Saturday Reflections 01.20.2018

I survived the week! Barely. It has felt like a really long one. I’m back to feeling stressed out and overwhelmed by the sheer number of things that feel like they need to be done every day and how little time there is to do them. I’m exhausted. And a little cranky.


There were some good moments this week. The furnace was fixed! To the tune of $820. 😛 I guess that’s better than needing to buy a new furnace? Still stinks, though. Greg stayed home on Monday to deal with the furnace guy and because it snowed for 24 straight hours (yet there was school – even though last week they cancelled for rain on a 45 degree afternoon), and because he was still getting over his weekend flu. It was nice he was home because I had a full day of socializing! I met a few friends for coffee in the morning, which was great. And then Annie and I had a dog park playdate with Kristin and Rosie. I caught the perfect dog smiling moment! They play really well together – it’s adorable. It was also really great to have another day of friend time! I realize I’m much happier when I have more friend time in my life.

On Tuesday I decided I still needed a little self care time, so I went to see The Greatest Showman. I’ve been wanting to see it since it came out and things just kept coming up and I couldn’t justify the time it’d take to go to a movie by myself. I’m so glad I went, though, because I LOVED IT. It was SO good!


On Wednesday morning I finished up these cute little Cupid Raggedy Andys. I LOVE how they turned out! They sold almost immediately with lots of orders for more. It’s always great when I find something that my customers love, though it does overwhelm me a bit when I feel like I can’t keep up with demand. These were relatively fast to put together, though, so I’m currently working on a list of orders for more. Including two for myself!


On Wednesday night, Greg and I celebrated the 18th anniversary of when we met and were pretty much together from then on. (We were 15. I posted a picture on facebook and I feel like people probably thought I meant our wedding anniversary. We’re not quite that old yet!)

BTW – I wrote all about this anniversary last year. This year it just gets a paragraph!


We went to Chili’s for dinner and then came home and watched tv. We’re seriously really boring people these days. Case in point – the boys are at a hotel with the grandparents right now and we are home alone until tomorrow afternoon. I am in one room writing this post. Greg is in the other room working on taxes. BORING.


I’ve still been doing my daily yoga videos, but it’s kind of burning me out. I wish there were a few rest days, but I guess that ruins the momentum of 30 days in a row. I’ve made it through 19 straight days, so I’m not going to quit now. But I also don’t think this is really the exercise for me. I love stretching out and doing twists that make some of my aches and pains go away. But I’m also having some major wrist and hand pain because of the yoga, which is decidedly not fun. It’s great when I can get my video in right away in the morning, but I think every day this week it happened later and later at night. Then I just stress out about it all day.


On Thursday we kept the boys home from school so they wouldn’t get sick. The flu epidemic has hit Columbus. Or at least Caden’s classroom. His teacher said she was cancelling her regular lesson plans for the week because so many kids were out, so we decided to just keep them home. It was a pretty low key day of them playing video games and me working.

And Friday there just wasn’t school. I wanted to do something fun, so we went sledding and snowboarding and then out to lunch with my mom. I wanted to run to Joann’s for a few things and then the boys spent a long time playing on this gigantic parking lot snow mound. It was seriously huge. They probably could have played there all afternoon!


Today was/is the big Dells night. We met for lunch and then headed over to the hotel. The boys were super excited about this bunk bed and decided they’re both going to sleep on the top bunk. Can’t wait to hear how that goes!! Greg and I stayed to play in the game room with them for awhile (the only part of the hotel you don’t need a wristband for), and then left them for their night of swimming and rides. Hopefully they’re having fun! I suppose I should mention they’re with the grandparents. We didn’t just leave them there. 🙂

And that’s been the week. I hope next week I can be more accepting and content with everything. But I guess I’ll write about that tomorrow. Happy weekend!

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