Sunday Intentions 12.10.2017


Well, it’s the last “normal” week of the month! And I’m excited because I think I’m actually on track – possibly ahead of schedule! – with where I want to be this week.

The last few days have kind of been a drag. In the future, I really need to work harder in November, sickness or not! Taking the whole month of December off from Heartstring Annie is necessary for my sanity and getting the million other things ready for Christmas. But, it is what it is. I’m just thrilled that I might actually get done with my remaining 30 (!) dolls tomorrow and have them photographed and listed on Tuesday. Then I’ve earned myself four extra days for other holiday related things!

It’s a pretty straight forward week. Regular school days. At home date night/boys with grandparents on Tuesday. Greg’s seeing Star Wars late Thursday night with a friend and we’re all going with extra family members on Friday night. Everything else is just life as usual.

I’ll try to keep my priorities quick and to the point this week! I’ve been working since 5am and am ready to just CHILL OUT for the night.

Priorities This Week

  1. FINISH DOLLS!! They’re all in the drying stage right now. In the morning I’ll put on their dresses and sew on all their hair. Which always takes so much longer than I think it will. But I THINK I can get it all done tomorrow. Then photograph Tuesday morning and list them on etsy soon after.
  2. CHRISTMAS CARDS! I got our cards in the mail the other day! The photos are a little dark, but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. Can’t wait to send them out!
  3. TEACHER GIFTS! I’d like to get teacher gifts wrapped and on their way to school this week. The more presents I can get out the door this week the better. Less to think about next week. Plus I always figure they might be happy to get a treat earlier in the month.
  4. WRAP PRESENTS! Same as above, I’d like to try and get most of the extended family gifts wrapped and out of the house.
  5. ENJOY LIFE! Once the dolls are done, I give myself full permission to start taking life a little more leisurely. There is still a ton of stuff to do. Wrapping, baking, cleaning, etc. But I want to also feel like I’m on a bit of a vacation. I want to be fully present with my family for the rest of the month. I want to give myself plenty of time during the day to just read and rest. I want to be happy.

Meal Plans…sort of, as always

Monday – Baked turkey breast, homemade french fries, glazed carrots

Tuesday – Some sort of spicy date night chicken. Maybe wings??

Wednesday – BBQ Turkey Sliders

Thursday – Leftovers

Friday – MOD Pizza before the movie

Have a great week!

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