Sunday Intentions 01.14.2018


We’re still cold. But managing. If we’re right next to a space heater it’s wavering between 50 and 55 degrees. And our upstairs, which is set to 63 all the time, now feels like a tropical paradise. I spent the entire morning immobilized on the futon with an enormous pile of blankets and books. Greg and the boys have spent the entire day (weekend) playing video games. Sometimes you just have to let them do what they want.

I’m hoping the new furnace part will be installed tomorrow, but we’re also expecting a big snowstorm, so I’m just assuming we won’t get it until Tuesday. Because obviously what makes having no heat even more fun? Being snowed in during it. 😛 Considering school was let out early last week due to rain, I’m just going to assume school will be cancelled tomorrow. And if it’s NOT then I will rejoice and maybe attempt to actually get some work done. If we’re all home again? I’m going back to my books.

Anyway, it’s a relatively low key week. On Wednesday Greg and I will celebrate our 18th anniversary of being together. We’re going to go to Chili’s for dinner because we ate at Chili’s all the time for “fancy” dates in high school. And because we have a gift card. And because we’re terrible at making decisions and don’t have enough time to do anything more elaborate on a weeknight. But it’ll be tasty.

On Saturday we’re going to Mt. Olympus in the Dells. Greg’s parents gifted a night there to the boys for Christmas and Greg and I maneuvered our way out of sleeping there. Greg is NOT a joy to be around in the morning at a hotel stay with kids. But we’ll still go with them on Saturday to swim and hang out. It should be fun! It’s been so cold these last few weeks that I think we’ll all be ready to do something unique and fun together.

I was thinking that it’s a really normal week besides that, but I just remembered we don’t have school on Friday. So basically, I should just give up hope right now of getting anything done this week!

I guess my main priority this week is to just go with the flow. I’ve been pretty cranky this weekend. I can’t stand unexpected changes to my best laid plans. It was super frustrating to get so excited about joining that Book Club Readathon and then wake up to a sick husband and a broken furnace. The whole weekend has been stressful and chaotic and it didn’t need to be. I have to be better at accepting things sometimes don’t go according to plan! So while I really do want to – and need to – get some work done this week, I also want to be better mom if my kids get snowed in tomorrow. And I want to be a better wife, fully celebrating our 18 years together. And I want to stop thinking about what I’m missing out on doing and just have fun with my family on Saturday. LIFE is more important than lists.

Meals Plans…tentatively

Monday – Sandwiches and/or maybe some sort of thrown together soup

Tuesday – I think I’m going to attempt to try out my instant pot for the first time and make Butter Chicken or Tikka Masala

Wednesday – Chilis!

Thursday – Okay, I don’t know. Everything I want to make is chicken. Chicken is really the only meat I like. Everyone else likes chicken, but it is pointed out to me if we had chicken more than two days in a row. So….we’ll see. Maybe I’ll be more inspired in a day or two.

Friday – Pizza, of course

Have a good week!!

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