Sunday Intentions 12.03.2017


It’s a busy week ahead! But also a really fun week! There are so many things I’d like to get done, and so many things I’m sure will fall to the wayside. But – it’s okay. 🙂 It’s an enjoy life kind of week and I’m looking forward to it!

Monday is a full blast work day. I made some good progress this weekend and I hope to finish a few dolls tonight, once they’re done drying. That’s always when the whole process comes to a standstill. Usually overnight, though I didn’t time things correctly this time around. But if I could get a couple new dolls listed tomorrow morning that would be awesome. Time is ticking away and I haven’t listed anything new in forever. 🙁

I also need to organize all my gifts! It’s a really good thing my kids aren’t snoopy and curious (the exact opposite of me as a child) because all of their Christmas presents are just haphazardly thrown in halfway closed boxes all over the basement. I keep an ongoing list of gifts I buy everyone on my computer and make a visual board of the boys’ gifts so I make sure it looks like they’re getting an equal amount of things each Christmas. But it’s still good to physically see them in front of me to confirm if I need to get anything else. And the sooner I can get to that the better.

Tuesday is errands and a dentist appointment. Not so fun, but necessary.

And Wednesday is the big day! St. Nick’s Day for starters. Always an exciting holiday around our house. It also happens to be a late start day , so we won’t have to rush in the morning.

And Wednesday night is my Favorite Things Party, which I’m SO so excited about! I throw one every year and every year it grows in number. But it’s so fun to host this gathering for my friends, as a space to get into the holiday spirit, but also get a break from kids and craziness for a few hours. I also love the favorite thing aspect of it, where we all give three gifts of our favorite things from the year. I had a really hard time narrowing down what I wanted to give this year. Actually, I have six different things. I need to somehow ditch three of them! It should be a really great day, though. I just need to get everything prepped for it on Tuesday!

The rest of the week should be more relaxed. Well, work days. I’m setting a goal of getting all 40 dolls I’m working on to be done by December 16th. And if they’re not done by then, I’m going to be done for the year anyway. But hopefully with a lot of hard work in the next two weeks I can do it!

I’m also hoping everyone stays healthy enough that Greg and I can go on our annual Christmasy date on Saturday night. The boys are sleeping over at my mom’s, so we can go out and have some fun. I always like a festive Madison date night in December to remember to enjoy each other’s company in the midst of holiday insanity.

Top Priority This Week – STAY FOCUSED

I’ve got to do lists on paper and in my head and on my computer and they pretty much rule my life. There’s so much to do this week for St. Nick’s, the party, work, family time, etc. The last few years I’ve taken a month long break from Heartstring Annie, so I can truly enjoy the season. But this year I really want to get a final boost of sales, if I can. So I’m splitting the month in half, with crazy work hours the first half and then total relaxation and enjoyment in the second. I just need to keep that second half of the month in mind while I power through the first half! It’ll be worth it. No unnecessary distractions.

Second Priority – Accept Imperfection

I’m definitely a perfectionist. And an all or nothing kind of person. I often feel like if I can’t do something completely right the first time, it was a waste of my time. But Christmastime is always full of surprises and I need to be okay with them. Kids might be sick. I might be sick. Annie still needs exercise. Meals still need to be made. Life goes on, no matter what my lists tell me I should be doing with my time. So I want to be okay with shortcuts. The house might not be spotless for the party on Wednesday night. Nobody will notice except me. I might not figure out where we should go on our date night until two hours before we leave the house. We’ll still have a fun time. It’s okay to be imperfect. We will all still survive.

Meal Plans…maybe! 

Monday – Golden Soup (We’re all getting a bit more adventurous with soup these days – I made a chipotle tomato soup to go with grilled cheese last week that even Shepard ate! This one looks intriguing.)

Tuesday – Costco Rotisserie Chicken (need simple with all the big stuff happening Wednesday!)

Wednesday – PARTY!!!

Thursday – Probably some sort of beef/steak. Not sure on this yet. Not my favorite meat! But everyone else loves it, so I need to throw it in every two weeks or so.

Friday – Pizza, as always

Have a great week!

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