Saturday Reflections 12.02.2017


Well, it’s been another full week of nothing really going to plan. Remember how I wasn’t feeling very well last Sunday? It turned out to be a major swimmer’s ear infection. I wasn’t able to get into the doctor until Wednesday morning and by then I was so swollen she couldn’t even see into my ear. Fun times. I’m finally starting to feel relatively normal today, but it’s been six days of trying to push through the pain to still be relatively productive, but also rest enough so I can get better. Balance is always the challenge!


I spent Monday (very slowly) finishing up all the Christmas decorating. I was right – much easier to do when home alone! I perfected my cozy reading corner for full potential Christmas cheer. I haven’t had a chance to light up all the candles and just enjoy it yet, but I’m hoping at some point this weekend!

Tuesday…I don’t remember! I think I was in a lot of pain. But they couldn’t fit me in at the doctor, so I was just trying to survive the day.


Wednesday I spent pretty much the entire day writing that blog post about Christmas books. Started at 4am, ended at 7pm. With some napping and cooking and kid and pet things in between!


Side note – Rory’s been sleeping in Annie’s sewing room bed at night. She usually sleeps on the couches, but comes in by me when I get up. Her reactions to Rory being on her bed are pretty hilarious. She isn’t quite sure what to think about it.


On Thursday I made a last ditch (yes, last ditch on November 30th because I avoid stores at all cost in December) shopping trip to find stocking stuffers and fun things for St. Nick’s Day. I usually have very good plans in place for these things every year but this year I’m just flailing. I LOVE giving gifts (top love language), but there are also like a million people that we need to get gifts for. Sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming!! But having that day out was useful. I even made spontaneous plans to meet Greg for lunch at Mod Pizza! I’m pretty sure that’s never happened before. It was really nice!


The boys’ chromebooks came on Thursday. They’ve been saving their allowance to split the cost of one. We wanted to wait until Black Friday for a particular deal, much to Caden’s extremely impatient dismay. We surprised them by getting a second chromebook so they could each have their own. And hopefully avoid many future arguments and fights. Right now they’re super obsessed with them, but I’m hoping the novelty wears off at least a little.


And Friday rung in December! Twinkle made his annual appearance with donuts and hot cocoa.

IMG_3630 christmas card nightmare

After school, two months later than we usually do it, we attempted some family photos to use in Christmas cards. This is about how it went. At least we all look happy?! Until five minutes later when we were all either screaming or crying. Photo shoots are always so enjoyable. 😛 But after my edits this morning I was able to pull together a pretty decent card, I think! It’s a little grainy, a little dark, and features my pets more than my kids, but I think it turned out pretty great!


Friday night the boys had their Christmas concert at school. It’s the first year in our four years at the elementary school that they’ve had a Christmas concert! They did really great! Shepard was pretty nervous, but he did well. And Caden! Caden was SO into it. It was seriously amazing. I think he’s much more of a natural born performer than I’ve ever given him credit for.


We went to Culver’s for dinner before the concert and then back to our house afterward for ice cream. Except the boys really just wanted to show off their chromebooks to the Grandmas.


And now today. Catch up day. I spent forever working on cards this morning, then did some sewing, then ran to the dog park for awhile. Shepard’s been in a horrific mood. He’s currently napping, which pretty much only means one thing – he has another migraine. Sometimes he tells us, but more often than not he tries to hide it because he doesn’t want to have to go to bed or miss out on anything. Twice in two weeks is not a good sign for the holiday season.

Anyway, back to work for me. The stress is really hitting me today with how much I need/want to get done in the next two weeks. I basically gave up two very valuable and necessary work weeks to Thanksgiving, Shepard being sick, me being sick. I didn’t even write ANY of my fun end of the month blog posts yet. I need to catch up. Lots of nights and weekends, which will hopefully pay off in me being able to take two weeks totally off at the end of the month. Busy busy!

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