Saturday Reflections 01.13.2018

Well, it’s been a pretty quiet and uneventful week. Until today when I woke up to Greg being sick and our furnace dying. As it quickly feels like we’re about to freeze to death, I figured I should pump out this post! We’re anxiously awaiting from the service tech to see if he has the part we need (the “blower”) to get the furnace running again. If he doesn’t have it in the shop, it won’t be fixed until sometime Monday. It’s like one degree outside. We need it fixed NOW.

I should probably point out that we won’t actually freeze to death because we also have an attic furnace that heats the second floor of our house and it’s working fine. But our pipes in the basement and lower half of the house are going to need some heat! Or we’ll have a real mess on our hands!


Anyway. This week! So on Monday morning Caden insisted that he was sick and needed to stay home. Does anyone else absolutely agonize about whether or not to let their kids stay home if they’re not showing any actual signs of being sick? I have the hardest time EVER making the decision when Caden says he doesn’t feel well. With Shepard it’s so easy. I only need to look at him for five seconds to see if he’s sick and he never has to say a word. Caden is much harder to read. Caden is a lot more cunning. Caden often manufactures an illness because he just doesn’t want to go to school. Caden will cry and refuse to get dressed so I don’t have any option but to let him stay home. And 95% of the time – he feels magically so much better an hour later. So I’m not usually a very nice mom when he tells me he’s sick. I get angry because I think he’s messing with me. But I also don’t want to send him if he’s actually possibly going to get sick at school! It’s a position I HATE being in. Even more so on days like this past Monday when I had a full day of errands meticulously planned out. But what can you? That’s why I’m a stay at home mom still, right? Need to accommodate the kids. So, we ended up having a very low key day. He was fine. We drank a bunch of lemon water. He read books for hours and hours. I worked. We made it through.


I was able to run all my errands on Tuesday instead. That was pretty much my day.


I’ve been continuing work in my bullet journal and Shepard requested that I buy him one. He wanted it dotted like mine, and purple. I was actually shocked to find exactly what he wanted at Michael’s for only $5. I got Caden one too, but Shepard has been a lot more excited about filling his in. I hit up all the craft stores that day and got us both a bunch of fun stickers.


I spent Wednesday working pretty hard and then we had our at home date night. I feel like such a slacker wife. If I work all day I don’t have any time to come up with a good dinner plan. I wanted to try and make the night special, but I just felt bleh and stressed. So Greg offered to pick up Chinese food and then we made a puzzle together. We’re super exciting people.


Caden had his first baked potato at Grandma’s house Wednesday night and brought home another one for breakfast on Thursday. I never make baked potatoes because they’re too bland and boring for me. But I guess I’ll have to figure out how to do it since Greg loves them too.


Thursday afternoon we had an unscheduled early release due to “expected dangerous precipitation.” It was raining pretty hard. But it was also 47 degrees. So it all ended up being fine, my day just got cut short again. Annie was super cute when we picked them up from school that day, trying to cuddle on Caden’s lap. She doesn’t normally do things like that.


On Thursday afternoon I FINALLY finished up the batch of dolls I spent two weeks working on. I’ve never felt so slow and behind on a batch of only seven dolls before! They were really tall which does make them a little more unwieldy to work with. Four of them were also custom orders, which I don’t like doing because they slow me down so much. Three of the four dolls required special fabrics and it was just a huge hassle. But they’re done. Hopefully I can start speeding up now. Cutting out those night and weekend hours is really cutting back on how many dolls I can make. I’m having a hard time coming to terms with it.


But to cheer me up – more stickers! I’ve been trying to find cool sticker companies online and there aren’t many to choose from! I discovered Pipsticks which has a lot of tiny funky and unique stickers. And these I got from Violette Stickers. I love how vintagey and cute they are. They just make me extremely happy. I’ve always loved stickers and now I’m really excited to have a place to use them again!


The boys working on their journals before school Friday. I spent Friday working again and then went out to dinner with a few friends. It was so nice to see them! And get out of the house for something fun.


Later Friday night I decided to join this 24 in 48 readathon with my facebook book club group. The goal is to read 24 hours over the weekend, but really it’s just about the spirit of finding as much time as possible to dive into books. I knew there was no way I’d have time to read 24 hours, but I wanted to at least join in the fun. It’s exciting to see everyone’s posts and just feel part of a group of likeminded people. It doesn’t seem like I know many book lovers in person, to my GREAT disappointment.


And now today! Where I was hoping to spend the majority of my day. It’s not really turning out that way. 🙁

So the furnace verdict that came while I was writing – the guy doesn’t have the part. And won’t have it until Monday. OR Tuesday. Seriously??? He brought over two space heaters and said they’ll heat the house enough that the pipes should be fine. So. That’s irritating. I’m kind of really ticked off. I guess it’s going to be a cold couple of days!!

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