I’ve spent a huge chunk of today reading. I’ve done some decluttering that was starting to drive me crazy. I took a nap with Rory. No other expectations for myself today. I did good.

It’s a pretty quiet week ahead. Which I’m grateful for because our February calendar is getting really packed. I hate seeing the month fill up with commitments before it’s even arrived! Fun things – lots of birthdays and celebrations. But still, a busy month. This is probably my last empty week for awhile.

Highest Priority – Cupids!

I’ve got quite a list going of additional Cupids I need to make. I started the other day, but like I’ve said in the past, the bigger the batch the more it stresses me out. But I want to get them done so I can move on to something new! I think if I can stay focused I should be done with them by the end of the week. Hopefully sooner.

Second Priority – Shepard’s Birthday Plans

Shepard’s birthday is less than a month away now, so I need to get organized and plan out his birthday parties. I have no idea what kind of theme he wants. I have no idea what kind of gifts he even wants. He’s the type of kid who is happy with pretty much anything, but only has intense interest in something for a short amount of time. What he’s loving this week is unlikely to interest him in a month. Right now he’s stuck on wanting a custom colored XBox One controller, like his Uncle Timmy. Except we don’t have an XBox One, so it would be useless. But he’s not budging on the idea yet.

Meal Plans

Monday – Rotisserie Chicken from Costco, some sort of vegetable, and these Mile High Biscuits

Tuesday – Steak Tacos? Maybe? I’m hoping to finally look through my new taco cookbook this afternoon and will hopefully be majorly inspired with a recipe

Wednesday – If it’s an at home date night, maybe a spicy Asian noodle or stir fry type dish

Wednesday – Soup? I really don’t have this planned out yet, guys (obviously)

Friday – Pizza

Have a good week!

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