Sunday Intentions 11.05.2017


This has felt like a ridiculously long day. Daylight’s savings is not my friend. All that hype about an extra hour of sleep? Yeah, that doesn’t happen when A – you ALWAYS wake up very early without the aid of an alarm and B – you have children. It just means you wake up even earlier, your kids are up earlier, and then they’re staying up what feels like an hour later the day the clock changes. By my way of thinking, I’m actually losing two hours of sleep/peace and quiet today.

Anyway! The day is almost over and we have a busy week ahead. Busy week of nights ahead. Which is sometimes exciting! But also feels a little bit daunting.

Tomorrow, there’s no school. I really have no idea why. I try to make the most of these random days off during the school year. But I’m honestly getting pretty sick of listening to my kids be at each other’s throats every minute of the day. I’m also sick of them begging to play video games every chance they get. And I’m sick of them taking advantage of me when I do let them play. This day has been so long and we’re all getting on each other’s nerves, and the thought of another full day together does not make me happy at the moment. But. It should be fine. We’re going to lunch with my mom. And checking out Toyland. I wanted to go a few weeks ago, but there’s something Caden really wants and it didn’t seem like he’d be able to handle going there without throwing a massive fit about me not buying the $115 thing he wants. Hopefully enough time has passed that he’ll keep his cool.

Tuesday night I’m back at my yoga classes. It was really awesome having last Tuesday (Halloween) off. There’s just two more weeks. I plan to follow through on the sessions, but I don’t think I’ll take the classes if they decide to run it again. I liked it. But I didn’t love it enough to give up an entire night of my week, every week, indefinitely. The only real plus side is that it gave me a chance to hang out with my friend Laura every week. It’s hard to find that regular friend time elsewhere. I wish there were a local daytime class. I’d be much more gung ho about that.

Wednesday night Greg is seeing a movie with a friend, the boys will be at Grandma’s, and I’ll get a whole two hours to myself. I realize I’m home alone quite often during the week – but it always feels so much more special when it happens at night! Maybe because it’s so incredibly rare. I should plan to have some sort of self care reading or movie night, instead of just planning to work.

Thursday night I’m going to dinner with two of my friends. I’m excited about that!

Friday night there’s this big sale at a local barn that only opens 2-3 times a year. I feel like I somehow missed any times they’ve been opened since their Christmas sale last year. I usually find some great accessories for my dolls at super low prices. And it’s just fun to hunt around in vintage and antique treasures.

And I think we actually have a full weekend free! So far. 🙂 We’ve finally reached the end of our huge list of fall birthdays!

Highest Priority for the Week – Work Stuff

As usual. Really trying to make work my highest priority this whole month. Though to be more specific this week, I want to finish my first batch of six Christmas dolls. I’m not sure how much time I’ll get to work tomorrow with the boys around, but hopefully by Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning, those will be done. And then I want to figure out how to make tree topper dolls. I had someone contact me about making her one over a month ago and I said I just couldn’t deal with it in the midst of Halloween sewing, but I’d get back to her. I want to keep my word and figure it out.

Second Priority – Learn One New Blog Thing

I think I need to watch some tutorials, do some research, and basically just find time to get down to business and learn more about wordpress. I revamped my blog a year ago and other than writing a lot more often, I haven’t made any additional progress to spice things up. I did make an Everyday Crumbs facebook page last week. And I made an instagram account (@everydaycrumbs) a couple of weeks ago. But this week I’d like to learn something new for the actual website.

Third Priority – Declutter

It amazes me how quickly piles of junk appear around the house. For example, when we got back from my brother’s birthday party this afternoon, I didn’t want to do anything except read. So I got everything arranged in my favorite spot by the fireplace and started reading. Then Greg and Caden wanted to do a puzzle, so I suggested they bring in a card table and set up in our previous lego area – instead of beginning the 500 piece puzzle on my work table, which I really need full use of on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Shepard was doing some coloring or book making on the floor. Annie brought in a stuffed animal which she shredded to pieces all over the room. Within two hours my usually very clean and peaceful living room was a total disaster area! Now it matches the rest of the house. Anyway, I want to start tackling those piles and trying to figure out a better system. Especially in the family room where everyone walks in the door and just dumps everything. That’s why I never want to be in that room. Mess, mess, mess.

And that’s the week! I think I have plenty to do! No meal plans because other than tomorrow every night is pretty up in the air. I won’t even be around three of the nights, so…easy meals.

Have a good one!

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