January 2018 Recap

This last month I’ve given bullet journaling my best effort. It has turned out to be an awesome way to record not only my to do lists and daily calendar, but also track my habits, activities, and moods. I have a page for tracking certain habits and then each day after my to do list, meal planning, and recorded work hours, I write some “notes” – or more accurately, journal entries. It’s been a fantastic way to start and end my day. I’ve gotten creative and extremely colorful with the addition of washi tape and random stickers, giving the journal the added benefit of being a little side art project that I do entirely for myself. It’s not very fancy, but it’s effective and useful. I can definitely see myself using this system forever. Someday I’ll take some pictures of it and share more about the system. But right now it’s 9pm and I’m utterly exhausted. Maybe next month!

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to write a little reflection post at the end of each month. Mostly for my own benefit to evaluate where I am with everything. I’ll try to keep it brief!

  • My biggest accomplishment is that I finished the 30 day yoga challenge!! I’ve never, ever done 30 days in a row of an exercise before. I’m quite proud of myself! I still don’t really think yoga is quite for me, but I’ve learned a lot that I can incorporate into my daily life. I think I’m going to try and keep it up with 1-2 days of yoga a week.
  • I walked Annie 9 times. Not the best track record for walking to school every morning the way we should be. It’s cold out!
  • I’ve taken Annie to the dog park 18 times. We definitely get our money’s worth out of that annual pass! You need to go 14 times a year to make it worth it. So I’m good!
  • I spent a portion of 12 days reading from my pile of nonfiction books. That was one of my biggest goals for this month and about halfway through the month I really petered out on doing it. Need to be better!
  • I created 28 dolls. I’ve sold 24 of them.
  • I worked 23 days. 76.5 hours. Averaging 19 hours a week. Which is about what I’m aiming for, though ideally I’d like to get closer to 30 hours a week. And hey! People are always asking me how long it takes to make a doll. It’s really hard to give an answer since there’s so much drying time in between things. Well, now I can say that it actively takes 2 hours and 45 minutes to make one doll. 🙂
  • I spent time with friends 3 days. 3 days in a 4 day period. But I was extra happy on those days.
  • I did some form of self care 20 days of the month. I didn’t record what activities, but they were mostly at times when I actively realized I was stressed out and chose to walk away and do something for myself. Usually reading.
  • I spent a lot of quality time with Greg and Shepard. There were definitely many days where I didn’t feel like I had any sort of deep connecting period of time with Caden. I’ll need to work on that too.
  • Overall, it was a pretty good month! I rated myself as “happy” most days. There were definitely stressful days in the mix, but I feel like the month as a whole was pretty good!

Goals for February

  1. ENJOY EVERYTHING. February is INSANELY busy this year. Shepard’s birthday and two parties. My mom’s birthday and a party. A concert to see. Babysitting Hudson overnight. Valentine’s Day and all the extra stuff that comes with it. A baby shower. Two late starts, two days off of school. Conferences. Science night. Winter Fun Day. It is going to be a busy, busy month. I want to enjoy it all and not be running around like a stressed out crazy person.
  2. PRIORITIZE LOVE. Mostly for myself. But also for my family and friends.
  3. KEEP EXERCISING. I think I’d like to do Leslie Sansone walking videos this month. It’ll probably still be too cold for long walks outside, so it’s a good month to keep doing videos inside. Maybe not every single day. But most days.

We survived January! Let’s celebrate February!

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